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Author: Ryan O’Toole

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Stand Up Comedian & Actor Ryan O'Toole talks sports and general thoughts

95 Episodes
Description says it all. I'm on Twitch now follow me there @ itsryanotooleInstagram:
Terrible game 2 by both Boston teams, how much $$ do the Phoenix Suns have? telecasts, allergies & mo.... like share do all that stuff you supposed toInstagram:
Sports, Sports, Sports!!!! May 8th whoever is running NHL @ ESPN need a smack too, NO CAPInstagram:
Title says it all. Find me on Twitch now too @itsryanotooleInstagram:
Joel Embiid is overweight, Sixers have another embarrassing season ending loss, and I recap a trip to Citi Field.Instagram:
It's 85 degrees in April & the Suns are going home SWEPT. Anthony Edwards has arrived... Sports, Crime in NYC, I got a couch all types of fun stuff. Thanks for listening!Instagram:
Post Draft Clarity

Post Draft Clarity


I spend the first 15 minutes talking about the NFL Draft (Broadcast, Drake Maye & other stuff). Then Celtics. Really its all sports. I'll be back this weekend with sports & life.Instagram:



Back from a long legal hiatus (pod was sued we won & are back but due to an NDA I signed & 75K I got I can't disclose why). I'm talking playoffs and some general sports thoughts I have over big sports stories + Bruins & Celtics talkInstagram:
Title says it all. Listen!!!!!!Instagram:
Patriots Dynasty series is a crock of shit, story of me getting sick, Celtics & I got to sit in fancy seats at The Nets game (SPOILER: I get a low amount of White Priv)ALSO FOLLOW MY NEW TIKTOK (@imryanotoole)Instagram:
Description says it all. I'm very happy with the Celtics, I'm not happy with Apple TV's "The Dynasty"Listen Here!!!!! Instagram:
Love em, hate em, feel no way, the Kansas City Chiefs are a Dynasty whether you like them or not.-Thoughts on the game, commercials, New Jersey & more!Instagram:
I'm fed up with the Red Sox and IM CALLING FOR AN ALL OUT RED SOX EMBARGOInstagram:
RAVENS = Another huge disappointment & The 49ers storm back for a terrific comeback to set up a Super Bowl LIV Rematch! All that + me yapping!!! Instagram:
I give my thoughts on the AFC & NFC Title games this upcoming Sunday. Thanks I'll be back after the games or on Monday.Instagram:
Wow I'm absolutely stunned for how The Bills lost this. Sorry Buffalo there's always next year... or not, maybe you'll never win. I talk about the games the broadcasts & look ahead to next week and offseason as well!! U KNO DA DRILLGames and more, thanks for listening and all that!Instagram:
Sat Jan 20 2024 YAPPIN

Sat Jan 20 2024 YAPPIN


Celts lose to Nugs me just talking random stuff quick ep thoughts prior to playoffsInstagram:
My thoughts on this past weekend's Wild Card Games, WTF happened in Dallas etc!Instagram:
First 35 min its all Wild Card weekend. Odds, weather, ticket prices etc. After that I'm joined by my good friend Eli Haba to talk about The Dallas Cowboys & the Playoffs. Eli is an awesome comedian & watches a ton of football thanks to him for coming onFollow Eli @
My thoughts on the greatest head coach in the history of football leaving The New England Patriots.Thank You Bill Belichick, you made rooting for this team so much fun.Instagram:
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