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Ashley and Emily close out Season 1 in order for Ashley to prepare for her new adventure into motherhood! In this final episode they offer a recap of what they learned from sharing their own stories and hearing the stories of other people on the same journey. Make sure you catch up on all the episodes of the first season and get ready for a new season of experiences with the addition of a few experts in the field of reproductive health. Take care everyone and thanks for joining in on this project with us! xoxo
This week Ashley and Emily talk to Robyn, their first listener-turned-guest! She shares her experiences trying to get pregnant - ultimately turning to Clomid and other interventions in order to conceive and carry to term. We also discuss the strong need for mental health support during this adventure.
Rachel and Emily discuss Rachel's miscarriage, healthy pregnancy, and battle to get/stay pregnant a second time after the birth of her son, ultimately resulting in the need for IVF. Tune in to find out if Emily discusses the Enneagram again, if they drop a lot of curse words in this episode, and if they catch all the 'infertility bingo' sayings. All that and more in this one-on-one interview.
S1 Ep 4: Little Blue Pills

S1 Ep 4: Little Blue Pills


Marianna shares her realism approach to fertility - including her history with irregular periods, PCOS, and trigger shots for ovulation support. Content Warning: listeners can occassionally hear a baby crying in the background of the episode. Follow us on Instagram — @misconceptionspodcast ( Email us at
Amy shares her experiences with recurrent miscarriages, D&Cs, and trying for 'two under two'. Follow us on Instagram — @misconceptionspodcast ( Email us at
S1 Ep 2: Strawberry Jelly

S1 Ep 2: Strawberry Jelly


Emily shares her multiple attempts resulting in ectopic pregnancies, an IUI and IVF. Content Warning: Explicit descriptions of miscarriage and some curse words. We recorded this episode before final news that Roe v Wade was being overturned and it has never been clearer that we cannot have this podcast about infertility without also addressing the dangers of removing people's access to reproductive health services. Side note from Emily: I recognize my extreme privilege in having access to medical intervention while trying to have a successful pregnancy. I do not believe anyone should have to share their story in an attempt to explain how catastrophic this is for anyone needing help. And finally, I know the loss of protections from Roe v Wade will disproportionately impact black and brown people and that it is in our collective best interest to continue fighting for reproductive justice. Follow us on Instagram — @misconceptionspodcast (
Ashley and Emily discuss the implications of today's historic decision to end Roe v Wade and how that will impact the future of reproductive health in the United States. Join us for lots of sighing, speculating, and raging about this decision. And occassionally there's a swear or two. Take care out there, everyone. We have quite a fight ahead of us.
S1 Ep 1: Donut Worry

S1 Ep 1: Donut Worry


Ashley shares her experiences with infertility and the recent loss of her father. Follow us on Instagram — @misconceptionspodcast ( Email us at



Welcome to Misconceptions, a storytelling podcast by two gals who understand the painful, emotional, sometimes absurd, and often lonely experiences of infertility. Follow us on Instagram — @misconceptionspodcast (
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