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This week, we had the opportunity to hop on with Ronnie and Logan of HEARTLAND WATERFOWL. As the team celebrates Opening Day in North Dakota, we had a chance to talk about what is in-store for them this Season, as well as go over some Early Season Tips that they have found success with Afield! Sit back, Relax and #HEARTHEHUNTThanks for Listening to #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast presented by TETRA Hearing™....Learn more about TETRA Hearing™ 
This week, we had the opportunity to hop on with Colton Breeding of Gunner Kennels. As the Product Development Engineer, he is the man who solves problems and creates solutions on a daily basis for Man's Best Friend. On this episode, we dive into Colton's extensive background in the Outdoor Industry, as well as all his passions that help him in continuing to revolutionize with the concept in mind, 'Overbuilt to Last'.  Sit back, Relax and #HEARTHEHUNT!!Thanks for Listening to #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast presented by TETRA Hearing™.
This week, we had the opportunity to chat with Adrian with 'REVIEW THIS THING'! In today's age, reviews are the direct information and feedback customers need to make the right buying decisions. This deep dive lets us know how Adrian and Robbie kickstarted things, and dove head-first into the business of creating some of the most authentic reviews in the outdoor space! This was an interesting conversation that allows us understand the process and we're excited to reconnect following their upcoming adventures this Fall!!Learn more about 'REVIEW THIS THING': #HEARTHEHUNTpodcast | #TETRAhearing | #HearTheHunt
This time of year is ALL Gas, No Brake with our friends at The Bearded Buck. Listen in this week as we get a chance to sit down with Austin Tibbott and break down what they are doing this time of year to GET READY for Opening Day, with their series on Carbon TV, Waypoint TV and YouTube, 'The Off-Season'. Sit back, Relax and #HEARTHEHUNTLearn more about the LAND MANAGEMENT program by TETRA Hearing™:
Our latest guest on the #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast was our good friend, Tony Smotherman.  For those that know Tony, understand that he is a man of MANY talents and can most certainly be referred to as 'ALL GAS, no Brake', when it comes to Livingthe Outdoor Lifestyle!!  As the Head of Influencer Relations with the BPI Outdoors family of brands [CVA, Bergara, PowerBelt, DuraSight and Quake], the Owner of a well-established Landscape Company out of Tennessee, a Real Estate Agent and an Entrepreneur; Tony continually surrounds himself around folks who love sharing their stories from the field and is a testament of what it means to be a Sportsman.  Sit back, Relax and #HEARTHEHUNT!!Thanks for Listening to #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast presented by TETRA Hearing™.
From DOG TRAINING to OUTFITTING, our good friend WADE SKEEN lives the lifestyle and shares his passion for the OUTDOORS with everyone around him.  In this week's episode of #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast we dive into the the Family-Owned and Operated business, Skeen Gundogs & Outfitters, located in Kansas, and how Wade dove right in following his time spent in the United State's Air Force.  Wade is a testament to the TETRA Hearing™ brand and community. As a TRAINER, OUTFITTER, and FAMILY MAN, Wade stresses how important it is to PROTECT YOUR EARs so you can continue making MEMORIES from the FIELD.Sit back, Relax and #HEARTHEHUNT!!Thanks for Listening to #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast presented by TETRA Hearing™
The Shooting Sports Community is a fantastic one, from recreational to competitive, all these folks share similar character and the morals that are evident and taught right from the very beginning before they ever toe-the-line, regardless of discipline! This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Hannah Harens, a student-athlete from NorthEastern University who is shooting competitively while completing her PhD. Hannah is a testament to the sport of Shooting Sports and, as a student-athlete how to balance everything while keeping your edge for when it matters most!Sit back, Relax and HEAR 'EM BREAK!!#HEARTHEHUNT
This week we took Tennent Rich out from 'Behind the Lens' to talk to us about a day in the life as an Outdoor Photographer, what drives his passion to create, as well as how he made his way behind a camera. Tune in and HEAR about some of his favorite shots to-date from the bbq pit, to the open waters with our friend at N Sea Oyster, bull-riding arenas, the trainers at Wild Rose Kennels and everything in-between!!Sit back, relax and #HEARTHEHUNT !!!
In this latest episode, we got the opportunity to catch up with our good friend Coach Sokoll, the Shooting Sports Coach at Michigan State University. We dive into the community that surrounds shooting sports, as well as what it's like coaching at the next level. For the student-athlete who is looking to compete at the collegiate level someday, Coach S is a wealth of knowledge and provides a few words of encouragement to help you get there. Learn more about Michigan State Shooting Team: next time, #HEARTHEHUNT
We got an opportunity this Spring to sit down with our friend Mitchell Johnston as we dive into his lifetime passion of ministry, calling and chasing the Wild Turkey. We partnered with the good folks at Dead End Game Calls this season, and this podcast shows truly how small the world really is when you put it into perspective.Sit back, Relax and #HEARTHEHUNT
Some of the best stories ever told were the one's told in Hunting Camp... so we did EXACTLY that for this episode right from Konway's porch nestled away in Eastern Kentucky! Joined by our friends, Bill Konway - a Professional Outdoor Photographer, John 'The Model', and Heath Hancock - from Apex Ammunition as we partake in some good ol' fashioned Spring Turkey Camp banter. Stories were told and memories were made with a great crew! Can't wait to do it all again next Spring!! Sit back, relax and #HEARTHEHUNT
On this week's episode, we have our good friend Jason Hart on for a little storytelling. Anyone who know's Hart, knows him as a salt-of-the-earth guy that you definitely want in your Turkey Camp. He's driven by the Sounds that come every Spring, and that constant pursuit of the Wild Turkey.  We cover everything from his past completion of the US Super Slam, to the hunts he is itchin' to get on this Spring.Sit back, relax and #HEARTHEHUNT as we listen to Jason tell some stories from his home in lowcountry, South Carolina.#HEARTHEHUNT
On the latest episode of the #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast, we got to sit down with our good friend and extremely talented wildlife artist, Dustin Dattilio, to talk about creating memories afield not only by EAR, but also by BRUSH. Coming off from the recent NWTF 2023 show, Dustin has collaborated with some of the best brands in the industry and it was certainly fascinating to hear all about what drives his passion, as well as how he gets inspired for that next creation!!To learn more about Dustin Dattilio Artwork, visit...https://www.dustindattilioart.comSit back, relax and #HEARTHEHUNT
This week we had the opportunity to sit down with our good friend, Terry Rohm from The Grind. Anyone who knows Terry can say he is ALL GAS, no brake when it comes to chasing the Wild Turkey! As a Inductee into the NWTF Hall-of-Fame, a 2x Grand National Calling Champion, and a 2x Pennsylvania State Calling Champion, it's safe to say Terry knows how to CALL in those Stubborn Ol' Gobblers and knows the Sounds of Spring well!!Sit back, relax, and #HEARTHEHUNT as we share stories with Terry Rohm.#HEARTHEHUNT
This past week we had the opportunity to sit down with special guest, Cuz Strickland with Mossy Oak, at the NWTF 2023 Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a testament to the REVIVAL of Ears afield! On this latest episode, we dive into NWTF 2023, the latest from Mossy Oak with the new Mr. Fox vest, the launch of the throwback Companions line, and the Sounds of Spring we can't imagine ever living without!Just like these stories told, we hope to HEAR about the memories you make this Spring with TETRA-in-tow!Thanks for Listening to #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast presented by TETRA Hearing™.
This week we had the opportunity to sit down with Larry and Dustin with HERO HUNT. This Veteran and First Responderorganization is one we've partnered up with in the past to help those who lay it all on-the-line for us to do what we do!  HERO HUNT is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. More than the hunt itself, the volunteers of HERO HUNT offer Healing, Understanding, and Camaraderie to those who have served our country and our citizenry so valiantly. The Hero Huntleadership team works with generous land owners who provide our locations. We also work with our service members to provide additional support throughout the year. Listen in and learn more about this great organization! Thanks for Listening to #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast presented by TETRA Hearing™.
Share the Hunt and #HEARTHEHUNT this week with Carson and Lynsey Koury of Final Draw. Join us as we relive their Season afield chasing critters in the SouthEast and throughout their MidWest Rut Tour, provide tips for that new hunter, as well as share stories about introducing the next generation to the outdoors and what it truly means to be a sportsman or woman. Thank y'all and stay tuned as we have some exciting things coming this season on  #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast!Aim True, Shoot Straight and #HEARTHEHUNT
Ep1 'God Bless TEXAS'

Ep1 'God Bless TEXAS'


A new Season of the #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast is officially here! 2023 brings along new stories from the field and we wanted to kickstart things with the TETRA Team, as we sit campfire-side in the Lonestar State!!  A target-rich environment with good folks is hard to beat and you'll be excited to learn more about what's in store for 2023!!Thanks for Listening to #HEARTHEHUNT Podcast presented by TETRA Hearing™.
This week's episode, we checked in with good friend Mike Tussey of Apex Ammunition and Osceola Outdoors! From the hills & hollers of Eastern Kentucky, to the jungles of Campeche, Mexico- Mike has done it all...almost. Hear the tales of the trade from one of the most interesting men in the outdoor space. Give it a listen and find out Where in the World is Mike Tussey?!
Ep. 10: Zach Phillips

Ep. 10: Zach Phillips


Happy Thanksgiving, yall! This week, I sat down with Zach Phillips from Country Outdoors to talk about everything under the sun. From Turkeys in Alabama to Water Buffalo in Australia, we covered it all!We have a big Black Friday sale live right now until Cyber Monday (11/28/2022)! Head over to the website, check it out & give us a call!
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