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Guest: Nate Kline | Senior Account Executive - InfradaptBNI? Chamber of Commerce? Toastmasters? LeTip?There are various types of networking groups that one could get into to start meeting, greeting and exchanging business cards. Some are free, some come with a fee. Different types work for different types of people.Nate and Garrett have been around the block of just about all of them. Here they discuss the various types and the pros-and-cons of each; without explicitly uplifting or downplaying any specific type or organization. In the end, you will have a better ideal of what's out there and what may work best for you.Contact Nate Kline================LinkedIn: Us=========Website:
Guest: Nate Kline | Senior Account Executive - InfradaptPeople talk a lot about the importance and power of networking. The people it will help you meet, the doors it will open, and the deals it will lead you to close.Fine. Great. But what if you've *never* done it before?Nate and Garrett sit down and get into the nuts and bolts of how to get started in networking so that you can confidently get off on the right foot yourself.Contact Nate Kline================LinkedIn: Us=========Website:
Guest: Nate Kline | Senior Account Executive - InfradaptTo kick off this inaugural episode of the podcast, Garrett sits down with a colleague and fellow networking group admin, Nate Kline of Infradapt.Together they share personal stories and anecdotes to drive home the idea that getting ahead isn't a finite matter of having the best product, service, education or expertise. While A solid combination of those is definitely necessary, the best thing that any professional can do for themselves is to get face time with other individuals in the spaces they'd like to enter into or scale inside of.Contact Nate Kline================Linkedin:
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