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In this episode Josh talks to Danny Brown, CEO and Founder of Myriad Real Estate.  Danny talks about the current real estate market in the Phoenix Metro Area and why it's the best market for buyers since 2014.  Danny goes into his start in Real Estate that had him selling 100+ homes per year during the real estate crash in 08, which was hard work but fast tracked his career that would eventually become Myriad Real Estate which he runs today.Danny also talks about how his team keeps in touch with their sphere of influence through a high touch approach to maintain strong relationships even beyond the real estate transaction.  For any business owner looking to give a better customer experience, this episode is full of great information.
In this episode, Vince Licata and Josh talk to the founder of Ventech Search Group, Jay Veniard.  Jay goes into his story from a professional baseball player to starting in the recruiting business and eventually starting several companies in the field.  He talks about how his pivot to a specific niche during Covid in 2020 was a turning point in his business that is thriving today.Jay also gives his thoughts on the future of automation in manufacturing and the displacement of dangerous jobs.   This is a must listen to episode!
Laura talks about what makes Burn it Build it Fitness different than other group training companies.  She goes into detail on the following four areas: Strength-based workouts, Sprint based cardio, nutrition, highly trained staff.
In this episode Josh talks to founder of the "Not Most People" community and podcast, Bradley Roth.  Not Most People is a community of likeminded individuals who don't want to settle for average.  Bradley talks about the mindset of the community and the thriving podcast he has that interviews people that embody living the Not Most People life.
In this episode Josh talks to Shane Orlando, Serial Entrepreneur and philanthropist.  Shane talks about getting his start as a business owner at a young age after looking at people 10+ years down the road on a construction crew he worked at.  After consciously making a decision to be an entrepreneur, he never looked back and started many successful companies.  If you want some real insight into working harder not smarter, then flipping that on it's head to work smarter not harder... this episode has incredible information and stories.
In these uncertain economic times, it was great hearing the perspective of Ariel Gonzalez, President and co-founder or Arrive Financial Services.  We discussed what your best options are to mitigate risk in an uncertain economy as well as speculate about the future of our economic climate.  If you need a roadmap to help thrive despite the current economic situation, this episode has some great nuggets.
In this episode Josh interviews Cory Krebs, Mortgage Loan Originator with Security National Mortgage.  Cory talks about the state of housing lending and real estate during this current economic season.  Although he points out that he doesn't have a crystal ball, he goes through some great historical examples of the housing and lending market to give some insight into what we can potentially expect with rates and housing prices.
In this episode, Josh talks to the founder of Figurado Cigar Company, Frank Bellavia.  Frank started out in the cigar business 17 years ago as an assistant manager and worked his way up to a VP role.  After tripling his sales territory numbers, Frank went on his own and started Figurado Cigar Company.  Their subscription box is the first offering and it has been an instant hit.  To learn more about the art of cigars, listen in! 
In this episode Josh talks to Laura Stratton, Partner at Burn it Build it Fitness.  Laura is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has trained Olympic Athletes and NCAA All-Americans.  Laura talks about transitioning her skills from coaching athletes to coaching in fitness studios, helping average people produce incredible fitness results.  As a Partner in Burn it Build it Fitness, Laura explains the companies philosophy of excellence and shares how they help their members succeed through their core standards.
In this episode, Josh talks to Vincent Licata, founder of Liberty Staffing USA.  Vince talks about his 26 year career in staffing as an employee and eventually and owner.  Vincent went on his own in 2003 and was able to build several staffing companies with specific niches that he would eventually sell and exit.   After a brief retirement from the industry, he decided that it was time to build a new company that did things better from those in the industry and truly focused on the people internally and externally to build what is now Liberty Staffing USA.
Josh gets an opportunity to interview Dominic Majors, owner of Majors Law Group.  Dom talks about what it takes to be successful as a business owner and gives insight to what it took the first year to get his law firm going.  Anyone in business for themselves or looking to go into business for themselves should get value out of the mindset Dom describes.
In this episode, Josh interviews Dr. James Leathem.  Dr. James talks about his journey as an anesthesiologist after initially starting his college career as a business major.  After several years working as a doctor of anesthesiology in the hospital setting, Dr. James and two partners went on their own to setup their own clinic.   Their clinic Advanced Wellness and Pain focuses primarily on ketamine infusions to help their patients with: depression, anxiety, PTSD and much more!0:00 : Intro1:42 : Wanting to go into medicine3:40 : FAIL your way to success7:26 : What it’s like to be an anesthesiologist10:06 : What people need to hear in that moment12:36 : Starting a business while being a doctor14:48 : Ketamine19:03 : Factors that might mean this is a good solution for you22:18 : Working with partners27:40 : How to find Advanced Wellness and Pain
In this episode Josh talks to Kyle McAnaugh, a young entrepreneur that started in the real estate business.  In his mid twenties, he shifted to his company Junk Rescue, that focuses on junk removal all around Maricopa county.   We dive in to topics like: being a young leader, scaling a company and the mindset to be an entrepreneur.0:00 : Intro1:10 : Getting into real estate and the trash business3:20 : Being a small business competing with big ones4:45 : Focusing on work5:27 : Keys to being young in business7:22 : Breakthrough moments10:38 : Goals in the next 5 years11:35 : How it works13:20 : Managing people while being young15:27 : Standards for new hires16:39 : Training when you come onboard17:40 : Books and podcasts19:57 : How to find Kyle online
In this episode Josh talks to Jesse Csincsak.  Jesse started out as a professional snowboarder and was the winner of season 4 of the Bachelorette.  Jesse went on to start several lucrative businesses in the home services category.  Through solid mentorship, he was able to grow his companies quickly and avoid some of the pitfalls many business owners go through.  This is a must listen for any entrepreneur!0:00 : Intro1:09 : Being on the Bachelorette4:20 : Crazy being a dad6:08 : After the hollywood scene10:00 : Losing with class17:45 : How Jesse learns24:58 : Building recession proof businesses27:27 : Teaching people how to sell30:56 : Working with your wife34:00 : What’s next?38:00 : People losing the ability to problem solve41:06 : How to find Jesse
In this episode Josh talks to Meghan Alfonso about her entrepreneurial endeavors with the Pierce Family Foundation and Girl About Town.  Meghan has created two separate successful companies all while raising a family.  This is an episode an upcoming entrepreneur doesn't want to miss!   0:00 : Intro2:18 : Keeping all the hats4:03 : Fundraising events5:54 : How to apply for their services7:20 : Starting Girl About Town9:20 : What they do for bachelorette parties11:45 : What’s on the horizon13:29 : Challenges of being an Entrepreneur16:27 : Being available to help18:50 : Meghan’s new businesses?21:15 : Best restaurants according to a 5th generation kid26:22 : Recession proof businesses28:04 : How to find Girl About Town
In this episode, Josh talks to Bernie Wooster, CEO of Vitargo Inc.  Bernie created a successful design agency in the San Francisco market for 20 years.  Her passion for fitness led her to get involved with the Vitargo brand where she would go on to purchase the company and become the current CEO.  Bernie talks about the ups and downs of growing the company and offers many great pieces of advices for businesses scaling their operations. 0:00 : Intro3:56 : Bernie and Sports7:48 : Getting started in graphic design11:52 : Pivoting after the bubble burst13:10 : Fitness journey16:51 : American Gladiator21:42 : Growing up with Nutrition24:00 : Venture with Vitargo30:25 : Covid hits35:30 : Ukraine issues arise41:54 : Why me?46:38 : Major benefits of Vitargo50:21 : Where to find Vitargo
In this Episode, Josh talks to Justin Volrath the founder of PayCompass.  PayCompass is a fast growing merchant services company growing all over the country.  Justin talks about building a culture for the contractors that sell their services by providing incredible support to their customers as well as helping craft custom solutions to meet the end clients needs.  Any scaling business can learn from what PayCompass is doing to scale!0:00 : Intro3:16 : Coming from a family of entrepreneurs4:12 : Transitioning into Merchant Services6:18 : Starting companies during the financial crisis and Covid8:20 : What it looks like to work for PayCompass9:27 : Best part of being an independent contractor with PayCompass11:43 : Building a culture14:37 : Goal for PayCompass16:35 : Building a business with your wife19:04 : Chasing a sale20:55 : What Justin has learned23:32 : How to find PayCompass
In this episode, Josh interviews Nicole Sutton.  Nicole has built a successful salon company with 2 partners and has now gone on to coaching where she helps women move out of their own way to be successful.0:00 : Intro1:10 : Growing up in Kingman2:25 : What Nicole has learned from being a hairstylist3:58 : Taking a leap7:18 : Navigating Covid10:00 : Getting into Coaching11:23 : Jay Shetty coaching program13:12 : Difference between coaching and therapy15:35 : Shifting your mindset18:30 : Frequency of sessions20:15 : Nicole’s goal21:50 : Book recommendations22:30 : Being an observer of your thoughts27:08 : How to reach Nicole
In this episode, Josh interviews Kyle Beck, owner of Tactical Pest Control and a growing business coaching company.Kyle talks about leaving his previous job at a pest control company to go out on his own.   Several years later, his company is thriving and he has moved himself out of the day to day duties.  He has gone on to be a successful business coach that teaches business owners the blueprint on how to work on their business rather than work in it.
In this episode Josh talks to Dr. Chris Hargrave about his journey from the military, getting out and becoming a sheriff then changing careers to become a chiropractor.   Chris and his wife own and operate Life Aligned Chiropractic in Queen Creek and are also starting a drug and alcohol recovery center called Complete Rehab!0:00 : Intro2:53 : Explaining the sleeve4:09 : What Chris learned in the Air Force7:32 : Getting deployed10:12 : Becoming deputy sheriff14:22 : Transitioning into a chiropractor16:40 : Starting his own business23:13 : Dynamic of working with your wife28:42 : What’s on the horizon30:45 : Where to find Chris
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