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This podcast series explores the lives of your favorite story book characters, their secrets, their specialties and advice on how they live life to the fullest. Tune in and enjoy these fun and sometimes silly recordings.
21 Episodes
Join Miss Allison and The Big Bad Wolf as we interview Lauryn Hart and Josh Sandage, the new owners of Ra Ra’s Ice Cream Stand at Owen Bell Park. We will discuss the CT Ice Cream Trail and some fun and interesting ice cream facts! 
Join Baby Bear and The Big Bad Wolf as they discuss ways to relax and activities to do to support mental health. 
Laugh it up with Kid Casts as we discuss laughter and how it helps with our mental health.
Join us as we talk about the different types of poetry books here at the Killingly Library. We’ll offer some suggestions and discuss some of our favorites! 
It’s poetry month so let’s listen to some of the Big Bad Wolf and Rapunzel’s favorite poems. 
Join these cool and crafty kids as they talk about their favorite creative projects!
In celebration of National Crafting Month Join us as we discuss the art and influences that helped shape the artistic creations of both Miss Tristan and the Big Bad Wolf.
Join our friends for a game of Would You Rather! You may be astonished by their unusual choices.
We are talking about our favorite comfort foods for winter. Listen along as we explore some delicious winter treats!
Join these two in a fun game of Would You Rather. Their uncommon answers will delight and surprise you!
We are talking about birds of winter and some great ideas on making backyard bird feeders for our flying friends. 
Join us as we discuss some fun winter destinations for sledding and skiing in Northeastern CT.
Join Miss Allison and the Big Bad Wolf as they discuss holiday traditions, and their favorite light displays! Happy Holidays everyone!
Join Miss Allison and Miss Tristan as they discuss their favorite holiday movies and books! With a special surprise visit from the Big Bad Wolf!
The Big Bad Wolf & Baby Bear “keep it real” with an interesting night of babysitting. 
Join Miss Allison as she interviews Rip Van Winkle about his secret talent! He’s spent some time on the California coast and managed to fall asleep again. He has some tips to share. He’s way cooler than you would have imagined!  
Join Miss Tristan as she talks with Winnie the Pooh about his favorite subject. Pooh Bear has some interesting honey facts and tips to share with our listeners! 
Join Miss Allison as she has a warm and inviting conversation with Peter Rabbit. Learn what his favorite teatime treat is - you might be surprised! 
The Big Bad Wolf and Rapunzel “keep it real” with an unscripted conversation! 
Miss Tristan will be speaking with the sleepy Little Bo Peep and uncovering some of the techniques and secrets she keeps about sheep! 
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