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"Unlock your potential with critical thinking - discover why it's essential to success in education!"In this episode with Mark Emerson, you will learn:1. What is the "disaster" in mass education that Mark Emerson is trying to fix?2. How does learning algebra help to develop critical and independent thinking?3. What does it mean for mathematics to be subjective rather than objective?Mark Emerson is an expert math teacher and the best math teacher in America. He is on a mission to solve the disaster in mass education and has created Algebra Victory, an online course to help students learn algebra and develop their critical thinking skills.
When Michaell Magrutsche, a self-taught artist born in Vienna, Austria, discovers the irony of a system-driven world that devalues art, he embarks on a mission to uncover the power of creativity and fulfillment.You will learn:1. How has art saved Michael's life?2. How has our species forgotten that we are a part of nature?3. What is the difference between success and fulfillment?Michaell Mcgruch is an Austrian artist, author, and city arts commissioner. He is a self-taught neurodiverse dysgraphic and dyslexic who coproduced with Robert Evans from Paramount and wrote five books. His art has been his savior and he is passionate about raising awareness of the value of art creation.
This podcast episode is inspired by the Netflix movie "You People" an excellent movie covering the racial tension between white and black people.
In this article we are going to talk about the tough conversation about the trans identity. What is meant by “the trans identity”? It means any gender identity that cannot be assigned to a male or female gender. This includes transgenders and transsexuals who feel they are not in the right body, transracial people who identify with a race they are not born into and transabled people who feel they have disabilities even though they do not have any disability at all.The very idea of this may sound absurd to you because it seems ridiculous to identify as something you are not. But if you could just put yourself in their shoes for a moment, you would understand why some people want to be considered as something else other than what they were born with.In this episode I am willing to really dive into this topic and express potential solutions moving forward.
College is expensive. It's a lot of money to invest in an education that could be a waste of time.But if you're going to spend the money, it might as well be on something that's going to help you get ahead in life. And college definitely can do that.So what exactly makes college so important? And why should you think twice before spending your hard-earned money on something that might not be worth it? Let's talk about it with Craig Van Slyke, who has some interesting things to say about this topic!
In today's episode, I bring out Shaily Hakimian: as we discuss the differences between the LGBT+ and Religious communities.
In today's episode of the podcast, I go over the biggest political news of the last year. A lot has happened in the political landscape from the Jan 6th raid to the Overturning of Roe v Wade. So let's go over all of it one more time as 2023 begins.
This is a short podcast episode as I explain what the respect for marriage act and the entire context on what is provides and what it doesn't provide.
In this podcast episode, we discuss a lot more broad and abstract concepts to truly understand why our current political and social climate is so toxic. I bring on Dr. Bob Rich to have this discussion ( Be sure to check him out and all his books as he tries to help people find meaning and create a more loving culture.
In this episode for the podcast, I have an excellent conversation with Author Mike Oppenheim regarding the potential inefficiencies of the current two-party systems and the toxic nature of both democrats and republicans. The discussion involves the potential behind a three-party system and maybe even a Multi-Party System in the future. Be sure to check out his website at
In this episode I do an interview and discussion with Allan Rivlin one of the authors of the book "DIVIDED WE FALL: Why Consensus Matters." A great book on bipartisanship and the issues we have regarding it in American society.
In this episode of the podcast, I bring a person from the National Black Cooperative to talk about Education Inequality and the biggest problems relating to this system in America. We also discuss potential solutions from the systems and from the culture itself.
In this episode of the podcast Democrat Texas Political Candidate Claire Campos-O'Neal joined me to discuss Texas politics more specifically education policies. Check out their website These conversations dive deep into the proposed Voucher system for Public Education, Sex in Schools & the inefficiencies of Texas public education currently.
In Today's Podcast Episode we bring on former politician, conservative and avid fan of planes Gene Valentino. This podcast features the first official episode of the rebrand for the Purple Political Podcast. We dive into a staple ideology of the pod itself focusing on the importance of discussion and compromise between the two sides of the political spectrum.
The world is changing. Families are changing. And we're all trying to figure out how to make sense of it all. In this confusing time, it's important that we remember that families come in different shapes and sizes, and that there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to raising a child. That’s why we created the Adoption & Foster Care Is Beautiful campaign: to remind people that adoption and foster care are beautiful paths for children who need families.
College is a big decision for many people, but it is an important one. The question of whether or not to go to college is a personal one, and there are many factors that you should consider before making this decision. Some of these include the cost of attending college, the potential earnings after graduating, and the benefits of going to college.This college will explore some pros and cons of going to college, as well as some alternatives you might want to think about.
I decided to take things a bit of a different direction for this episode of the podcast.
In this episode of the podcast, I interview Stand Up Comedy Magician Danny Whitson ( and we answer the important question of what it takes to be a Comedian in 2022. So many people are either too sensitive when it comes to comedy or just say dumb stuff to shock the crowd. There is a happy medium and we are here to discuss what it is.
In this episode of the podcast we cover some very interesting topics starting out with an experiment by Norah Vincent as she pretended she was a man for 18 months and she speaks on her experience, the two large million dollar scams by both Brett Favre & Minnesota government officials, and wrapping up with my NFL Week 4 predictions. Also my Hot Take Top 10 Anime.
In this episode of my guest Spencer Bishins comes on to talk about the value of Social Security. We all know it's important but most people don't know how it really works and how to take advantage of disability insurance in a serious situation. Fortunately this episode explains all that & more!
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