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Here’s the bottom line, we all need some Rita Springer in our lives. She’s that friend who doesn’t shy away from having hard convos. But she’s also the one who will lean in to breathe courage and love into you while she does it. The Rita Springer Podcast is your weekly invite to the kitchen table. Bring your coffee, questions, snack of choice, and pull up a chair… or simply keep driving! Join Rita and her hilarious stories, inspirational thoughts, candid wisdom, and brilliant friends from time to time. You’ll be sure to leave with a little more hope stitched back into your bones.
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The beauty of being planted and remaining is not lost on Hannah Hobbs. This is just one of the many things I adore about this worshipper. Although Hannah’s anointing, gifting, and call are stunning to see; they pale in comparison to her faithfulness. Hannah has served as a worship pastor at Hillsong Church for years and remains one of the purest hearted writers and leaders I know. I’m honored to have this heart-to-heart with her and to see Jesus’ shine in her. She’s a breeze of authenticity and genuineness we could all use.If you want to follow me on Instagram, find me here! If you’d like to possibly connect more, there’s a way for that too! Check out my Patreon here.As always, we’d be so grateful for any ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review you feel up to giving!
I love the local church and those who serve in and steward their call to it. Andrew Holt is that beautifully surrendered sort of leader I love to see come along. He worships stunningly, writes wonderfully, and pastors with his whole heart. He allows his relationship with Jesus to genuinely lead every other area of his life, creative gifts included; a rare thing indeed.If you serve in the Church, this is for you. If you’re a songwriter or creative, this is definitely for you. If you’re someone who simply needs to be inspired by the purity of another’s walk, you’re going to love this chat with Andrew. As always, you can find me on Instagram @RitaSpringer! If you’d like some more ways to stay connected with me and poured into on a more regular basis, simply find me on Patreon here!
An intimate relationship with the Lord doesn't happen on the other side of a seminary degree or working in ministry for a decade. That sort of beautiful relationship develops and deepens as we continually surrender and exchange our plans, hopes, dreams, and talents for the ones He's asked us to use that day. Although that invitation from the Lord isn't often the easiest to accept, its envelope comes gold-dusted. Anna Asbury is one of the most beautifully creative, talented, anointed, and surrendered people you'll meet. I'm so excited to have her on with me today. What the Lord has shown and given her through her own refining, story, and creative journey is nothing short of powerful. I know this episode and conversation are going to bless and challenge you. We often talk about what God asks from us in surrender. Today, we're talking about what He GIVES. If you have a second, pop up top and leave our show a review and five of those stars! ;)Catch me on Insta @RitaSpringer!
I hope this series has been encouraging to you, whether you’re a songwriter, burgeoning creative, or simply someone hungry for more of God. As we round the corner of this specific conversation, I’m sharing a bit about about my experience writing for film. Why? Because God often calls us to steward new lanes of creativity and when we refuse to bring compromise along with us, He moves powerfully.God wants to do new things and He wants to partner with us and our creativity. How incredible is that? When we burn for the Lord and operate from that burn in our creativity, we can do so brightly wherever He’s called us to put our pen or abilities. If you haven’t subscribed and rated this show, why not take a moment and just hit that button? It really helps us spread the word!As always follow me on Instagram and find me on Patreon @RitaSpringer. 
We interrupt your regularly scheduled Songwriting Series for a powerful and timely conversation. Let’s talk revival. God clearly wants to, so I do too.I had to call Lindy Cofer in for this one. I’ve seen what God can do when He moves, but how do we quantify His move when it comes to revival? Where do we look for it? How do we see revival right where we are? You don’t want to miss this one. Back to songwriting next week! As always, don’t forget to rate + review this show wherever you listen to it! 
Hooks, structure, patterns, and walls - so many components go into building out a great home, a wonderful song. Today, we're talking through some real technical parts of writing, I'll show you one of my favorite songs and talk through it. My hope is to encourage you to dig even deeper in your creative expressions. It's not just about songs though, don't you worry non-songwriters. Whatever we put into the world, whether in a song or even in the words we speak, is our point of view consistent? If you're writing worship songs, are you inspiring people or are you being too preachy? Subtlety in our communication, leaning on the Holy Spirit, clearing our agenda and making room for His, all of these things set us up to write, sing, and live out our best songs. We're asking some good questions and covering a lot of ground today! If you haven't reviewed us or left us five stars, what are you waiting on? ;)
This week, we’re continuing our series on songwriting and if you’re someone who writes or wants to write worship music, this is especially for you. I love writing for the Church, but I love the craft of writing period. So today we’re talking about the prayer and process involved in writing worship songs that feel like a safe house.When we write without a foundation, without structure needed to support what we’re saying, we leak out all of what we think, without really ever having an understanding of the format of what it is we’re thinking … We create a faulty building.Remember, you’re writing songs that move your people from the place that they are when they came into the building further to the lap of the Lord. So I’d like to spend some time today speaking frankly about foundation, finding lyrics, themes, and communicating what’s on God’s heart with artistic and structural integrity. If you haven’t subscribed + rated our show yet, would you mind taking a second to do that up top? It truly helps the show! 
What do you want to put into the atmosphere? As songwriters, as sons and daughters, we have to steward what we impart. In today’s episode we’re talking everything from process, navigating writing rooms, the creative influences we take in, and in the middle of all that- what we are called to create.Where has God gifted you to run, what strengths do you have creatively to flex and operate in consistently? God’s got a lane for each of us and there’s far more room in it than out of it.Willing to join me on the journey? Also, if you haven’t checked out my brand new subscription service/Patreon page, make sure to head over and just search “Rita Springer.” I’d love to see you there!
Pastor Laura Lee is someone who knows the power of choice intimately. How we choose to live, serve, love, and faithful.- they matter. There’s nothing easy about giving God your full “yes,” but when you do He builds in you the strength you to walk your “yes” out even when the choice is hard. Laura is proof.She’s been in ministry for decades, has walked with countless people beautifully, and has laid her life down for the cause of Christ … but that hasn’t kept the rain of heartbreak from falling. Her choice is ours, will we allow the lowest points in our life to leave us bitter or will we walk with God to better? Listen in on this tender and important conversation. I pray it encourages you!
God’s the one who has the best and better way. He just does, and it doesn’t matter what we’re in the middle of or trying to understand, He shows up to partner with us. He’s got the way for us to move through whatever we’re facing, especially parenting. Sometimes it can feel like madness; any bit of obedience. He’s the truest Father my son or I could ever have so it only makes sense that I would lean in to hear His thoughts about the one He gave me to parent alongside Him. That’s the challenge for all of us. Do we lean in to hear His thoughts on what we'd rather react to, shout at, or throw up our hands at? Single parenting aside, if you choose Jesus, the challenge is the same. How and where do we invite His contribution, his perspective to overtake our own? SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss an episode and follow me on Instagram @RitaSpringer. There's a lot happening and we don't want you to miss a beat. 
Blissful and brutal- those are the two words I’d attach to my first years of being a single parent. But can I tell you what I’ve joyfully learned throughout 18 years of being a single parent? An act of obedience and a fulfilled desire of the heart don’t often look like we think they will. But goodness, the obedience is worth it and the fulfillment even more so. However, that doesn’t mean the process comes without questions, hurdles, and battles.Join me for Part 1 of a conversation I feel we’re meant to have. I’ve got stories, some love to throw on you from Jesus, and hopefully an encouraging word.As always, find me on Instagram @RitaSpringer and leave the show a review if you haven’t already! 
Happy New Year! The calendar has flipped, and 2022 is gone! We are headed into a new year of wonder and blessings. I encourage you to surrender your heart and give your first fruits to the Lord this year.  Take a listen and be encouraged as we kick off the new year! 
Have you ever thought about the origins of some of our most well-known Christmas songs? I know some might think, “Now why would I care about that?” But I have to tell you, it’s truly fascinating and on today’s episode we're digging into  this reality: You just never know what God can do, how He can use you, how He can use a song … Yes, even one like Good King Wencelsas. Beyond that, I’d like to end this year by singing you into a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for listening and thank you for leaning into the “more” of God. I have been truly honored by the testimonies I’ve heard, by those of you who’ve stopped me just to say this show has blessed you, but more than anything, that God would trust me to breathe any amount of courage into you. Bless you and your loved ones. May your days be merry and bright. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! With Love, Rita and the You & Me Media crew
Finding Joy

Finding Joy


If you’re someone who feels especially tender during the Christmas season I’d like you to know I fully understand. My mother’s birthday is the day before Christmas. This year marks another Christmas without her and each year I’m confronted with an invitation to that deep sadness. However, today I’d like to invite you to make a decision I have. I choose to force joy into my grief.Join me in this episode as I tell the stories about how I’ve learned to push joy into the atmosphere and sorrow out-the-window. Merry Almost Christmas!
It's one thing to know God loves us. It's another beautiful thing to know He wants to speak to us; not only to us for our lives, but to us for the sake of another's encouragement. When talking about the gift of prophecy, there can be a sense of overwhelm in knowing where to start. So that's why I've invited my wonderful friend, Lisa Corley, to talk about exercising this gift. I've always loved the prophetic because a word from the Lord can change it all. Today, we're talking about the beauty and safety that comes from obedience-that obedience to speak what the Lord impresses on your heart. Simple obedience has exponential results and the simply obeying in the prophetic is no different. Join us for a conversation that will leave you even more undone by the kindness of God in how He chooses to meet us, even through the obedience of another. As always, make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss an episode and leave us a REVIEW if you have two seconds, we promise, that's all it takes! 
Grateful Hearts

Grateful Hearts


As we walk into the holiday season I know it can be tempting to reach for the melancholy that’s come with years before. Whether it’s been from loss, discord, heartache, or plain old stress… But I believe God has a different invitation for us. We often cling to fear because it’s what we’ve practiced most, but what if we practiced something different?This year, let’s orientate ourselves in real gratefulness, practice the holy, and dig into thanksgiving like it’s your mom’s mashed potatoes or my grandmother’s ginger cakes. Man, nothing can touch those! I pray this episode sparks new hope and possibly a new lens with which to walk through the holidays. I am so grateful for each of you and thank God for this opportunity to pour a little courage back into your heart.As always, please RATE + SUBSCRIBE wherever you listen!
This week we have such a treat for you. Tiffany Hudson from Elevation Worship is with me today and you’re going to love this chat. We’re talking all things accountability, purity, humility, and stewarding anointing. You’re going to be challenged by the humility and authenticity all over Tiffany. I pray this conversation invites you to a deeper intimacy with the Lord and honestly, I already know it will. Enjoy!As always, we’d love you to RATE + SUBSCRIBE if this show has blessed you in some way!
I've never met anyone like my sister, Debbie. Today, I'm letting you in on my most recent season of grief and how God has met me in the middle of it. This is an incredibly vulnerable episode, but one I'm giving away like an offering. He's been merciful and loving in the midst of such pain, so today I'm showing you how God can meet a fractured heart; how He met mine. He and His peace are always ready to meet me where I am with no fear of being overcome by the sadness seeming to overcome me. I'd like to invite you to an incredibly personal conversation and for you to bring your own bag of grief. I believe God's going to meet us in it beautifully. We're not alone in processing the heartbreak of loss and we have a God who cares about seeing us whole at the end of it. As always, your RATINGS + REVIEWS are so helpful. Thank you to those who have already left a thoughtful review. We're just so incredibly grateful for all the courage God is pouring out through these convos. 
Sacred Song Moments

Sacred Song Moments


Songs can unlock chains if God breathes on them. I mean, how cool is that? It's a beautiful reality and one of the many things I adore about songwriting. In the writing, in the mining for a right lyric/melody, I have been met with a true friend and partner in God. He met me at the piano bench as a teenager and He still does. If you like a story, you'll like this episode. If you just need some life thrown on you and to hear some testimonies of God being God? Wonderful. You're in the right place.I'm so grateful for each song the Lord's given me. More than that, I'm grateful for what He's given me of Himself in each song. When I invite Him and all we're working through to the piano, beautiful things happen. Not only does He give me a song, He heals my heart in the process. He's the best that way. As always, please RATE + REVIEW our show. It truly does help spread the encouragement! This episode is sponsored by...
There are few people I've encountered who have the amount of faith in the goodness, provision, sovereignty, and kindness of God. Mia Fielde's story is one she shares without a shudder and with eyes fully focused on the redemptive story God is telling through her life. Her craft as a songwriter, worship leader, and call as a spiritual leader wherever she is, is one that consistently leaves me challenged. I'd encourage you to listen to this episode and soak up the Jesus-infused gems that pour out from the overflow of this life surrendered. As always, we would be so grateful for your to RATE + REVIEW our show. This episode is sponsored by...
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