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Author: Joshua Wachs

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Joshua Wachs is an entrepreneur and avid gamer. When he was in middle school, he was teased for asking so many questions of the teachers. He would state that he was "just curious" and he still is to this day. Join Joshua and his curious busy brain as he interviews fascinating people from all walks of life and learn about what makes them tick and how they got there.
4 Episodes
Geography, climate, wildlife protection, education, and geography party tricks with feminist geographer Joni Seager. 
Climate change, public service, and more with MIT’s only veteran professor, former U.S. Marine Brent Minchew.
Sneakers, street art, and what it means to be Deputy Cultural Development Officer of Worcester Massachusetts with Ché Anderson.
Diversity and inclusion with Malia Lazu, CEO of The Lazu Group and lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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