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The Date: September 9, 1804The Event: German Explorer Alexander von Humbolt learns of guano and its uses in agriculture on the coast of Peru.The Story: Guano as one of the first crop nutrient boom and busts, and how that can help us understand where the modern fertilizer industry stands now and what may be ahead.The Guests: Greg Cushman, Professor, Author, and Historian; Sam Taylor, Analyst and Researcher
The Date: August 13th, 1869The Event: John Wesley Powell and his nine man crew reach the foot of the Grand Canyon during their journey down the Colorado riverThe Story: How Powell's journey shaped the way we understand the potential of the American Southwest and water resources in the regionGuests: William deBuys, conservationist and author, and Gregory McNamee, writer and journalistClick here to learn more!
The Date: June 29, 1956. The Event: President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act.The Story: The unanticipated, yet decades-long impact of the interstate system on the U.S. dairy industry, specifically cheese consumption and production.The Guest: Dr. Andy NovakovicClick here to learn more!
Learn more about AEI's newest podcast, Ag Interrupted, where we’ll take a deep look into agricultural trends that matter to learn more about the often unexpected ways that the agricultural industry, agricultural markets, and agricultural businesses get shaped by the history we’re not paying attention to. 
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