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Author: Bob Slone

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In this Podcast your Host Bob Slone will take a weekly look at what took place in the South Carolina House and Senate. From interviews with the People that are influential in crafting Bills and making Law, to a breakdown on what actually took place in Columbia SC.The Podcasts are short and to the point and chocked full of relevant info to ALL South Carolinians.
21 Episodes
Ever wondered what drives a man with a heart for humanitarian work to step into the political arena? Meet Zoe Warren, a South Carolina State Senate hopeful with a mission to weave the fabric of neighborly love and justice into the very laws that govern us. Our enlightening discussion peels back the layers of Warren's commitment to local outreach and his transformative vision for the Republican Party. His shift from international missionary work to political ministry underlines a deep passion for political science education and a staunch opposition to the divisive labels that often plague our political discourse. This episode offers a behind-the-scenes look at Warren's campaign platform, addressing how he aims to grapple with issues like medical freedom, government overreach, and the fentanyl crisis that's gripping our communities. Through a candid conversation, we tackle the challenges of reconnecting elected officials to the grassroots, the questions surrounding school choice and the handling of state finances, as well as the intricacies of election integrity. As Warren invites you to join his journey, you'll gain unique insights into the heartbeat of District 23 and the strategy that aims to align the Republican Party more closely with its foundational principles.
Discover the intricacies of South Carolina's political battles over illegal immigration as State Representative Thomas Beach joins me, Bob Slone, to dissect the challenges local authorities face amidst federal restrictions. Representative Beach pulls back the curtain on the steps being taken to empower state and local law enforcement to act where they feel the federal government has faltered. From the Greenville County Sheriff's frustrations to the legislative endeavors of the South Carolina House of Representatives' Freedom Caucus, this episode offers an unfiltered look into the strategies and hurdles in play at the Statehouse.As we navigate the conversation, Beach highlights the conservative push against the tide of federal policies that seemingly tie the hands of local authorities. Tune in to understand the political maneuvers and the absence of conservative voices in critical Statehouse committees such as Judiciary and Ways and Means. This episode promises not just a window into the current state affairs but also presents a candid discussion on the potential legislative responses to what many see as an immigration crisis affecting South Carolina communities. Join us for an episode that promises more than just talk – it's a deep dive into the actions being taken by those on the frontlines of state-level governance.
Embark on a political odyssey as we peel back the veneer of South Carolina's legislative drama with our esteemed guest, Republican Josiah Magnuson. Together with my new co-host Hannah Miller, we confront the intricacies of budgetary warfare and the pursuit of core government functions, dissecting accusations leveled against Magnuson for his votes on law enforcement and road funding. The District 38 incumbent delivers a spirited justification, revealing the strategic battles that unfold within the corridors of power. Through candid discussions, we expose the challenges faced by conservatives striving for transparency and oppose the squandering of taxpayer dollars on non-essential ventures.Grasp the pulsating heart of controversial legislation in South Carolina as we dissect the tumultuous journey of a bill targeting gender transitioning among minors. As conservative voices clash with lobbyist might, the pushback within the legislature becomes a thrilling chess game of amendments and public pressure. This narrative takes a twist with influencer Riley Gaines amplifying the call for stringent measures, leading to a legislative win that positions the bill's enforcement on solid ground. The ebb and flow of this political saga encapsulates the essence of our state's governance, where ideals and practicality lock horns in a dance of democracy.Our episode crescendos with a triumph for Second Amendment champions and a discerning gaze upon the spread of DEI policies in educational spheres. As a fervent advocate for constitutional carry, Josiah shares the monumental strides we've made in ensuring South Carolinians can rightfully bear arms without undue restriction. Yet, the winds shift as we scrutinize the tenets of DEI, questioning their alignment with the nation's core values.  Join us for an unyielding discourse on safeguarding transparency, accountability, and the unwavering pursuit of principled governance.https://bobslone.com
In todays episode, I speak with L Attorney Stephen Brown. He has been active in the Republican Party for decades. He gives us a little of the background and a quick lesson on the Republican (RE-ORG) in South Carolina. He gives us the dates & times of the precinct meetings in Greenville and other counties that we are aware of as of now. He also gives us news of the creation of a new Website and tells us it is designed to inform (America First) Stephen: stephen@stephenbrownlawfirm.comWebsite: https://gopsweep.comPodcast Production: https://bobslone.com
In this Episode, I have a very informative Interview with the  SC Chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party. He brings us up to speed on the importance of the Re-Org that is scheduled in March. We also talk about the P.A.C.E. vs ESA issue being addressed now in Columbia and he gives us his take on the (Political Landscape) in South Support:
Just a quick episode to Thank Everybody for making this Podcast one of the fastest growing in the (Government) category. I also touch on the news of the week , such as the Donald Trump Rally in Columbia, Ronna McDaniels win and of course the happenings in the House and Senate. Finally, a simple plea for your feedback. https://bobslone.com
In todays episode, I speak with Representative Thomas Beach from SC District 10. I ask him too explain what exactly is going on with the turmoil coming out of Columbia. The Leadership in the Republican Caucus has required new members to sign what is being called a (Loyalty Oath). Several members of the House feel they are unable to comply. We learn more about this situation, How it has affected Thomas personally and How it is affecting Legislation on the House Floor.Voter Board: Rep. Thomas BeachSC Freedom CaucusSupport the Podcast: https://bobslone.com
This week, while the members all meet in Columbia for the first time this session and Governor Henry McMaster is sworn in, I speak with Rep. Josiah Magnuson about what he hopes to see happen this year. I also ask him about the controversy swirling around about the (Loyalty Oath) the Members have been asked to take.Voter Board: the Podcast -
While we are anticipating the House and Senate to begin next week..we have a great interview with Representative Rob Harris from District 36. He tells of how he has gotten to the place he is at now and how his family helped to make it a reality. Rob also has encouragement for the public on getting involved in your community.http://harrisforsc.com Office:434D Blatt Building(803)-212-6788https://bobslone.com
A New Year Episode!

A New Year Episode!


Introduction to the New Year and the New Direction the Podcast is taking! We will be discussing what has taken place in the Senate and the House of Representatives in Columbia SC every week. With an exciting and informative interview with the movers and shakers in our States Government. This will be your (Go To) spot to check in weekly for information on whats going on in South Carolina Politics. https://bobslone.com
In todays episode, I interview 3 members of the South Carolina Freedom Caucus. We discuss current events taking place in our State. Such as the encroachment of CRT in our Public Schools. I also ask them to explain what exactly is the Freedom Caucus, how it got started and what we can expect from them going forward.Rep. Stewart JonesRep. Josiah MagnusonRep.Elect Thomas BeachHost: Bob Slonehttps://bobslone.com
This episode is audio from the South Carolina House of Representatives Public Archives on July 19th. The Ad Hoc committee met and approved a working draft to send to the Judiciary Committee regarding Abortion in South Carolina. Representative John McCravy is highlighted here, giving the setup to the vote and a breakdown of what it is and how they arrived at the vote.https://bobslone.com
In this Episode, I have phone interviews with Sen. Josh Kimbrell,  Dr. Robert Jackson, Thomas Beach, Rep. Josiah Magnuson and Dr. Tony Beam. I ask them all 4 questions regarding the decision handed down from the Supreme Court concerning the overturning of Roe vs Wade. Each has their own unique take on how it will effect South Carolina going forward.https://bobslone.com
In this episode, I speak with the Director of Spartanburg County Elections Board Adam Hammons. He takes us step by step through the process of making a secure and successful Election in South Carolina.  You will learn A to Z on how it is done! Also, his thoughts on voter turn out, the General Election in November and how to get involved. You can also go to SCVOTES.GOV for more information.https://bobslone.com
This episode is a phone interview with George Abuzeid. George is running for District 4 House in South Carolina.https://bobslone.com
In this episode I have an interview with Thomas Beach. A family man running for State Representative of South Carolina District 10.https://bobslone.com
In this episode we have a phone interview with Harrison Musselwhite (Trucker Bob). He is running in the Primary of South Carolina to be the next Governor. That seat is currently held by Henry McMaster.https://bobslone.com
Phone interview with Jeffrey Horton who is running for a County Council Seat in District 5 of South Carolina. He tells us a little bit about himself, what he hopes to accomplish and how to get in touch for further information.https://bobslone.com
This episode is a phone interview with candidate Lauren Martel. She is running to be the next South Carolina Attorney General in South Carolina. She gives us her background as an Attorney in the Low Country of SC, what she feels needs to be done today and what she would accomplish once elected. She also gives reasons why she is the better choice for South Carolina.https://bobslone.com
A phone interview with Zoe Warren. He is running for Lt. Governor for the State of South Carolina. Zoe gives a bit of his background and qualifications. He also touches on the topics of the day and the (Hot Button) issues he hopes to address once elected.https://bobslone.com
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