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Hear from leading academics, those at the forefront of tech and business worlds, cultural icons and influencers, and key global leaders to tackle the world’s most pressing issues, and you can listen in here - all on The Next Stage podcast by Web Summit.
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Disinformation is not a new problem. However, with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine so crucial for a return to normality, any disinformation about it is especially dangerous. Chelsea Clinton joins us to discuss the work she is doing with the Clinton Foundation to combat this disinformation and make sure we all get vaccinated and back to normal.Support the show (
As we hurtle towards economic instability, it is more important now than ever that banks and fintechs put their differences aside and learn how to work together. Don't miss these major traditional and digital banks discussing why collaboration is better than competition.Support the show (
“Cancel culture.” “Woke.” – these terms have become a core part of the modern lexicon. But have things gone too far? Join Vivek Ramaswamy and Brian Tyler Cohen as they debate.Support the show (
It has been a big year in the podcasting world. What was an indie niche has exploded into the mainstream, with big tech and traditional media companies looking for a slice of the action. So how will the industry adapt to these changes and new players? And can the medium maintain the charm and intimacy that made it what it is today? In this fireside, hear from Erik Diehn, CEO of Stitcher – a media company that specialises in the creation, distribution, and monetisation of podcasts – as he stands at the edge of a brave new world for audio.Support the show (
Covid-19 has had a major impact on so many industries, but none more so than travel. As we slowly begin to emerge from the pandemic, listen to chairwoman Gillian Tans on the worldwide appetite for travel. Support the show (
The human brain is a new frontier for technology, but will human augmentation lead to a loss of humanity? With  Bryan Johnson, Professor Simon Evetts and Laurie SegallSupport the show (
Having pivoted during Covid-19, micro mobility leader Lime is bringing a new dimension to that last mile home, through e-bikes, e-scooters and, now, e-mopeds.Support the show (
MoBike have raised close to a billion dollars in funding for their bike sharing startup which has expanded beyond their native country to be found all around the world. Their Co-founder and CTO, Joe Xia, tells Erin Griffith of Wired how they did this.Support the show (
Did Covid-19 catch us out? What lessons have we learned? How would – and should – we do things differently next time? Two healthcare experts discuss everything from innovation in immunology to how best to prep the world's hospitals for crises of the future.Support the show (
Understanding the future of technology in conflict and how to counter the threat of cyber-warfare with Jared Cohen.Support the show (
Time to explore how 5G will impact the future of education, inside and outside the classroom. We'll take a look at how 5G will continue to blend the physical and digital worlds, the role university plays in 5G explorations, and the ways 5G will make learning come alive in the newest and most extraordinary ways.Support the show (
Join Margrethe Vestager – executive vice president of the European Commission for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age – in conversation with Nicholas Thompson, as they discuss what's next for the EU's digital future.Support the show (
Alex Stamos – former chief security officer of Facebook, and current Zoom security adviser – discusses how Covid has upended cybersecurity and online propaganda for both attackers and defenders.Support the show (
Bobby Berk rose to fame as the design expert on Netflix's Emmy-winning Queer Eye. He will discuss balancing life in the public eye while growing his lifestyle and design brand, using your platform for activism, and how Covid has impacted design in our homes.Support the show (
Josh Luber channeled his childhood passion for sneakers into a company that transformed the marketplace. He laid the foundations for the world’s first sneaker stock market. In this talk, Luber tells the story of how he turned his hobby into billion-dollar business StockX.Support the show (
This talk will focus on how new innovations and tools pioneered by TRIQ Arena and Henrik Larsson can help encourage children and young people to have an active and healthy lifestyle.Support the show (
Ev Williams and Kara Swisher  discuss the next chapter for Medium, what excites Ev as an investor and entrepreneur. Support the show (
Where is activewear going beyond 2020? In this session, Kevin Hart joins Techstyle Fashion Group's co-founder and co-CEO, Adam Goldenberg, to share the latest on fashion, tech and building their business empires.Support the show (
An economic downturn can offer many advantages for startups. With a recession on the horizon, this could be the perfect time to start your business. Three of Silicon Valley's leading VCs tell us why.Support the show (
The President of the European Commission tells us how she is a tech optimist and how technology and mankind can truly benefit each other.Support the show (
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