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Author: Rick Millikin

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A daily podcast from Pastor Rick with an uplifting word
40 Episodes
Have you ever had a close friend betray you? What can heal that heartbreak?
Sometimes, I realize that I’m seeking comfort for myself and my family, more than I am trying to help bring comfort to others. Does that ever happen to you? Are you willing to admit it?
Have you ever felt that whether you are going forward or looking backward, God is nowhere to be found? Even if you believe in your heart He is working, it can be difficult when we cannot see how He is moving.
In life and in faith, there are times we need to step back and gain perspective—to take the bird’s eye view. While our immediate circumstances may be discouraging, we can be encouraged by considering the bigger picture, God’s View of Things.
Hebrews chapter 11 is often called the “honor roll of faith.” When you read the entire chapter, you see example after example of biblical heroes whose lives modeled faith in God. They were running the race. 
Are you troubled about your work? Your marriage? Your kids? Your friendships? Your health? Your future?
Contrary to what many believe, it is not sinful or disobedient to experience doubts—it is a part of being human. 
Have you ever had someone say to you, wow, you’re too busy, you should take a break and rest? Does your mind say, well of course but when?
I recently had coffee with a friend who wasn’t doing all that great. They hit a stage in life when some things began to burden them and their small family. Weary of life, led to being weary of pursuing God. Have you ever been there?
Have you ever wondered why King David wrote, ‘I will lift up my eyes to the mountains’? We know God does not live in the mountains, so why look up there when you’re in trouble?
If you’ve walked with Jesus for any length of time, you would know that having a relationship with God doesn’t equal a stress-free life. It is probably more accurate to say, when we pursue Jesus and His heart, the more the attacks seem to come. 
When you think of “baptism,” what comes to mind? If you said “submersing someone in water”—that’s part of it! Many churches have different approaches to baptism, but the ultimate purpose of baptism is to outwardly express an inward change.
Think back to a decision you made recently that didn’t honor God. Maybe in the moment, it seemed like fun, or maybe you couldn’t figure out how to say “no.” 
Imagine God’s Spirit hovering over the face of the earth. Everything is dark and without form until God breathes out the words, “Let there be light.” In an instant, everything changes. The light pierces the darkness, and what was once invisible is now seen clearly. This is what God’s Spirit does. He is always close, always near, always bringing to light what was once covered in darkness.  
So what does God’s Word tell us about who God is and what He cares about? 
We all have an idea of what being a Christian should look like. But if we’re being honest, our views are often influenced by our cultural values, our politics, our background, and what’s currently going on in the world around us. If we were to strip away all those outside influences, what would our faith actually look like?
In Paul’s letter written to the Philippians, Paul sets an example of how changing our mindset can create hope to overcome the battle before us. By the way, Paul was writing to them from prison.
Did you know research reveals amazing benefits for those who practice being grateful? 
Feeling anxious is difficult, so why do we struggle with it at times? 
Living out our purpose means living in surrender to God. When we surrender to His will, it doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to sit back and do nothing.
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