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Author: Sophie McDermott

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Join Sophie McDermott, a busy Mum of 2, wife, business owner and doctor of chiropractic, as she shares everything health, wellness and fitness related, whilst on her own personal weight loss journey. "Together, let’s get healthy and fall in love with the process". Make yourself a priority 💕 Subscribe to support the podcast and enjoy free weekly podcasts. Follow on instagram @sophie.mcdermott
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Self love: Self love means placing a high value on the well-being and happiness of oneself. Self love means taking care of yourself, not scarifying your well-being for the sake of others. Todays podcast episode is for everyone… single, in a relationship or ‘it’s complicated’ shouldn’t define you as a person.  So tune in to get this weeks homework to help you on your journey towards happiness and health. Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
How you feeling? Be honest!So many people are feeling low, down and just ‘off’ at the moment. It doesn’t help when we’ve all started the week with Blue Monday being spoken about. To get you through the rest of January I am spreading a little bit of magic for you. Listen to find out what you can today as of tomorrow morning to help get your head out of a funk and to take more action towards being the best you can be. Please share this episode with anyone you know who may be struggling or could just do with a little pick me up. Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
I'M BACK!!!It only seems right with it being the start of a new year.If you truly want to make this year different and to make a change that lasts listen to my top two tips that will allow you to transform your health and habits.Make sure you follow me on  instagram @sophie.mcdermott for more tips!Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
How many times are you going to say the magical words ‘I’m going on a diet’. Hats off if dieting has worked for you!The research shows, (yes I looked it up after I recorded this haha), varying results from 20% to as little as 0.1% actually keeping weight off after dieting. So why not change what the word diet means to you? I hope I got the message across in my ramblings. This one change can make the process so much easier for you to be and stay healthy.Come hang out with me on  instagram @sophie.mcdermott …even if you just want to spy on my Christmas tree!Thank you for listening.Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
Warning: If you have a newborn this may bot be the episode for you haha!I'm super excited to be talking all about sleep with you today because as a parent to two young children I feel I get it. Throw on top being a business owner, I can get how things can be on your mind and the pressure to join the '5am club' out of choice. There's nothing wrong with waking up early, but sorry it's just not for me.As we should all be spending a third of our lives asleep, why are so many of us chronically tired?What can be done to combat this?I'll share with you my tips and insights to making your sleep as restorative as you can.Please please please leave me a review and also message me on  instagram @sophie.mcdermott with anything you need or just to say hello :)Thank you so much for listening.Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
It is only right, after spending all weekend at my favourite annual chiropractic conference, that I talk to you about all things chiropractic. I could talk literally for hours and hours about chiropractic. I am lucky and blessed that my career is also my passion and part of my way of life. However what I find frustrating is that not more people know about the true power of chiropractic and the potential their bodies have to function at its best.If you need a chiropractor send me a message on instagram @sophie.mcdermott and I will be able to find you one, or at least know the right direction to point you in. Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
22. 7 Day Reset

22. 7 Day Reset


With Christmas around the corner as we enter November, it is time to get our bodies ready for the possible challenges of winter, and dare I say, overeating and overindulging. So I need you to schedule 7 days in your calendar, in the immediate future, hey why not start today! This is a 7 day reset. If you can't commit to 7 days of changing your health, how can you change anything? This isn't going to be hard. I am sharing what you can do, and you don't need to follow everything I am doing.Tell a friend, tell a work colleague, get some accountability, get committed, and most importantly, have fun. After 7 days you will see and feel a change, and have started building new habits to take with you past that week. Keep me posted instagram @sophie.mcdermottMake yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
Do you want a healthy body?Then you need to be very aware of what is going on with your mind and know how you can influence it. I mention EFT/tapping in this episode and I often use Brad Yates' videos on YouTube. Here are some to get you started:Tapping through painInflammation and other symptomsHealing from the inside outClearing stress and constricted breathingPermission to relaxTell me how you find this on instagram @sophie.mcdermottMake yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
This is the pep talk you need to get you thinking and moving in to taking ACTION! We’ve got this guys 🙌🏾Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
Join me today as I talk you through a body awareness and check in relaxation.Come back to this often.Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
Yes, I have said the C word... Christmas is coming!Let's make the most of the next 3 months and get to where we want to be.Life is all about balance and this one exercise will help you get just that!As always share with me on instagram @sophie.mcdermottMake yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
Inner work can be tough and difficult... but it is soooo worth it! Get your pen and paper ready today as we go through this exercise together. Lots of us have emotional connections to what we eat, when we eat and why we are eating. I'm sharing a fantastic tool to improve your awareness about your relationship with food and how to break down the barriers standing in your way with how you view food and how this ultimately affects how you view yourself as a person. Please message me on instagram @sophie.mcdermott with how you've got on with this one and do ask any questions you might have.Thank you for listening. Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie xP.S. The F.A.B. (Fit And Beautiful) Challenge - my 6 week workout programme - is available at the discounted rate until the 30th September 2022. Sign up now clicking the link here.
This may seem like another 'out there' topic but I know you have to at least try everything and see what helps you. For every story of 'that doesn't work' there is a story of 'that transformed my life!'I've been using crystals for about two or three months now and it has made a difference in how I am vibing. We are all energy and we need to make sure we are vibrating as high as we can. Listen to find out my top 3 crystals that will help you on your health journey. This is the Etsy shop I brought mine from and this set includes my top 3 and more! yourself a priority 💕 Sophie xP.S. The F.A.B. (Fit And Beautiful) Challenge - my 6 week workout programme - is available at the discounted rate until the 30th September 2022. Sign up now clicking the link here.
I know this can be a sensitive topic for some. Or you may be thinking 'skip, I don't have a problem with alcohol'. Today I will be sharing things that are very personal to me, and I appreciate you being here and allowing me to be open with you. Send me a message on instagram to let me know what you take away from this episode.Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie xP.S. The F.A.B. (Fit And Beautiful) Challenge - my 6 week workout programme - is available at the discounted rate until the 30th September 2022. Sign up now clicking the link here.
I know I may seem a bit crazy with this episode, but I promise you, these 3 tips are definitely worth a try if you are wanting to improve your health in any way. I've done this myself and it works! What have you got to lose?Show me what changes you make on  instagram by tagging me at @sophie.mcdermott in your stories. I can't wait to see what you try.Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
13. All Or Nothing

13. All Or Nothing


How many tools do you have in your toolbox so to speak, to keep you motivated and on track to reach your goals? Without multiple cues and reminders to improve your health, and once you break good habits, it is very easy to fall back into bad habits. Life is all about balance, so please be kind to yourself during your journey. Awareness is key to being able to ensure slip ups are just that, and are not long term changes. Follow me and my journey on instagram at @sophie.mcdermott and let's keep each other going. I'm here to help you.Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
We all have an internal dialogue (some more than others haha).Your self talk is of utmost importance for both your physical and mental health. Just like working out to strengthen your muscles, you have to do exercises to strengthen your mind. So many, actually, too many suffer with their mental health. Please share this episode with someone you know who could benefit from hearing these tips. Also, I'm always sharing affirmations and mindset work on my instagram, so please check me out there to get your dose of positivity. Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
Firstly, sorry this episode is out later than anticipated. I took my own advice and rested. I want to always give you the very best from me and so here I am, after an early night, so I can give you what I had planned to share.Oh my, I am feeling sore, and from your responses to my instagram stories, many of you are too. This is great because it means we are working hard together doing the F.A.B. (Fit And Beautiful) Challenge to reach our health and fitness goals.When doing any form of exercise, you don't want to waste your time, you want to get the very most from the precious time you have managed to carve out of your day. Listen as I share with you exactly what you can be doing, starting from the next time you exercise, to make your workouts work for you. Please subscribe so you don't miss an episode and share with anyone you know, as we could all benefit from better health and from taking some time for ourselves.I appreciate you!Make yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
10. Start with WHY

10. Start with WHY


Hi Team! Did you know that T.E.A.M stands for Together Everyone Achieves More! That's why I started this podcast. To create a team of people wanting more from their health and their lives. Follow me on instagram @sophie.mcdermott for more support. It's August 2022 and before you know it we will all be saying the same thing of 'How is it Christmas and the end of the year?'Don't let this time past you by!On today's podcast episode, I will ask you to dig deep. What are your goals and WHY? Really take some time to think about that. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to tone up? Why do you want to eat better? What is your personal why?Also, I will be answering all your questions on the F.A.B. (Fit And Beautiful) Challenge... Yes the F.A.B. Challenge is here :) Click here to read more and any questions email me at sophie.mcdermott.shw@gmail.comMake yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
Naked pics? WTF I hear you cry! All will make sense once you've listened.'What gets measured gets managed'What measurements are you taking and how often? Pick what works for you and stick with it.For more accountability, and if you are feeling brave, share with me your 'before measurements' over on instagram @sophie.mcdermott or email me at sophie.mcdermott.shw@gmail.comMake yourself a priority 💕 Sophie x
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