DiscoverThe Original Vegan Business Talk By Shane Jeremy James
The Original Vegan Business Talk By Shane Jeremy James

The Original Vegan Business Talk By Shane Jeremy James

Author: Shane Jeremy James

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Shane Jeremy James brings you some of the world’s brightest vegan entrepreneurs who are creating sustainable world change with their revolutionary business mindsets and strategies. On the podcast episodes the compassionate vegan entrepreneurs will discuss the personal journeys, the ups and downs of operating a vegan business and they will share ways the grow and adapt to a fast paced industry.
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We are delighted to introduce our esteemed guest, Rey Ortega, the visionary founder of "Sunflower Baking Company." In this exciting episode, Rey shares his journey from a conventional lifestyle to becoming a vegan pioneer in the baking industry. His story, filled with personal challenges and triumphs, is inspiring and enlightening for anyone interested in the intersection of health, veganism, and entrepreneurship. Discussion Highlights with Rey Ortega: Rey's transition to veganism and the pivotal moments led him to change his lifestyle and diet.  He discusses the challenges of creating delicious, vegan-friendly baked goods that appeal to a broad audience, highlighting the innovative techniques and ingredients he uses. Insights into the vegan food industry and its evolution. Rey reflects on the growth of the plant-based market, the role of ethical business practices, and the future of vegan entrepreneurship. He shares practical advice for aspiring vegan business owners, emphasizing the significance of quality, creativity, and persistence in this dynamic industry. Rey's story is not just about veganism; it's about transformation, health, and the power of making conscious choices. His journey from consuming standard diets to establishing a successful vegan bakery is a testament to the potential for change and the impact one person can have on their health, the environment, and the food industry.
We are delighted to introduce our esteemed guest, Kira Pearson, the visionary founder of "Vegan Business Marketing." With a passion for both veganism and marketing, Kira has carved a unique path in the business world, specializing in helping vegan entrepreneurs thrive in a competitive market. Her journey from globe-trotting to the travel industry and eventually establishing her successful marketing company is inspiring. As a seasoned expert in her field, Kira's insights and expertise will leave a lasting impact on all of us, shedding light on the powerful intersection of ethical business practices and effective marketing strategies. Discussion Highlights with Kira Pearson: The unique challenges and opportunities faced by vegan businesses in a competitive market. The importance of building a robust online presence and targeted marketing strategies tailored to the vegan community. Practical tips for new vegan entrepreneurs on creating clear messaging, identifying customer pain points, and delivering impactful results. Kira's predictions for the future growth of the plant-based industry and the importance of standout branding to thrive amidst increasing competition.
We are privileged to have Nick Savaidis, founder of Etiko, an eco-conscious fashion label, join us today. Nick's venture into the world of ethical fashion began approximately 15 years ago, inspired by a keen awareness of labor and farmer exploitation within the industry. Over the years, he has created a brand that not only sells genuinely ethically-made, vegan clothing and footwear but also emphasizes fair wages, working conditions, and environmental sustainability. With experience as a high school teacher and in remote indigenous communities, Nick brought a unique perspective to his business. His desire to create a profit-making entity while positively impacting society has driven Etiko to earn certifications like Fair Trade and B Corp, further establishing the brand's commitment to ethical practices. Let's get ready to dive into the world of ethical fashion with Nick Savaidis. Nick Savaidis's Discussion Highlights: The challenges in bridging the gap between consumers' ethical beliefs and purchasing behavior. The role of third-party certifications in authenticating ethical claims and countering 'ethical washing. Plans for Etiko, including expanding their fashion range, introducing vegan leather footwear, and possible investments to scale the business. The impact of consumer demand on retail stocking of genuinely ethical and eco-friendly clothing and footwear.
Introducing Alexandra and Sergio, the founders of Kumi, a sustainable sneakers brand that is revolutionizing the fashion industry. United by their passion for sustainable fashion, they embarked on a journey to create a brand that combines style, ethics, and environmental consciousness. Overcoming challenges along the way, they have emerged as leaders in the field, offering stylish and eco-friendly sneakers that challenge the status quo. With a shared vision and determination, Alexandra and Sergio launched Kumi in 2019, driven by their commitment to sustainability. Their focus on using vegan and sustainable materials proved challenging due to limited availability and rigorous testing requirements. However, their perseverance paid off, as they witnessed a growing interest in sustainable fashion, gradually expanding the range of materials at their disposal. Today, Kumi stands as a beacon of sustainability in the sneaker industry. Alexandra and Sergio's dedication to creating stylish designs that defy stereotypes and challenge misconceptions sets them apart. They have established a strong presence in European markets and aspire to be recognized as a global sustainable fashion brand. Their inspiring journey and commitment to balancing work and personal life make them a true embodiment of conscious entrepreneurship. Discussion Highlights: Overcoming challenges in sourcing sustainable and vegan materials for sneaker production. The growing market demand and interest in a sustainable fashion. Balancing style and sustainability in the design process. Funding strategies and crowdfunding campaigns for brand creation. Kumi's international expansion plans and strong market presence in Europe.
We're thrilled to welcome Nancy Arenas, a devoted vegan advocate and the founder of Sprouting Social and the nonprofit organization Sprouty Compassion. Nancy's journey started with the launch of an e-magazine, New Mexico Vegan, featuring stories about individuals transitioning to veganism. She expanded her efforts by creating Vegan for Kids, a magazine to support and spread positive messages to younger audiences. Nancy also organized the first vegan VegFest in New Mexico, an annual event that she continued to host even amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond her magazine and VegFest, Nancy furthered her passion for veganism, offering Vegan Cooking Classes at Natural Grocers and later establishing Sprouty Compassion. Her work primarily targets non-vegans and the veg-curious, aiming to promote veganism through compassionate and respectful dialogue. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she pivoted to digital platforms, launching the mini-podcast Vegan Pulse to continue the conversation on veganism. Her efforts are marked by patience, understanding, and a strong desire to change society's perception of animal suffering. Nancy Arenas' Discussion Highlights: ● Her journey towards veganism, the creation of the New Mexico Vegan and Vegan for Kids magazines, and the impact of these platforms.● The inception of the first vegan VegFest in New Mexico, its challenges and triumphs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.● The establishment of Sprouty Compassion and its role in supporting community outreach programs.● The importance of reaching non-vegans and the veg-curious audience through respectful and compassionate dialogue.
We're delighted to introduce Vanessa Sturman, a plant-based health coach, and Energize and Thrive Plant-Based founder. Vanessa's journey began struggling with health and diet, leading her to explore a more balanced approach to nutrition. After a transformative trip to India and witnessing the realities of animal treatment, she shifted to a vegan lifestyle. Vanessa noticed a gap in accessible and appealing vegan recipes, which led her to create a successful recipe website. However, her journey did not stop there; she realized the need for guidance on incorporating plant-based foods into a balanced diet, which led to the inception of her coaching business. Over the past three years, Vanessa has focused on helping individuals find energy, achieve a healthy weight, and combat fatigue through plant-based nutrition. While her recipe website was a success, she ultimately left the business to focus on her passion: coaching, speaking, and making a meaningful difference in people's lives. Running a business was challenging, and Vanessa quickly learned the importance of mastering skills beyond her expertise, such as marketing, sales, and finance. Her story is a testament to the power of aligning passion with purpose, and we're thrilled to hear more about her journey and insights today. Vanessa Sturman's Discussion Highlights: ● Her journey towards veganism and the transformative experiences led her to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.● The inception of her recipe website and its role in providing appealing vegan recipes to a broader audience.● The evolution of her career from a recipe blogger to a plant-based health coach, focusing on energy, weight management, and overall wellness.● The reasons behind her decision to leave the recipe website business and focus on her passion for coaching and speaking.● The challenges and learnings of running a business include mastering marketing, sales, finance, and strategy skills.
Today, we're delighted to introduce Linda Middlesworth, a committed vegan for over 35 years, animal rights advocate, and health coach. Linda's passion for animal rights and veganism is unrivaled. She founded the Sacramento Vegan Society, a group boasting over 5000 members, and uses this platform to promote the end of animal breeding and killing for food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation. Linda's journey to veganism began with her own health challenges, which were significantly improved by adopting a plant-based diet. This personal transformation sparked her interest in health and nutrition, leading her to become a certified nutrition and cooking instructor. In addition to her advocacy for plant-based diets, Linda is a champion for animal rights. She was fueled by her revelation about the harsh realities of dairy farming, leading her to establish the Sacramento Animal Rights group. Despite the challenge of balancing her health coaching with her animal rights activism, Linda insists on merging the two, believing both are integral to her mission. Linda's dedication to her causes, her community, and her commitment to improving the lives of animals and people alike make her an exceptional speaker, and we are thrilled to have her with us today. Linda Middlesworth's Discussion Highlights: ● Her journey towards veganism and how it improved her health, leading her to become a health coach and advocate for plant-based nutrition.● The formation of the Sacramento Vegan Society and its role in promoting veganism and animal rights.● The ethical considerations and revelations that drove her to establish the Sacramento Animal Rights group and actively participate in animal rights activism.
We're delighted to welcome Chinelo Fleary, an entrepreneur who turned an innovative idea into a flourishing business. Chinelo is the proud founder of Ma'at, a brand dedicated to creating vegan and CBD-infused nail polish. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she realized the need for a healthier, more accessible alternative to traditional nail salons and the chemical-laden polishes they typically use. Chinelo's commitment to creating a visually appealing and health-conscious product has led her to challenge the status quo in the beauty industry. With a background in teaching, Chinelo seized the unexpected opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic to explore her passions and skill sets more fully. Despite self-doubt and numerous challenges, she remained steadfast in her mission to create a nail polish line that aligns with her values. Chinelo's story is a testament to the power of persistence, conscious decision-making, and the importance of representation in the beauty industry. Chinelo Fleary's Discussion Highlights: ● How the COVID-19 pandemic became an unexpected catalyst for her to pursue her entrepreneurial dream and launch her unique nail polish brand.● The challenges she faced in starting her business, including self-doubt and the struggle to align her vision with her business partner.● The importance of representation in the beauty industry and her focus on creating a product that resonates with her values.● Her experience with social media and how she managed to navigate it to effectively promote her business, despite not being naturally inclined towards it.
Let's welcome Rosalind McCallard, the owner and guiding force behind Snackrilege, a unique heavy metal-themed vegan sandwich company. A lifelong advocate for animal rights and a vegan since 1993, Rosalind turned her passion into a thriving business. Her entrepreneurial journey began humbly, making sandwiches for her husband's lunch, and has since evolved into a flourishing enterprise that resonates with her values and musical preferences. Starting a business without experience presented challenges, but Rosalind embraced learning and growth. She utilized resources such as the Mercy Corps Northwest program and her network within the vegan community. Her success with Snackrilege is a testament to her perseverance, adaptability, and willingness to learn. Discussion Highlights: ● The inception of Snackrilege, a journey that transformed a passion for veganism and heavy metal into a thriving business. Rosalind's dedication and commitment to her values have played a pivotal role in shaping the company's identity and offerings.● The initial challenges faced by Rosalind and her strategic approach to overcoming them. She pursued relevant educational opportunities and leveraged her community network, demonstrating the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness in entrepreneurship.● The vital role of delegation in business growth, as learned by Rosalind. Her decision to hire a manager allowed her to focus on strategic planning, showcasing the significance of task distribution for business development.
We are incredibly excited to welcome the dynamic Danielle Arsenault to our podcast. A certified raw food chef, nutritionist, lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, and outdoor enthusiast, Danielle's multifaceted career path is nothing short of inspiring. As the founder of Pachavega, she offers plant-based nutrition coaching, designs plant-based menus, hosts holistic wellness retreats, and offers raw food chef certification courses. Based in Nicaragua, Danielle's holistic approach to nutrition and wellness reflects her deep commitment to a plant-based lifestyle. From her early entrepreneurial endeavors to her decision to become vegetarian at 17 and later vegan during her time in Mexico, Danielle's journey has been marked by her firm belief in the power of plant-based foods. She strongly advocates returning to the source, emphasizing the importance of consuming fresh, natural foods over processed, chemical-laden options. Danielle Arsenault's Discussion Highlights: ● Her transformative journey from early entrepreneurial endeavors to becoming a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition and lifestyle.● The importance she places on whole, healthy, plant-based foods over processed options and her advocacy for sourcing protein from plant-based alternatives.● Her mission to make plant-based eating enjoyable and sustainable by creating delicious, healthful food.● Her perspective on the growing array of plant-based alternatives and the balance between embracing these and focusing on whole, unprocessed foods.● Her insights on the raw food diet, the benefits of incorporating more raw foods into everyday diets, and practical tips for achieving this, such as her nutrient-packed green smoothie recipe.
We are thrilled to introduce Simon Bell, the CEO, and co-founder of Immaculate Vegan, as our esteemed guest today. A trailblazer in sustainable fashion, Simon has carved a unique niche in the industry, pioneering an ethical marketplace for vegan fashion enthusiasts. His journey began when he saw an opportunity in a market ripe for innovation and transformation, and he's since turned that vision into a rapidly expanding business catering to a growing global demand for ethical and sustainable fashion products. With his wealth of experience in e-commerce and sustainable fashion, Simon brings invaluable insights to our discussion today. From his entrepreneurial journey with Immaculate Vegan to the company's mission and plans, Simon's stories and insights promise to be enlightening and inspiring. As he navigates the challenges and opportunities of running a vegan fashion marketplace, Simon embodies the pioneering spirit that drives industry innovation. We can't wait to delve into his experiences and insights, which are sure to be a source of inspiration for anyone passionate about sustainable fashion and ethical business practices. Simon Bell's Discussion Highlights: ● The inception of Immaculate Vegan and its mission to provide a platform for ethically-made, vegan fashion products.● The challenges and opportunities in the e-commerce space for vegan fashion, including building brand awareness and reaching new customers. ● The relationship between veganism and fashion, highlighting the rising demand for vegan footwear and innovation in alternative leather materials.● The importance of selecting brands that adhere to ethical and sustainable practices, not just in terms of veganism but also in manufacturing, worker welfare, and packaging.● Insights into the fundraising process, emphasizing the importance of patience, building relationships with potential investors, and crafting a compelling pitch deck.
As we eagerly welcome Chef Doug McNish to our Podcaset, we are honored to host an award-winning executive vegan chef who has revolutionized the vegan culinary landscape. With an impressive career spanning nearly two decades, Chef Doug's journey into veganism began after being exposed to the realities of animal cruelty. Inspired by a deep compassion for animals and a commitment to sustainability, he fully embraced a plant-based lifestyle and underwent a personal transformation, losing 100 pounds. Chef Doug's culinary expertise extends across various culinary settings, from working in a steakhouse that challenged his vegan values to immerse himself in the vibrant vegan food scene of New York City. His unwavering dedication to plant-based cooking led him to explore raw food and publish two acclaimed cookbooks. Beyond his restaurant ventures, Chef Doug has become a sought-after consultant, assisting establishments in developing exceptional vegan menus and ensuring high-quality plant-based options that cater to the growing demand for vegan cuisine. Discussion Highlights: ● Chef Doug's journey into veganism and its transformative impact on his life and career.● The evolution of vegan cuisine over the past two decades, driven by the rising demand for plant-based alternatives.● The challenges and opportunities in developing and promoting high-quality vegan menus in various culinary settings.● The importance of variety in vegan menus to cater to different preferences and offer appealing and nourishing options.
We are delighted to introduce our guest, Nital Jethalal, a passionate vegan advocate and an influential figure in the plant-based movement. Raised in a vegetarian household, Nital witnessed the transformative power of plant-based diets firsthand, sparking his lifelong commitment to promoting healthier, greener lifestyles. His academic journey in trade policy and agricultural subsidies led him to view veganism as a holistic solution to many societal challenges, fostering a deeper understanding of the intersection between policy and dietary choices. As a significant contributor to Plant-Based Data, a research platform focused on veganism, and as a part of Vegto, Canada's oldest vegan organization, Nital has leveraged his expertise to make significant strides in the plant-based community. He also plays a vital role in the Veg Food Bank in Toronto, an initiative that combats food insecurity and income disparities while promoting plant-based living. Join us as Nital shares his journey and insights on veganism, policy entrepreneurship, and the crucial role of businesses in supporting social causes, a testament to his dedication to creating a more compassionate and sustainable world. Discussion Highlights: Nithal's upbringing in a vegetarian household and his exposure to the benefits of plant-based diets. His academic pursuits in trade policy and agricultural subsidies and realization of veganism's potential as a solution. The operation and initiatives of the Veg Food Bank in Toronto and its approach to addressing food insecurity. Nital's views on the role of policy and businesses in addressing societal issues and the concept of policy entrepreneurship. His experiences growing communities and brands by aligning business strategies with social causes.
We are delighted to welcome our guest today, Nia Seney, a graphic designer turned vegan entrepreneur who has made significant strides in promoting veganism in Canada and beyond. Nia embarked on her vegan journey over a decade ago, leveraging her skills to assist vegan companies and sanctuaries before venturing into her own creative products. She co-founded Global Vegan Magazine, which started as BC Vegan and later expanded to Global Vegan Magazine, gaining international attention and support from high-profile personalities like Pamela Anderson. Driven by a vision to reach a global audience, Nia and her team have made the magazine available online and plan to translate it into multiple languages. She also aims to expand beyond print and delve into other forms of media, such as YouTube channels and podcasts. As she navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship, Nia embraces every mistake as a learning opportunity and encourages others to do the same. Join us as Nia shares her inspiring journey and her plans for the future of Global Vegan Magazine. Discussion Highlights: Nia's journey from being a freelance graphic designer to co-founding a vegan magazine in Canada. The evolution of the vegan magazine from BC Vegan to Canadian Vegan, gaining international attention and support. Nia's experiences of partnering with high-profile personalities like Pamela Anderson and facing changes in the team dynamics. The plans for Global Vegan Magazine to expand into other forms of media and to be translated into multiple languages for a global readership.
We are delighted to introduce our guest for today, Christine Scarinzi, the founder of Simply Plantz and the brains behind the Happy Hippie products. Christine's journey is a testament to her passion for health and wellness. Her love for wholesome food was cultivated by her parents, who introduced her to various cuisines. This interest was further stoked when she moved to Southern California, a region known for its fitness-conscious culture. Christine's voyage into the wellness industry began at a local gym, where she explored the world of health and wellness, mainly vegan and raw vegan food options. The turning point came when she cooked for a woman preparing for heart surgery, which led her to realize the significant impact of healthy meals on people's health and well-being. Today, she stands as the proud owner of Happy Hippie, a brand dedicated to creating nutritious and delectable food products that promote overall wellness. Christine Scarinzi's Discussion Highlights: Her journey into the health and wellness industry, marked by her exposure to various cuisines and her move to Southern California. The challenges she faced as a business owner, particularly in managing finances and finding environmentally friendly yet effective packaging for her product. Her ongoing commitment to Happy Hippie, despite the challenges of running a small business, and her unyielding passion for creating healthy and delicious food products.
Joining us today is Thomas Erex, a representative of Plant Growth, a non-profit organization based in Denmark that promotes plant-based lifestyles. Thomas, a vegan for 11 years, has been actively contributing to the cause through various initiatives, including establishing the Danish vegan organization, working with companies to introduce vegan products, and engaging with politicians and influential individuals to increase awareness and adoption of plant-based dishes and products. Beyond his work with Plant Growth, Thomas has made significant strides in vegan cooking. He has a popular blog that shares enticing vegan recipes, has published three cookbooks, and has achieved his childhood dream of becoming a TV chef. His goal is to inspire more people to adopt vegan lifestyles and create a world where more individuals can access delicious and sustainable vegan products and dishes. Listen in as Thomas shares his journey and insights into the plant-based movement. Discussion Highlights: Thomas's transition from a volunteer to a representative of Plant Growth and his efforts to promote plant-based lifestyles in Denmark. The various activities Plant Growth engages in, including collaborating with companies, hosting events like The Plant Awards, and participating in conferences and food fairs. The challenges Plant Growth faces in managing organizational growth while ensuring a solid structure that supports its mission. Thomas's success as a vegan blogger, cookbook author, and TV chef and how these platforms have amplified his mission to promote veganism.
Sahan Bakmiwewa, the innovative founder of Plant-Based Studios, joins us today on our Podcast. With an eye for trending market demands, Sahan has been instrumental in pioneering a range of vegan products that are both healthy and delectable. Starting his journey in the corporate world, Sahan soon realized that his calling was elsewhere. This realization led him to a startup where he gained invaluable hands-on experience across different domains, and it wasn't long before he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, initially venturing into the organic spices business. Spotting a growing demand for young jackfruit in 2016, Sahan seized the opportunity to use this versatile fruit as a meat substitute, paving the way for his venture, Ancient Nature. This endeavor eventually blossomed into Plant-Based Studios, a dedicated factory for vegan products, launched in 2021. With a unique, soy-free product line that includes young jackfruit-based burger patties, nuggets, seitan-based vegan chicken, and plant-based milk alternatives, Sahan's company is setting new standards in the vegan market. Despite the nascent vegan market in Sri Lanka, Sahan, through Plant-Based Studios, is committed to fostering awareness about veganism, especially among the health-conscious younger generation. Discussion Highlights: Sahan Bakmiwewa's transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and his venture into the organic spices business. The unique use of young jackfruit as a meat substitute and the launch of Ancient Nature focused on nutraceuticals. The evolution of Plant-Based Studios and its dedicated vegan product factory. The challenges faced due to the economic crisis, power cuts, and fuel shortages in Sri Lanka. Plant-Based Studios' strategy and vision for promoting veganism in Sri Lanka.
We are thrilled to have Bomee, the founder of Gingerdog, a company specializing in ginger shots, join us today. Bomee shares an inspiring journey from developing a fiery and flavorful ginger shot recipe to making her product available in 11 stores, planning to expand to 300 stores by 2024. Motivated by the lack of tasty ginger shots in the market, Bomee embarked on her venture to offer a delicious and health-beneficial product. Despite the challenges of scaling up production and navigating the competitive ginger shots market, Bomee's determination and commitment to her vision are unwavering. She continues to innovate and strives to make Gingerdog the leading brand in the North American ginger drinks market. Join us as Bomee takes us through her entrepreneurial journey, sharing insights into Gingerdog's operations, strategies, and plans. Discussion Highlights: Bomee's inspiring story of starting Gingerdog and developing a tasty, health-beneficial ginger shot recipe. The challenges she faces in scaling up production and her decision to stay self-funded to retain control over the business. The health benefits of Gingerdog's shots and Bomee's aim to make Gingerdog the leading brand in the North American ginger drinks market. The strategies Gingerdog's strategies to stand out in the competitive ginger shots market include offering multiple shots in one bottle for convenience and variety.
Today, we have the pleasure of hosting Rachel Yarcony on our Podcast. As the co-founder of Myair Smart Food, Rachel has been instrumental in creating a revolutionary platform for managing chronic stress through personalized nutrition. Her journey is unique, transitioning from a successful corporate career, including roles such as consulting for Nestle and serving as the VP of Global Market Communication at Teva Pharmaceuticals, to entrepreneurship. Her personal experience with stress in the corporate world prompted her to explore the potential of adaptogens, which eventually culminated in Myair Smart Food establishment in 2019. At Myair Smart Food, Rachel and her team utilize technological innovations to craft personalized nutrition plans tailored to an individual's cognitive signature. This unique approach combines physiological and psychological data, such as insights from smartwatches and cognitive assessments. Despite the challenges of building a startup, Rachel underscores the importance of team culture and values, learning she gleaned from her corporate background. Ultimately, MyAir's ambitious goal is to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness through personalized nutrition, setting the stage for a shift in how we approach stress and overall wellness. Discussion Highlights: Rachel's transition from a high-pressure corporate environment to the entrepreneurial world of wellness and nutrition. The role of technology in personalizing nutrition and its potential to combat chronic stress. The significance of team culture and values when building a startup. The vision of Myair Smart Food: using personalized nutrition as a tool for health empowerment and behavioral change. Chronic stress as a "global silent killer" and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the importance of stress management.
Tune in to an insightful conversation with Ly Smith, a keynote speaker, coach, and founder of Upcycle Coaching. Ly shares her journey from a love for public speaking as a child through a life-altering car accident and her evolution into a successful entrepreneur. With her innovative Mastermind community, Coffee Connection, she provides a platform for entrepreneurs and business professionals to help each other grow. Ly has adapted her model to include online speaking opportunities, video podcasts, and virtual summits in a rapidly changing business landscape. She also discusses her challenges in a crowded coaching industry, stressing the importance of differentiating herself and delivering proven results to her clients. Another challenge for Ly is online visibility in a content-saturated social media environment. Nevertheless, she continues to explore different strategies to reach her target audience and share her message effectively. Key Highlights of Ly Smith's Discussion: Ly's journey and the creation of her Mastermind community, Coffee Connection. How she has adapted her business model to include online platforms while valuing in-person events. The challenges of differentiating herself in a crowded coaching industry and her approach to helping clients recognize their greatness. Ly's strategies for standing out and gaining visibility in a crowded online space.
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