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Author: Lucas Reynolds and Shane Stringfellow

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A podcast dedicated to conversations about Jesus and what Holy Spirit is doing in the earth Today. Our Heart is to provoke others to hunger for Revival and the Person of Jesus Christ.
7 Episodes
In the final episode of our series on GEN Z, Katie, Shane, and Luke discuss the final hurdles and hopes facing this growing age group. Church attendance is a hurdle that is discussed, as well as the hopes for the GEN Z expounded upon.
In part 2 of the discussion on GEN Z, Katie, Shane, and Luke dive deeper into the hurdles and hopes facing this group. Three problems are apparent: The de-prioritizing of family, bible illiteracy, and a disconnect from church. We dive into the first two issues on this episode. Thanks for joking us!
Luke, Shane, and Special Guest Katie Braswell talk about Gen Z's world view, what that means for the church, and how we can be proactive in discipling this generation in using their gifts.
How Jesus Found Us

How Jesus Found Us


On this episode of Jesus Talks Luke and Shane share their testimony of how they came to the Lord. We hope this encourages you and builds your faith. as the Bible says, "The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy." We believe that what he has done in our life is an invitation for the miraculous in yours.
Luke and Shane finish the series on Paying the Cost and discuss our part as believers in fulfilling the Great Commission.
In this Episode Luke and Shane continue to discuss Psalm 101, heroes of the Faith, and the cost they paid to be used by God. They also dive into some current events.
Welcome Back! In this Episode Luke and Shane discuss heroes of the Faith and the cost they paid to be used by God.