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Undoubtedly, technology has played a vital role in the restaurant scene, whether recruiting new employees, scheduling staff, or serving customers. But with the latest innovations, has technology become more of a burden or something that every stakeholder should embrace?Join us in today's episode as we sit down with William Connors, Director of IT Operations for Ring International Holdings. He shares his insights on how technology has shaped the restaurant industry and more.
Rounding out our two-part Halloween special, Craig sits down with BigPanda NOC pros, Trey Roper and Jason Taylor as they get deep into some of their spooky NOC stories.
Check out episode 1 of our two-part Halloween series featuring spooky stories from Aaron Johnson, Brady Pannabecker, and Greg Schrank about their experiences in the NOC.
Growing IT Ops across multiple areas of business can be a daunting ordeal in and of itself but more so when tech analysts and specialists approach the development with something drastic. Mark Swartz, Co-Founder & CTO at Qtis AI, emphasizes the winning principle of small beginnings and gradual growth as he shares valuable lessons he’s learned during his extensive tech career.
Tool Sprawl

Tool Sprawl


Today, Craig is joined by Vish Nandlall, VP of Technology Strategy & Ecosystems at Dell Technologies. Listen in as they talk about what it’s really like to be living in tool sprawl - and the best ways to tackle it. 
More and more businesses across the globe are stepping into the future and automating workflows. Join Craig as he talks to resident expert, Brady Pannabecker, Senior Adoption Advisor at BigPanda, as he shares the key fundamentals of effectively automating IT workflows.
Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis


Incident management has always been approached through post-analysis, focusing on the aftermath of the failure. In this episode, Craig exchanges points of view with Rob Schnepp, Founding Partner of Blackrock 3 Partners, Inc., on how incident management isn’t just about what’s left after the incident but, most importantly, how it could’ve been prevented and how it could be dealt with in the shortest amount of time.
The evolution of technology has caused a lot of change in the way businesses operate. In this episode, Craig sits down with Kiran Varanasi, Director of Technology Strategy & Enterprise Architecture at Motiva Enterprises. They discuss the impact of employing technology and lean teams in obtaining a competitive advantage and ramping up speed to stay ahead of the competition in these modern times.
AIOps in Healthcare

AIOps in Healthcare


We talk to Vinod Subramanian, Chief Data & Product Development Officer at Syapse, about the changing landscape of healthcare due to the pandemic, as well as the relevance of data, AIOps, and technology in advancing healthcare across the world.
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