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Links mentioned in the show:12 Creative Ways To Get More Clicks With The Next Email You SendIn this episode of the Memberships and Courses podcast, we speak with Rob and Kennedy from Email Marketing Heroes. Rob and Kennedy share some incredible stuff about how to create an effective email marketing campaign, what is a psychology-driven email marketing campaign, and how to sell your membership sites and online courses.Just a few highlights from this episode:Don’t do this: the fastest way to get ignored in your customer’s inboxes. (09:09)Discover what sets you apart from other email marketers (10:27)Learn more about the differences between email sales vs. email marketing (12:35)Your role as an email marketer and how you can get more people to convert (15:15)How you can let go of the fear that people will unsubscribe from your list (20:43)If you enjoyed the podcast, please consider leaving us a 5-star rating/review so more people can find this podcast. Thank you!Get 50% off your first year with WishList Member here. This special Black Friday sale is on for a limited time only. Don't miss it! 
 Links Mentioned in the Show:Sandra’s Facebook GroupSandra’s Websites: In this episode of the Memberships and Courses podcast, we speak with business coach and CEO of, Sandra Defreitas. Sandra shares with you some insider secrets on how you can build your audience, grow your community, get engaged members and get them ready to buy your next launch!Just a few highlights from this episode:This is what your online community actually wants from you that they can’t get from almost every email you send (07:06)Learn why creating a community for your Membership Site & Courses is extremely vital to your success. (08:52)How you can go from being a “newbie” to a community expert – and the answer is so obvious, you won’t believe you’re not doing it yet! (13:38) Discover the main reason why people join communities and how you can capitalize on it. (31:20)If you enjoyed the podcast, please consider leaving us a 5-star rating/review so more people can find this podcast. Thank you!Get membership training from WishList Member (free) here:
Important Links Mark Mentioned in the Show:Dave’s Website: this episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, you’ll hear from Dave Dee, World Class Speaker, Webinar Selling Expert, and Trusted Advisor to some of the biggest names in the world of marketing talk about his journey from getting fired from his job to closing 7-figure deals that have helped him live his dream life.Dave held nothing back as he shared the secrets to creating a Sales Stampede and Content that Sells. This podcast episode is a must-listen for you if you’re a motivated self-employed professional who would love to change the world with your product, online course, or service, but you’re in a constant struggle to close sales.Here are just a few highlights from the episode:You were taught wrong – the mindset Dave had to unlearn that helped him recover from being dug deep in debt, doing three shows a month to doing 57 shows a month, debt-free and living his best life. Unlearn it ASAP! (05:35)Truth bomb - you’re NOT that special... Learn about this counter-intuitive belief that’s holding you, and many others, back and how you can turn this into an advantage for your business. (07:47)How Dave went from being the guy who bombed in front of keynote speakers and hundreds of people to the guy who sold $330,000 worth of products in less than 75 minutes. He shares all the secret tricks with you step-by-step! (13:54)Dave spills the simplest way you can create a connection with your audience while still maintaining authenticity. This has helped him and countless students close more deals and gain more high-ticket clients.  (16:48)Learn exactly what you need to share with your audience that will get them hooked and wanting more. (22:31)Stop doing the impossible! Dave shares why ******* is actually doing you and your audience a disservice. This is often the reason why most people don’t buy what you’re selling. (23:56). Find out about the clever persuasion tactics Dave uses that have helped his clients make more than $400,000 in one go! (31:38)The untapped resource you’re overlooking – learn where you can find your biggest breakthroughs that will keep you from becoming a commodity in your niche and help you become the GO-TO for your customers. (45:02) If you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a rating and review so more people can find and learn from this podcast. Thanks for listening!
Links Mentioned in the Show:AWeber Blog (tons of exceptional resources): Email Marketing Platform: this episode of the Memberships and Courses podcast, you'll hear from Sean Cohen, Chief Operating Officer at AWeber. Sean shares with you his inside knowledge of how email has changed over time and how you can best leverage it to grow your own membership or online course.Sean also shares his tips about growing company culture, hiring, training and other related topics we often don't think about when starting a brand new membership site... BUT that will be relevant as your business grows.Just a few highlights from this episode:Set your mind free: Sean lists down the unnecessary things you need to ‘Unlearn’ when it comes to company policies, how it can help triple your team’s productivity and turn your company into a well-oiled machine. He also shares a sneak-peek into some insider operations on AWeber company culture from the COO himself.  (3:56)Listen to Sean’s amazing response to anyone who claims “Email is Dead.” He also shares the number one reason why people are not signing up for your email list and ignoring every CTA you put out. (9:48)Keep your email list from constantly searching for the ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ button and give them a reason to keep coming back for more by using this clever tactic from someone who has sent billions and billions of emails. (12:28)The not-so-secret email marketing tactic that will help your campaign go from a boring mess of a sales letter no one wants to read to something that people might actually enjoy! Jon Correll, Matt Blumberg, and Benjamin Murray also use the same tactic to their advantage. (12:59)Your email list hates you for this… How to turn your negative headaches into a positive challenge that will make your audience wait by their phones for your next email. (13:41)The marketing mentality that helps you become the world champ in your audience’s eyes and not some annoying marketer trying to blast their inbox with irrelevant emails. (14:12)Meet your best friend when it comes to becoming an expert at email marketing and tripling your email conversion rates. Instead of running a campaign that’s dead on the water, your new bestie will help you let go of any doubt, uncertainty, and overwhelming fear of low open and conversion rates in your email marketing campaigns. (15:57)You’ve got it all BACKWARDS! The priceless life lesson Sean has learned that has helped him and countless others to flourish in their careers, expand their businesses and provide better services to their customers. Almost everyone gets it all wrong, and it makes them a risk and liability for their company. (19:44)Sean shares an eye-opening mindset that will humble and amaze even the top email marketers of today. It’s a liberating mindset that will help you be less afraid of becoming irrelevant in your niche and change the way you look at email lists forever. (38:15)If you enjoyed the podcast, please consider leaving us a 5-star rating/review so more people can find this podcast. Thank you!Get membership training from WishList Member (free) here:
Important Links Mark Mentioned in the Show:Mark's Business: Facebook Group: this episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, you'll hear from Mark Thompson, the Co-Founder of PayKickstart, an online billing/checkout/affiliate system, and his journey from leaving his 9-5 job to building a successful business that let's him live the lifestyle he dreamed.Mark get's real and shares the ups and downs of starting an online business, such as a membership site or online course. You'll hear his practical advice on how to stay resilient and motivated to keep going.Here are just a few highlights from the episode:Right away, Mark shares some powerful advice for everyone who’s starting a business or creating a product. He also shares some insider tips on how to check if your idea is profitable or not. (02:28) Mega-valuable psychological tactics to overcome hurdles and curveballs when it comes to building a successful business – online or offiline. Sam Altman, Beyonce, Penelope Holmes, and countless other successful people share the same mindset. (6:58)The secret on how you can get your name and your brand out there, even if you’re a beginner. Mark did it during the early days of his career - and continues to do it and still swears by it to this day. (08:21)Mark talks about the frustrating thing his students, and most entrepreneurs do (hint: you’re probably doing it too!) (15:44)Learn about the first step to overcoming your fear of failure and gaining confidence in yourself. This has helped Mark throughout his career. (16:09)The wickedly-effective strategy that Mark utilizes for all of his businesses, and how you can start using it too. It’s a strategy that will help you gain new members, retain your current customers, and get more eyes on your business. (21:25)Insider information for Course Creators: Mark talks about the first and main thing you need to build a successful membership site. (24:19)Don’t miss it – Mark talks about some amazing tips for all entrepreneurs, how it changed his life, and how it can change yours, too! (38:31) 
Tristan and Sabrina’s site mentioned in the show:SatoriMethod.comIn this episode of the memberships and courses podcast, we talk with Tristan and Sabrina Truscott about their journey from brick-and-mortar to online, their advice for staying motivated, and much more.You’re going to learn about their business and how they help people discover healing through Qigong. What started out as a very personal journey for Tristan suffering from a back injury led to an online membership site (or dojo as they call it) that is serving thousands of people worldwide.They share the 5 i’s of mastery that most people don’t know even exist. This is something you’ll want to know for yourself but also as you’re designing your courses and training.You’ll get to learn some of their strategies around increasing completion rates for their programs such as helping their students get a “quick win” to stay motivated.The entire episode is packed with stories, real life experiences, and key takeaways you won’t want to miss.Just some of the highlights…How DVDs changed their business and what it means for you.What motivates them beyond just income to keep serving their students.How persistence is one of the most important things in business. Tristan’s “black belt” that everyone has. Something you accomplished that you can reflect back on. And a reminder to always stay a student.Expansion vs Contraction - The mindset needed to grow and change. Especially to grow or create a business.The 5 I’s of mastery. There’s at least 3 things in here you’re not already doing that’s holding you back.How they took a brick-and-mortar “open-house” strategy and translated it into the online space.How to know who to follow and listen to. Because there are many proven marketing/growth systems but they won’t all fit your style and business.Sabrina’s simple yet uncommon copywriting tip you can use today to make sure you’re staying authentic.If you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a rating and review so more people can find and learn from this podcast. Thanks for listening!
Jan's sites mentioned in the show:Virtual Summit MasteryList Building SchoolIn this episode of the memberships and courses podcast, we talk with Jan Koch about how he got started in his virtual summit business.Jan shares a really cool list-building technique that you could use to build a massive list without much upfront investment (possibly even none).  It's all about running virtual summits.You offer virtual summits that are free to attend to build an audience. Industry experts will present at the event and you can charge for upgraded event passes that include extra bonuses.Jan also shares some of his tips and journey around building confidence on camera, what type of equipment you need to get started, and more stuff you'll not want to miss out on.Just some of the highlights...How to get unstuck when you’re in a dangerous business rut (2:52)How successful entrepreneurs bring everybody together (8:53)How Jan and you can leverage your perceived weaknesses into strengths (15:19)The secret all 'experts' know that will make YOU an expert once you hear it (18:11)Step-by-step, insider information about validating your niche (28:17)If you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a rating and review so more people can find and learn from this podcast. Thanks for listening!
Our podcast interview today is with Brian Kurtz, a "serial direct marketer" with 40 years of experience. Brian knows what he's talking about with direct response, subscriptions, memberships, and more.Get Brian's new book "Overdeliver": about Brian and tons of free resources: highlights you won't want to miss:To connect, you have to contribute. You contribute to people on a regular basis, that's how you make deep connections - better than networking.  It's the quality of the relationship that really matter. (3:47)The problem with slapshot marketing. (9:19)The essence of direct response marketing - getting renewals is much more exciting because it means you deliver what you promised, you created an environment that people want to stay in. (10:25)O-to-O-to-O and toggling between the two. Offline to Online to Offline. (14:31)The audience will tell you if your marketing program works, or if it doesn’t. If you're looking for feedback on what you're doing, direct response marketing is the only way to go.  (28:10)No direct response marketing business can survive without repeat business. (48:13)Living your legacy > waiting for your legacy. (1:04:02)
Learn more about Tyler's company by visiting: https://BoxOutMarketing.comTyler's Live Marketing Course: In this episode, we talk with Tyler Garns about a variety of subjects from leadership to endurance, self-doubt, and even some membership site tech.Tyler went from working for a big pharmaceutical company to a fast growing startup and then finally to starting his own thriving business. His journey has many ups and downs which he explains in the show even mentioning that we should all be more open about or failures to encourage other entrepreneurs that's it's part of the process.At the core, Tyler mentions he is a "tech nerd" and his love of technology led him to working for a fast growing startup called Infusionsoft. It was there he learned more about marketing and really developed into the expert he is today eventually taking the leap to start his own business.This episode is sponsored by WishList Member. To learn more and get free Membership Site training resources, visit
Resources to check out:Andrew's New Book "Walt Disney's Way" our latest Memberships and Courses podcast episode, we got to talk with Andrew Lock about how he went from being a cameraman for the BBC to becoming a giant in the online marketing space.Here are some highlights and things you won't want to miss in the episode:The unbelievable story of how this former BBC cameraman leveraged his one skill to network with internet marketing giants like Yanik Silver and Dan Kennedy, build a thriving online business, and become one of the big names in online marketing... starting as a complete nobody. If you've ever wondered if you can do this, his crazy story will let you know: You absolutely can (0:00)The clever way Andrew got free membership in Yanik Silver's prestigious and highly-exclusive mastermind group. You can use this same method to potentially land gigs, interviews, free products and even get your products promoted by the biggest names in online marketing. Imagine the kind of boost in sales that would give your business (1:06).The dark place Andrew got to during the pandemic and how he was able to pull himself out of it (and how you can use what he learned to help you through the tough times in your business and life) (17:31)The secret to nearly effortless business success. Almost everybody gets this wrong and it causes years of frustration and needless suffering. Follow Andrew's advice and success, motivation, persistence, and consistency in your business is almost guaranteed (10:21)How a virtually undetectable issue with your website is almost certainly killing your conversions right this second -- and how to use one of Walt Disney's closely-guarded entrepreneurial secrets to fix it fast (30:37)A sneaky way Disney basically "manipulates" kids into upselling their parents at Disney theme parks -- and how to use this devious tactic ethically to more easily sell your online courses (29:13)The big mistake Disney's new CEO is making that would have Walt rolling over in his grave -- learn what NOT do during a recession (33:18)The secret to a thriving online business. It's simply really... Do this and you'll likely be the one getting interviewed on podcasts. Don't and you'll almost certainly continue to struggle (37:47)The M_______ Test. A brain-dead simple way to test if the topic you teach is a good fit for a membership site (Plus, an even easier way to find a nearly endless supply of hot topics and killer content ideas you CAN build a membership site around) (39:33)The insidious trap almost all new entrepreneurs fall into that causes them to struggle needlessly -- often for years with many NEVER figuring it out (This could be holding you back right now) -- and a simple way to avoid it. (10:43)The retention lesson every membership sites needs to learn from Walt Disney's theme parks. It really is the difference between a membership site that slowly withers and dies no matter what else you try and one that grows and grows almost effortlessly (25:32)The "Kodak" Test. How even the color of the pavement at Disney's theme parks has been rigorously tested to subconsciously lure you in -- and how you can apply this principle to your websites, courses, and memberships to boost sales (26:43)
In the fourth episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, Tracy Childers interviews Micah Mitchell about how he metamorphosed from a consultant to an entrepreneur and helped built hundreds if not thousands of membership sites and online courses.Micah is a serial entrepreneur. He was one of the earliest Infusionsoft consultants and helped some of the popular names in the membership space set up their membership programs. He co-founded a popular membership site plugin Memberium and owns WishList. To give you just a taste of what you’ll gain from listening to this episode…How Micah got his start in online business and the dead simple way he landed big name marketing clients even when he was brand new to Infusionsoft (01:43)Micah's "dark night of the soul" -- the book that awakened his entrepreneurial spirit and the "all-nighter" that changed his life (08:19)The "silent millionaires" in online business -- entrepreneurs who quietly make "really good money" that almost nobody knows about (and how they do it) (10:41)The Ed Sheeran Fallacy -- how smart, tech-savvy entrepreneurs are at a *disadvantage* when it comes to building membership sites (12:20)How to attract high-level mentors who are excited to help you build your online business (14:30)An easy way to get more done in a day than many marketers or online business owners get done in a month (16:42)A clever way to get online business gurus to share all their secrets without paying a penny for their advice (19:08)Micah's "burn the bridges" approach to building Memberium and how it transformed his business from mediocre to one of the top plugins in the membership space (24:34)The "Sticky Note Story" -- Micah's unorthodox (read: crazy) method to inspire and motivate himself -- even when everything seems to be crashing around you (25:54)How to brainwash yourself into success (28:25)Why physical health is critical to being successful in business (29:57)The 4 phases of building a successful membership site -- HINT: the secret to membership success is doing the right things at the right time. Here's what that looks like (31:30)The "smallest, dumbest" approach to business-building and why it's a superior method for building an online business (34:12)Micah's one regret -- if he could go back and change one thing, this is what he'd do different (37:46) This episode is sponsored by WishList Member. If you want to get a membership site funnel blueprint at no cost, visit this site:  
 In the third episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, Tracy Childers interviews Armand Morin about how he got into selling courses and memberships.Armand is one of the pioneers of the e-learning industry as we see it today. He figured out how to build and sell membership sites and online courses as early as the late 90s. He sold memberships worth multi million dollars in just a few weeks of time. Eventually, he starts teaching how to sell online. He has built nearly 100 courses and runs an online marketing university for years now.Armand shares valuable lessons and biggest mistakes to avoid for anyone wanting to start their own online business around teaching others via courses and memberships....The crude, 1-page membership site that made Armand $4.2 million in just 12 weeks from his very first information product. How he did it and how you can use this technique today to crank out a high quality membership site in just a few days (04:23).A new for 2022 strategy used by Amazon to sell their products that you can copy with free software you likely already have downloaded on your computer (42:02).The Millionaire Mindset. How the world's top online marketers stay focused and crank out risky new projects without breaking a sweat (which is the big reason why they succeed where everyone else fails) (07:20).The merchant account mistake that cost Armand $2 million and what to do so this doesn't happen to you. Many online businesses are at risk and don't even know it. Are you sure your money is safe and secure? (9:08)A clever way to create winning software ideas and why every information publisher should be creating software (12:16, 16:23).Nicheception. How to uncover profitable "niches within niches" to boost conversion, find more customers, and maximize what you earn (39:03).A sneaky way to use Google to build a thriving community inside your membership site (and watch your retention rates skyrocket) (25:15).The secret to work-life balance. How Armand runs multiple 6 and 7-figure memberships while training for and competing in multiple Taekwondo tournaments each month (33:49)After over $200 million sold online, Armand's insight on what is hands-down the best kind of software to sell. If you're selling anything else, you're probably losing money (17:23).Armand's "offline" method for boosting retention rates and a caveman-simple way to implement the same strategy virtually (28:04)A devious way to turn one product into 5, 10, even 100 different "products" without changing a single thing about the product itself. This is Armand's #1 strategy for growing his businesses and how he reached over $200 million sold online (36:44).The "micro-SaaS" secret. How to use simple, one-feature software to create millions in revenue without all the technical headaches (15:05).The critical difference between course creators who make it big and those who fail miserably. Armand's one-word answer might surprise you (18:45). This episode is sponsored by WishList Member. If you want to get a membership site funnel blueprint at no cost, visit this site: 
In the second episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, Tracy Childers interviews John Childers about how he got into selling courses and memberships.John started in the early 80s by purchasing his first home study course and that kicked off a lifetime of learning and eventually teaching.John shares valuable lessons for anyone wanting to start their own online business around teaching others via courses and memberships...The secret to captivating any audience -- whether you're a speaker, YouTuber, podcaster, teacher, or coach. Even if, you've never given a speech before, are not an expert, and shaking so bad you're knees are knocking... a 40-year speaking veteran reveals how to reel in an audience and keep them hanging on every word you say (03:29)How to create a new course from idea to done in just a few days -- a course that'll be better than 99% of the courses out there (that probably took months, agonizing over every detail, to create). Skip all that just do it the way this veteran speaker shows you and you'll have a high quality course in a matter of days (19:10).A clever way to turn your online course into a high-end service with no extra work on your part (36:10).Word-for-word what to say when when someone accuses you of making your money "selling courses" and not the topic you're teaching -- from a grisly, old information publishing vet (23:04).A high school dropout turned millionaire speaker's "gun to the head" method of rapid course creation. When you're under the gun and have to produce a course as fast as humanly possible... do this (07:32).How to "bluff" your want into any industry. You don't need to be an expert, you don't need a product, you don't even need to be running your online business full-time, yet. A clever way old school direct marketers wormed their way into new markets with no experience, no credentials, and nothing to sell (05:20).A sneaky way to get bestselling authors, celebrities, and multi-million dollar online business owners to create your course curriculum for you (16:04).Stick Strategy. How to turn people who wanna cancel into lifetime members using a devious (but completely ethical) content trick developed by old school seminar speakers (42:23).An ingenious technique for turning a single piece of content into multiple high-quality products and services. Maximize what you earn from what you know (04:45).A "godly" example of creating evergreen content that's still relevant 10, 20, even 30 years later (meaning, it can be sold and profited from for decades to come) (08:51).A "no-edit" method of content creation seminar speakers use to create high-priced information products with zero editing or back-end work (17:48).Never run out of content for your membership site. A clever way to tap into an endless source of content discovered by an old school telephone marketer (30:08).This episode is sponsored by WishList Member. If you want to get a membership site funnel blueprint at no cost, visit this site:
In this first episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, Micah Mitchell interviews Tracy Childers about how he got into selling memberships and how he made his exit.Tracy is the co-founder and former CEO of WishList Member, a membership site software for WordPress that's been around since 2008 and is trusted by over 100,000 unique sites. WishList Member was recently acquired by Micah who is working alongside Tracy to continue to grow it to new levels.In this premiere episode, you'll learn about the following...How Tracy started his own software membership and grew it to being used on over 100,000 different sites.The secret question to increasing member engagement & retention (8:50).How Tracy and his company used customer feedback to drill down to what his members actually needed (10:55).Why you want your membership to be more like a utility company. Nobody wants their electricity shut off. The same should be said for access to your site (17:15).Something most people don’t tell you when your business starts getting bigger. (30:30).How to stay motivated when things don’t seem to be clicking into place like they should (49:10).This episode is sponsored by WishList Member. If you want to get a membership site funnel blueprint at no cost, visit this site:
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