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"Unscripted" is a podcast peeling back the tech and venture capital layers, offering a glimpse into the conversations shaping innovation's future. Hosted by David, each episode journeys through the minds of entrepreneurs and leaders, sharing unfiltered stories and insights. It covers venture capitalism, software development, and emerging technologies, emphasizing open dialogue for meaningful insights. Beyond a podcast, "Unscripted" is a thought leadership platform where tech and business minds share, inspire, and provoke, catering to founders, investors, and tech enthusiasts.
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In this episode, David speaks with cybersecurity expert Jim Tiller about his fascinating career journey from aspiring restaurateur to seasoned security professional. The conversation touches on Jim's early exposure to cybersecurity, the evolution of the industry, and the challenges of adapting to new threats. Jim shares valuable insights on the importance of curiosity, hands-on learning, and the necessity of doing the 'boring' foundational work in cybersecurity. They also discuss the role of cyber insurance, the impact of complexity on security, and the importance of understanding and mitigating risks. The episode is rich with practical advice for newcomers and veterans alike in the cybersecurity field. 00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome 00:06 Jim Taylor's Journey into Cybersecurity 00:40 Early Days in Technology and Security 04:36 The Evolution of Pen Testing 12:38 Human Element in Cybersecurity 18:10 Complexity and Security Challenges 22:37 Approaching Cybersecurity in Organizations 30:36 The Pitfalls of Sophisticated Security 31:08 Incremental Improvements and Measuring Success 32:04 The Importance of Basic Security Policies 32:36 Avoiding Premature Automation and Measurement 33:02 The Ecosystem Approach to Security 33:13 The Unseen Heroes of Security 33:50 The Reality of Security Investments 36:03 The Debt of Security Tools 42:03 Communicating Security Effectively 50:19 The Role of Cyber Insurance 57:41 The Never-Ending Security Projects 01:00:31 Conclusion and Contact Information
Join David Raviv and Adam Bixler as they discuss Adam’s journey from early internet technologies and military service to cybersecurity startups and venture capital. Get insights into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, the future of AI, and essential security practices. Perfect for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Timelines: 00:00 - 05:00: Introduction David introduces Adam Bixler. Adam shares his early experiences at the University of Pittsburgh and involvement with early internet technologies. 05:01 - 10:00: Military Service Adam discusses his decision to join the Air Force through the ROTC program. Insights into how his military service shaped his career and provided unique opportunities. 10:01 - 15:00: Early Career in Technology Adam talks about his early roles in technology, including working on campus infrastructure and with a friend's web development firm. The impact of Pittsburgh’s rich history in ARPANET and cybersecurity on his career. 15:01 - 20:00: Transition to Venture Capital Adam’s journey from military service to venture-backed startups. Forming a team and raising venture capital for the first time in 2012. 20:01 - 25:00: Insights into Cybersecurity Evolution Adam shares his views on the major cybersecurity breaches from 2008 to 2013 and their impact on the industry. The significance of the Target breach in 2013 and its influence on cybersecurity awareness. 25:01 - 30:00: Current Trends in Cybersecurity Discussion on the influx of capital into cybersecurity in 2021 and the subsequent pullback in 2022. Challenges faced by startups in the crowded cybersecurity market. 30:01 - 35:00: Role of AI in Cybersecurity Adam’s perspective on AI technologies in cybersecurity. The potential and current limitations of AI in the industry. 35:01 - 40:00: Investment Strategies and Market Trends How Adam evaluates innovative technology and distinguishes it from enhancements to existing solutions. The importance of solving unique problems in the cybersecurity space. 40:01 - 45:00: Insurance and Managed Services The role of insurance in driving cybersecurity improvements. Pairing insurance with managed services to enhance security for SMBs. 45:01 - 50:00: Closing Thoughts Adam’s final thoughts on the future of cybersecurity and venture capital. How to connect with Adam and follow his work at Squadra Ventures. #Cybersecurity #VentureCapital #Innovation #Podcast #TechIndustry
Curious about who has your personal data and how to take it back? Tune in as Lawrence Gentilello, a privacy expert, explains the steps you can take to protect your information online.In this episode, David Raviv talks with Lawrence Gentilello, CEO and co-founder of Optery, about the importance of data privacy. Lawrence shares his journey from working at BlueKai, Oracle, and Accenture to starting Optery after experiencing identity theft. They discuss how data collection has evolved, the impact of privacy laws, and how Optery helps people remove their personal information from data brokers. 00:00:00 Introduction: David welcomes Lawrence Gentilello. 00:01:00 Lawrence's Background: His journey to founding Optery. 00:02:00 Identity Theft: Lawrence’s personal experience and how it inspired Optery. 00:03:00 Data Collection Evolution: How data collection has changed over time. 00:07:00 Privacy Laws: The role of laws like CCPA and GDPR. 00:09:00 Consumer Control: How Optery helps users control their data. 00:14:00 Practical Tips: Using temporary addresses and disposable emails. 00:22:00 Regulatory Compliance: Challenges with data brokers and state laws. 00:28:00 Opting Out: How Optery simplifies the opt-out process. 00:32:00 Data Breaches: The impact on personal information security. 00:45:00 Future of Privacy: Potential for federal privacy laws. 00:51:00 Sign-Up Process: How to use Optery and its benefits. 00:54:00 Conclusion: Final thoughts on protecting your personal data. This episode gives you practical advice on protecting your data and insights into the world of online privacy.
Ever wondered how a top hacker visualizes and secures complex systems? Join us as Robert Hanson reveals his journey, groundbreaking techniques, and the future of AI in cybersecurity. Don't miss this deep dive into the mind of a true cybersecurity pioneer! In this engaging podcast episode, cybersecurity veteran Robert Hansen joins host David Raviv to explore the fascinating world of hacking, security, and the future of AI. With over 28 years in the field, Robert shares his journey from running to developing groundbreaking security techniques and co-founding BitDiscovery. They delve into Robert's unique ability to visualize and reverse-engineer complex systems, the evolution of hacking methodologies, and the critical importance of economic friction in cybersecurity. The conversation takes a thought-provoking turn as they discuss the potential risks and ethical considerations of AI advancements, emphasizing the need for data sovereignty and robust security measures in an increasingly interconnected world. #Cybersecurity #Hacking #AI #TechInnovation #DataSecurity #Podcast #RobertHansen #CyberRisk #FutureTech #InfoSec #Technology #Innovation #Security #PodcastEpisode
In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, how do industry leaders stay ahead? Tune in as John Mannion reveals the secrets to success in channel partnerships and cybersecurity, and learn why relationships still matter in our increasingly digital world Join host David Raviv as he sits down with John Mannion, a seasoned professional in the telecom and cybersecurity industries. In this insightful conversation, John shares his experiences navigating the evolving landscape of channel partnerships, discusses the challenges and opportunities in the cybersecurity market, and offers valuable insights on adapting to technological changes. From the importance of relationship-building to the impact of automation, this episode provides a comprehensive look at the current state and future of the tech industry.
Join us as we explore the pivotal moments in cybersecurity with Gio Pecora, a visionary expert who has worked with NATO and the European Space Agency. Discover how Gio is tackling some of the biggest challenges in the tech industry today, from data gravity to the ethics of AI, and what the future holds for cybersecurity and data management. In this engaging podcast episode, we sit down with Gio Pecora, a cybersecurity expert with a rich background working with prestigious organizations such as NATO and the European Space Agency. The conversation delves into pivotal moments that shaped Gio's career and the broader cybersecurity landscape. Starting with his early experiences in government roles, Gio recounts the evolution of cybersecurity from the early 2000s to the present day, highlighting the shift towards threat intelligence and the importance of actionable intelligence. Gio shares insights into how AI is revolutionizing data management and cybersecurity. He discusses the challenges of data gravity and the need for sustainable tech solutions to manage the ever-increasing volume of data. The conversation also touches on the potential impacts of quantum computing on cybersecurity, exploring both the opportunities and the threats it presents. A significant portion of the discussion is dedicated to the ethics of AI, emphasizing the importance of developing unbiased AI models and the dangers of AI poisoning. Gio advocates for a more personalized approach to AI, where models are tailored to specific industries and needs, ensuring more reliable and actionable outputs. Gio's vision for the future is one of optimism. He believes that technology, when used wisely, can address some of the most pressing challenges facing society today. The conversation concludes with Gio's thoughts on the future of leadership in the tech industry, stressing the need for human intuition and creativity alongside technological advancements. Time stamps: This episode offers a deep dive into the current and future state of cybersecurity and data management, providing listeners with valuable insights from one of the industry's leading voices. 00:00 - 00:05 Introduction and Background. Gio Pecora's introduction and current focus areas. 00:06 - 01:00 Pivotal Moments in Cybersecurity. Key experiences and transformative projects Gio has worked on in cybersecurity. 01:01 - 04:25 Early Days and Evolution of Cybersecurity. Gio's journey from government roles to leading cybersecurity initiatives and the shift towards threat intelligence. 04:26 - 10:00 Actionable Intelligence in Cybersecurity. Importance of actionable intelligence and how it has shaped cybersecurity operations. 10:01 - 20:15 The Impact of AI on Data and Security. Discussion on AI's role in managing data gravity and enhancing cybersecurity measures. 20:16 - 35:45 Future of Data Storage and Sustainability. Innovations in data storage, reducing energy consumption, and sustainable tech solutions. 35:46 - 50:55 Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity. Potential impacts of quantum computing on cybersecurity and data management. 50:56 - 60:30 Ethics and AI in Tech Development. The ethical considerations and challenges in the development and deployment of AI technologies. 60:31 - 70:45 Vision for the Future. Gio's optimistic outlook on technology's role in solving big societal challenges and enhancing human potential.
What do a high school encryption startup, the founding of a cybersecurity giant, and the next Cold War have in common? Join us as Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of CrowdStrike, reveals the fascinating connections and critical insights that could redefine our approach to cybersecurity and national security. From thwarting nation-state hackers to predicting geopolitical conflicts, this is one conversation you can't afford to miss! Gain insights into his groundbreaking work and the future of cybersecurity in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. **Title:** From CrowdStrike to Global Security: A Conversation with Dmitri Alperovitch 00:00 - 00:03 Introduction: Dmitri Alperovitch's background and significant contributions to cybersecurity. 00:03 - 00:06 Early Beginnings: Dmitri's immigration journey and early entrepreneurial ventures in encryption software. 00:06 - 00:09 The Founding of CrowdStrike: Insights into the motivation and circumstances that led to the creation of CrowdStrike. 00:09 - 00:13 Success Factors: Discussion on the factors that propelled CrowdStrike to become a leading cybersecurity company. 00:13 - 00:18 Nation State Threats: Exploring the challenges of nation state cyber intrusions and the importance of attribution in cybersecurity. 00:18 - 00:22 Operational Challenges: Dmitri's experiences with high-profile cyber incidents, including Operation Aurora and the Sony Pictures hack. 00:22 - 00:26 Advanced Persistent Threats (APT): Understanding APTs and the shift from prevention to detection and response in cybersecurity. 00:26 - 00:29 Intellectual Property and Cybersecurity: The impact of cyber threats on intellectual property and the strategic importance of cybersecurity in protecting trade secrets. 00:29 - 00:32 Nation State Cyber Attacks: The complexities of nation state cyber operations and their implications for global security. 00:32 - 00:35 Public and Private Sector Collaboration: The role of private companies and government agencies in strengthening cybersecurity defenses. 00:35 - 00:38 Geopolitical Implications: The role of cybersecurity in geopolitical conflicts and the lessons learned from the Ukrainian conflict. 00:38 - 00:41 Economic Warfare: The economic strategies employed by nation states in cyber warfare and their impact on global markets. 00:41 - 00:44 Future of Cybersecurity: Predictions and recommendations for addressing emerging cybersecurity threats and challenges. 00:44 - 00:47 Technology Race: The importance of winning the technology race in AI, biotech, aerospace, and green energy to maintain national security. 00:47 - 00:50 China and the Cold War: Exploring the new Cold War with China and the strategic steps needed to safeguard national interests. 00:50 - 00:54 Call to Action: Encouraging individuals and companies to take proactive steps in cybersecurity and national security. 00:54 - 00:56 Conclusion: Information on how to obtain Dmitri's book "World on the Brink" and closing remarks.
Dive into the fascinating journey of Kyle Kelly, a cybersecurity expert who turned his childhood obsession with video games into a thriving career. Discover the hidden connections between gaming and cybersecurity, the complexities of software supply chain security, and the future of tech innovations. 00:00 - 00:03 Introduction and Early Days: Kyle Kelly discusses his initial journey into cybersecurity through video games, specifically MMO RPGs, and how his interest in automating game functions led to a deeper understanding of systems and security. 00:03 - 00:06 Gaming Influence: Kyle shares insights on how video games influenced his cybersecurity skills, including his experiences with bot development and the darker side of gaming communities. 00:06 - 00:09 Parental Perspective on Gaming: The discussion shifts to the impact of gaming on children and how it can spark interest in technical fields. Kyle reflects on his personal journey and the generational differences in gaming habits. 00:09 - 00:13 Professional Gaming and Indie Development: The conversation explores the viability of professional gaming careers and the growth of indie game development, highlighting Kyle's thoughts on the evolution of the gaming industry. 00:15 - 00:18 Current Role and Projects: Kyle outlines his current roles, including his work as an executive consultant at BankSec, his involvement with Semgrup in software supply chain security, and his personal project, Crime Hacks. 00:18 - 00:22 Software Supply Chain Security: A deep dive into the issues surrounding software supply chain security, the use of open source code, and the vulnerabilities associated with it. Kyle explains the importance of being mindful of dependencies. 00:22 - 00:25 Malicious Dependencies: Kyle discusses the risks posed by malicious dependencies in software development and the need for better tools and practices to detect and mitigate these threats. 00:25 - 00:29 Responsibilities and Best Practices: The conversation covers who should be responsible for ensuring software security, the role of developers, and the importance of continuous monitoring and updating of dependencies. 00:29 - 00:34 Future of Software Development: Kyle predicts the future of software development, touching on the potential impact of AI and no-code solutions on the industry and the need for innovative security measures. 00:34 - 00:38 Case Studies and Real-World Examples: Kyle shares examples of recent security incidents related to software supply chain vulnerabilities, highlighting the real-world implications of these threats. 00:38 - 00:42 SBOM and Industry Policies: The discussion turns to the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), its importance, and the challenges companies face in implementing and utilizing SBOM effectively. 00:42 - 00:46 Tools and Solutions: Kyle talks about various tools and solutions available for improving software security, including fuzzing and static code analysis, and the role these tools play in the development process. 00:46 - 00:49 Ethical Dilemmas in Security: The conversation delves into the ethical challenges faced by developers and organizations when dealing with security vulnerabilities and policy compliance. 00:49 - 00:55 The Role of No-Code Development: Kyle discusses the potential of no-code development platforms to enhance software security and efficiency, while also considering the risks associated with widespread adoption. 00:55 - 00:56 Closing Remarks: The interview concludes with Kyle sharing his contact information, encouraging listeners to connect with him on LinkedIn and subscribe to his newsletter, Crime Hacks. #Cybersecurity #GamingToTech #SupplyChainSecurity #OpenSourceRisks #FutureOfTech
What does it take to become a truly exceptional leader? How can you transform your organization and achieve lasting success? Join me as Justin McCorkle shares his profound insights and personal journey, revealing the secrets to navigating challenges, fostering a thriving culture, and making a powerful impact. Don't miss this captivating conversation that could change the way you lead. In this episode of "Unscripted," David sits down with Justin McCorkle to uncover the secrets behind his successful career as a strategic security advisor and business coach. Justin shares his personal journey, from reading influential books like "10X is Easier than 2X" to making bold career moves that align with his unique strengths. Learn how he helps executive teams define strategy, create a strong organizational culture, and achieve long-term success. This episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, enhance their organizational effectiveness, and lead a more fulfilling professional life. 0:00 - Introduction and Justin's Background David introduces Justin McCorkle, highlighting his extensive experience and current role. Justin shares his journey and the impact of reading "10X is Easier than 2X." 1:00 - The Importance of Unique Contribution Justin discusses the importance of identifying what is uniquely you and how it has shaped his career path. 4:00 - Overcoming Implementation Challenges David and Justin delve into the common struggles people face when trying to implement self-help strategies and how to overcome them. 8:00 - Viewing Life as a Video Game Justin shares his philosophy on approaching life and career like a video game, emphasizing the importance of taking risks and learning from failures. 13:00 - Working with Executive Teams Justin explains his process of helping executive teams set and accomplish strategy, focusing on both system improvements and cultural development. 19:00 - Peer Accountability and Conflict Resolution Justin highlights the role of peer accountability in executive teams and shares a recent example of facilitating a difficult conversation to resolve internal conflicts. 24:00 - Ensuring Long-Term Impact David asks how Justin ensures that the impact of his sessions with clients continues beyond the initial engagement. Justin talks about the importance of regular follow-ups and peer accountability. 30:00 - Putting People First Justin emphasizes the importance of investing in people and building a positive organizational culture, especially in challenging economic times. 36:00 - Navigating the Gig Economy David and Justin discuss the impact of the gig economy on organizational culture and how employers can still foster strong relationships with their teams. 42:00 - Continuous Improvement and Growth Justin talks about the importance of continuous personal and professional growth and how leaders can keep evolving to better serve their organizations. 49:00 - Final Advice for Leaders Justin shares profound advice on being inwardly sound and others-focused, stressing the importance of human dignity in leadership. 52:00 - Conclusion and Contact Information David wraps up the episode, thanking Justin for his insights and sharing how listeners can contact Justin for further engagement.
What drives a man to commit 39 felonies and become the 'Original Internet Godfather'? Join us as Brett Johnson reveals his journey from cybercrime mastermind to cybersecurity advocate, sharing insights that will change how you see the digital world. In this gripping episode of Unscripted, David Raviv interviews Brett Johnson, infamously known as the "Original Internet Godfather." Brett shares his journey from committing 39 felonies and running the first organized cybercrime community, ShadowCrew, to his transformative path toward becoming a cybersecurity expert. Through candid anecdotes, Brett discusses his troubled upbringing, the evolution of cybercrime, and the lessons he learned along the way. This conversation offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a former top cybercriminal and provides valuable insights for anyone interested in cybersecurity, crime prevention, and personal redemption.
Can starting in the mailroom lead to becoming a top cybersecurity executive? Join us as Jason Lewkowicz shares his incredible journey from the bottom rung to Chief Services Officer at Optiv, revealing insights that redefine career success in the digital age In this episode of Unscripted, David Raviv sits down with Jason Lewkowicz, a senior cybersecurity professional at Optiv, to discuss his unconventional career path. Jason shares his story of starting in the mailroom at Anderson Consulting and rising to become Optiv’s Chief Services Officer. He discusses the evolution of cyber threats, the importance of continuous learning, and the challenges faced by organizations today. Jason also offers practical advice for those looking to enter the cybersecurity field, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, mentorship, and strategic career planning. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in cybersecurity, career growth, and leadership. 00:00 - 02:00: Introduction and Welcome David introduces Jason Lewkowicz, highlighting his role as a senior cybersecurity professional at Optiv. 02:01 - 07:00: Early Career and Mailroom Experience Jason shares his journey from starting in the mailroom at Anderson Consulting to moving into IT and cybersecurity. 07:01 - 14:00: Transition to IT and Security Jason discusses his transition from the mailroom to the IT department, and how he first became interested in cybersecurity during the Melissa virus incident. 14:01 - 20:00: Building a Career in Cybersecurity Jason explains how he progressed within Accenture, his role in creating the information security program, and the importance of mentorship. 20:01 - 27:00: Challenges and Growth at Cognizant Jason recounts his experience joining Cognizant as CISO during the Maze breach and the challenges of managing a large-scale incident during the pandemic. 27:01 - 33:00: Moving to Optiv and Strategic Leadership Jason talks about his move to Optiv, his role in consolidating services, and the importance of operational efficiency and client experience. 33:01 - 40:00: Advice for Aspiring Cybersecurity Professionals Jason offers advice on how to start a career in cybersecurity, emphasizing the value of project management and incident response roles. 40:01 - 46:00: Importance of Continuous Learning Jason discusses the need for continuous learning and how staying updated with the latest technologies and trends is crucial in cybersecurity. 46:01 - 53:00: The Role of Communication in Cybersecurity Jason highlights the importance of effective communication between CIOs and CISOs and how it impacts the success of cybersecurity programs. 53:01 - 59:00: Engaging with Clients and Providing Value Jason explains how Optiv works with clients to understand their needs, manage expectations, and deliver world-class cybersecurity services. 59:01 - End: Final Thoughts and Contact Information David and Jason wrap up the discussion, with Jason providing his contact information and encouraging viewers to connect with him on LinkedIn for further insights.
In this podcast episode, cybersecurity expert William Wallace shared profound insights into the cybersecurity landscape and the demands of the profession. Emphasizing the importance of dedication and proactive learning, William explained that success in cybersecurity is not just about passing exams or achieving certifications; it involves a deep commitment to understanding and tackling complex security challenges. He highlighted the pivotal role of foundational IT experience, such as his own in help desk roles, which equipped him with essential problem-solving skills critical for cybersecurity tasks. William also touched on the evolving threats in the cybersecurity field, noting the increasing sophistication of attacks and the importance of staying ahead through continuous learning and adaptation. His journey from an early fascination with malware on old operating systems to leading sophisticated cybersecurity initiatives serves as a testament to the dynamic and demanding nature of the field, which requires constant innovation and a forward-thinking approach. Here’s a timeline of the key points discussed in the podcast with William Wallace: 00:00:09 - Introduction and initial questions about the viability of entering the cybersecurity field in 2024. 00:01:00 - William discusses the necessity of putting in substantial effort and starting in IT to build a foundational understanding necessary for a cybersecurity career. 00:04:00 - He elaborates on the additional steps required to excel in cybersecurity beyond basic certifications, highlighting the importance of practical experience and personal initiative. 00:10:12 - Discussion on the unique challenges posed by cybersecurity threats and the need for constant updating of skills due to the fast pace of technological change. 00:15:00 - William shares his personal motivation and early influences that led him to a career in cybersecurity. 00:20:15 - He stresses the importance of learning from community and competitive engagements like National Cyber League to hone skills. 00:25:22 - William talks about his role in leading security workshops and the supportive nature of the cybersecurity community. 00:30:19 - Emphasis on the significance of self-driven problem-solving skills and the limitations of traditional educational approaches in fostering these skills in cybersecurity. 00:35:19 - Discussion on the importance of real-world application of skills and the impact of automation and advanced cybersecurity measures in professional settings. 00:40:31 - William underscores the ongoing challenges in cybersecurity despite advancements, highlighting the persistent issues of social engineering and lack of adherence to best practices.
Ever wondered what's really inside the software you use? Marc Frankel sheds light on why knowing the 'ingredients' of your software is not just important, it's essential for security!" Join us on "Unscripted" for an insightful discussion with Marc Frankel , CEO and co-founder of Manifest, as we delve into the critical world of software transparency and security. Marc shares his journey from finance to pioneering software supply chain risk solutions, highlighting the vital need for Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). Discover how understanding the 'ingredients' of software can protect enterprises from vulnerabilities like Log4Shell and improve national cybersecurity posture. Learn why SBOMs are crucial, the impact of regulatory changes, and how companies can navigate these new requirements to ensure a safer digital future. #CyberSecurity #SoftwareTransparency #SBOM #DigitalSafety #UnscriptedPodcast
Ever wondered what it takes to rise to the top in the high-stakes world of cybersecurity? Tune in as Laura Whitt-Winyard reveals the challenges and triumphs of her career, and how she shaped the security landscapes of major corporations across the globe. In this episode of "Unscripted," where we dive deep with Laura Wittner, a seasoned cybersecurity expert whose career spans from the early uncertainties of the post-Y2K era to leading international security initiatives. Laura shares her unique insights and experiences, detailing her ascent from an enthusiastic beginner to a respected global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Discover how she navigated the complex world of cybersecurity, tackled gender norms in a predominantly male field, and managed to stay passionate amidst the industry's notorious burnout rates. Whether you're a budding professional or a seasoned expert, Laura's journey offers valuable lessons and inspiration for anyone interested in the dynamics of leadership and the evolution of cybersecurity practices. #CybersecurityLeadership #WomenInTech #CareerJourney #InfoSecInsights #TechLeadership XGsvFIdFdmkvoA6N7juA
Join us as Brent Deterding, a seasoned CISO with a unique perspective from his 19 years on the vendor side, dives deep into the dynamics of vendor relationships in cybersecurity. In this enlightening discussion, Brent shares his journey from operations to sales and finally to a CISO role, explaining how empathy and human connections can transform business interactions into successful partnerships. Discover why he loves being a CISO, how he handles vendor interactions differently, and why relationships still matter in the high-stakes world of cybersecurity. Brent challenges the traditional vendor-CISO dynamics and provides practical insights on cultivating meaningful connections that benefit both sides. Whether you’re a budding cybersecurity professional or a seasoned executive, this conversation offers valuable lessons on leadership, vendor management, and the human aspects of cybersecurity. #CyberSecurity #Leadership #VendorManagement #CISO
In this insightful episode of "Unscripted," host David converses with Al Lerberg, a seasoned recruiter specializing in cybersecurity. The discussion begins with Al journey into the recruitment industry, emphasizing the pivotal moment in 2009 when cybersecurity was barely more than a buzzword. Albe's foresight to specialize in this nascent field propelled his career forward, enabling him to match skilled individuals with critical roles in defense, government, and Fortune 500 companies. As the conversation unfolds, Albe shares invaluable insights into the world of cybersecurity recruitment. He discusses the importance of specializing in a niche, the challenges of distinguishing oneself in a crowded market, and the intricate dynamics between recruiters, candidates, and companies. Al stresses the significance of understanding specific industry needs, speaking the language of cybersecurity, and the pivotal role recruiters play in bridging the gap between talented individuals and the organizations that need them. The episode also delves into the nuances of the recruitment process, offering a behind-the-scenes look at what companies seek in candidates and the common pitfalls that applicants should avoid. Al emphasizes the need for candidates to showcase their expertise and fit for a role, beyond just technical skills. The discussion highlights how the recruitment landscape has evolved, with the introduction of AI and machine learning, and offers predictions on future trends in cybersecurity employment. #CybersecurityCareers #RecruitmentInsights #SecuringSuccess #UnscriptedPodcast #CyberRecruiting #CareerAdvice #FutureOfWork
In this episode of "Unscripted," David delves deep into the fascinating journey of Keith Zielenski from his roots in geology to the forefront of cybersecurity. Keith shares insightful tales from his transition at Booz Allen Hamilton, where a budding interest in data privacy and national security set the stage for his stellar career in information security. With a candid look at the challenges and triumphs encountered along the way, Keith provides a masterclass on building high-performing cybersecurity teams, embracing continuous learning, and the pivotal role of AI and machine learning in shaping the future of cybersecurity. His reflections on resilience, the importance of hands-on experience, and the evolving cyber threat landscape make this episode a must-listen for professionals and enthusiasts eager to fortify their digital defenses in an ever-changing world. #CybersecurityJourney #DigitalDefense #AIinCyber #ContinuousLearning #CyberLeadership #UnscriptedPodcast #KeithZalinski #InfoSecInsights #CyberResilience #TechTransitions
In this episode of "Unscripted," Jon Sternstein, cybersecurity entrepreneur and founder, takes us through his extraordinary journey from a curious observer of early internet vulnerabilities to the visionary leader of a pioneering cybersecurity firm. Jon shares the inspiration behind his leap into entrepreneurship, driven by a passion to make a meaningful impact on the cybersecurity landscape. He reflects on the evolution of cyber threats and defenses, emphasizing the constant yet crucial battle between innovation and foundational security practices. With insights into the challenges of starting and scaling a business, Jon offers invaluable advice on risk-taking, team building, and the importance of continuous learning. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, security, and entrepreneurship. Sure, here are the hashtags in a paragraph for easy copying: #CybersecurityJourney #TechEntrepreneurship #InnovationInSecurity #BuildingATechCompany #LeadershipInCyber #RiskAndResilience #StartupChallenges
Cassie Crossley shares her remarkable journey from a developer following in her father's footsteps to a pioneering leader in product and cybersecurity. With a career spanning roles in communications, leading development teams, and diving into the intricacies of IT and hardware, Cassie's transition into cybersecurity was both inevitable and impactful. Her work now focuses on the critical aspects of supply chain security, emphasizing the intersection of software and hardware with supplier and customer relationships. Cassie's story is a testament to facing challenges head-on, the importance of continuous learning, and the power of asking for the job you want, not just the job you have. #CassieCrossley #TechJourney #CybersecurityInsights #SupplyChainSecurity #WomenInTech #DeveloperToLeader #ProductSecurity #TechInnovation
In a compelling episode of Unscripted, host David delves deep into the fascinating world of cybersecurity with Ajay Sood, a luminary in the field. With over two decades of experience, Ajay has not only witnessed the transformation of IT security but has also been at the forefront of it, choosing to be part of startups that later turned into giants. His journey, from the early days in Toronto working on internet-facing applications to becoming a leading figure in cybersecurity, is not just inspiring but also a testament to the evolving challenges and opportunities within the industry. Ajay shares invaluable insights into the mindset required to navigate the cybersecurity landscape, emphasizing the importance of embracing failure as an inevitable part of the game. His approach to selecting companies, focusing on technology, team, and timing, sheds light on what it takes to make informed decisions in a rapidly changing field. Moreover, Ajay's transition from a technical role to sales highlights the multifaceted nature of careers in cybersecurity, underpinning the significance of adaptability and continuous learning. Listeners will also find Ajay's perspectives on current cybersecurity trends enlightening. He discusses the shift in the industry towards more passive, user-focused technologies, such as XDR and advanced authentication methods, which promise to reshape the way organizations defend against cyber threats. Ajay's optimistic yet realistic outlook on the ongoing "cyber war" and the importance of time in today's digital age are thought-provoking, urging professionals to rethink traditional approaches to cybersecurity. #CyberSecurityInsights #TechLeadership #StartupSuccess #SecurityTrends #CareerEvolution #InnovativeDefense