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Author: Jemma Forte & Marina Purkiss

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Broadcaster, Jemma Forte, and political commentator, Marina Purkiss, scroll through Twitter so you don’t have to.

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What would you do if you saw Boris Johnson coming out of a bush? It's a startling sight but it could happen if he happens to be promoting one of his columns for The Mail. As for his sister, she definitely won't be in a Lidl but might be in a Sainsbury's, you'll know why when you hear the clip. Then we head to the campaign trail for 'The Election Section' and Beth Rigby is the latest presenter to have grilled Sunak and Starmer. Starmer may have done better in that arena but neither are covering themselves in glory with the public. One laughs at a doctor, the other has a tone deaf response to a child's story. Still, not much beats the reception, Esther Macvey got when she made some wild claim about her party. Then to France we go and this is where it becomes apparent that Jemma might have had a night on the tiles and be feeling a little 'fragile' during record. Her French accent is more Del Boy than Del Boy's as Marina points out. Why has Macron called an election? What happened in the EU Parliament elections and why can't Jemma pronounce the word 'effortlessly.' There may be a few laughs in this epThen some truly staggeringly bad takes and a plethora of Under Rated Tweets. Pudding is served by Munya ChawawaThank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Jemma and Marina barely know where to begin. The Trawl content is simply relentless as the campaign trail continues. However, it seems to makes sense to start with the recently announced Tory manifesto and go from there. The hitting the skids type jokes write themselves. Then it's on to Sunak's latest set of gaffes and the heart-wrenching discovery that he didn't have Sky. The poor widdums, how did he cope? Then it's a rewind as we go back to the debate which featured a member from each of the main parties. It's a good opportunity to hear from Carla Denyer from the Green Party and SNP leader, Stephen Flynn. There's a whole section dedicated to Penny Mordaunt's hair which was truly incredible, for all the wrong reasons. Marina and Jemma are blown away by quite how empty Nigel Farage's policies are when scrutinised and a plea to the people of Clacton to vote for the young Labour candidate who Marina spoke to on the phone. There's a tribute to TV Doctor Michael Mosley and the Trawl ladies feel compelled to mention the ongoing situation in Israel and Palestine. Then it's onto the underrated clips and tweets of the week which are gold. The clip of a Reform candidate talking about why the airport made him go into politics will have you scratching your heads. As ever, The Trawl ladies don't hold back. What a time to be alive! Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Jemma and Marina are very excited because in this ep, they are starting off with an actual scoop! Rare on The Trawl but stranger things have happened and we wonder if you'll think it demonstrates what Sunak is really like, and that's before we've even started on his D-Day gaffe. Then, the Trawl ladies hear the figure £2000 bandied about any more their heads might explode. Yes, despite Sunak's claims having been called out as the lies they are, his henchman are still pedalling untruths every chance they get. Marina and Jemma unpack the fallout from the ITV debate and one clip, where Starmer and Sunak debate leaving the ECHR, feels particularly poignant given that this week was the week we remembered the fallen during the 80th D-Day memorial. World leaders gathered to pay their respects on a day when politics should surely be put aside. You'd think that would be obvious but not to Sunak who 'popped in' to show his face then naffed off back to Britain to go on telly to slander Starmer some more. His own party are horrified and Marina and Jemma don't exactly hold back either. Ed Davey gets his own section in this ep and the contrast between him and Sunak could not be more stark. One is a sentient human being, the other left the D-Day memorial service to dash back for some PR. Stay classy Sunak!Some fantastic Under rated clips and tweets wrap this one up along with a pudding by Politics Joe.Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
It's over the pond we go to see what cheesy wotsit toddler, Trump has been up to... which is being found guilty on 34 counts. The ladies discuss those who leapt to his defence and the common thread that runs through them before finishing with a Trump sandwich: white bread, full of baloney, Russian dressing and a small pickle.And while Boris Johnson is still firmly attached to Trump’s bottom, Nigel Farage has chosen to unweld himself and bin off his plans to campaign for Trump in the US - lucky for the US, not so lucky for us. Jemma and Marina discuss what his running means for the election and enjoy some snippets of Farage not doing so well in the face of scrutiny.There's talk of Labour highs and lows, Tories posing as Labour and charm lessons from Kemi Badenoch - who manages to appear rude, arrogant and affronted, all at once, in her latest media rounds. Then it's on to some underrated clips and tweets, including a gem from writer, Michael Rosen, followed by a Trump-flavoured pud from Politics Joe. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
With the election looming, all the political parties are trying to grab headlines. The Tories want your children to sign up, whether they like it or not. If they don't want to do military service they'll be forced to volunteer their weekends, even if they need to be earning. Rachel Johnson thinks it's a great idea because they could be forced to pick fruit. After all we don't have anyone else to do it due to her brother's Brexit. Yet despite the Tories best efforts to grab all the headlines by bribing pensioners and threatening conscription, Labour have managed to hog the limelight. What a shame it's for such terrible reasons. Starmer is busy blocking candidates from standing, including Diane Abbott. Jemma and Marina discuss the division in the left and plough through loads of Under Rated Tweets and clips. Pudding is from Larry and Paul.Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
In this episode, Marina and Jemma meet the person who can, in large part be thanked (blamed?!) for turning their mild interest in politics into a passion - Mr Brexit himself: James O'Brien.The LBC star, journalist and best-selling author of books including his latest, How They Broke Britain, for once finds himself on the opposite side of the interrogating questions. They hear about his leap to fame courtesy of Brexit and take a trip down memory lane with some caller clips that never get old. There's some quizzing on James' position on Labour and the looming election, and his surprising thoughts on Proportional Representation, which Marina and James agree to disagree on. Jacob Rees-Mogg gets a due hammering with some fascinating insight on the effect of public school on public servants, and James reluctantly names who, of those responsible for Britain's demise, he'd choose to go for dinner with - and the ladies coax out of him a hilarious, not-so-polite, run-in with Reform Party's Richard Tice.Order James O'Brien's book here: him here: catch him on LBC every weekday from 10am-1pm.Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastYoutube**EXCLUSIVE EPISODE OF THE TRAWL - ONLY ON GLOBAL PLAYER**To hear Marina and Jemma answer your questions in a very special Q&A episode, download the Global Player App or head to and search 'The Trawl'.
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Broadcaster, Jemma Forte, and political commentator, Marina Purkiss, scroll through Twitter so you don’t have to. Now on Global Player. If you're already enjoying The Trawl, please do leave a rating and a review. And don't forget, you can listen to every episode for free on Global Player. Download it from the App Store, or head to globalplayer.comAnd it's only Global Player where you'll be able to find an EXCLUSIVE bonus episode, with Jemma and Marina answering your questions. Just head to Global Player and search for 'The Trawl'.
Election is GO! Marina and Jemma happened to be together when the news broke and enjoy sharing what happened next. Then, it's a look back at the most undignified election announcement of all time and what's happened since. The parties have hit the campaign trail running. Although the Tories are looking pretty desolate and have many seats to fill. Still, perhaps in a passive aggressive act of revenge, they've sent Sunak to a brewery in Wales so people can think 'piss up in' and left him talking to Welsh people about The Euros they didn't qualify for.Richard Tice is out of the starting blocks too. Just a shame one of the Reform accounts has got the wrong date...only two days out. Vote Reform on July 6th.An hilarious lookback at the best tweets and clips with one of the best Under Rated Clips of all time courtesy of Steve Baker - Aha!EnjoyThank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
This Ep was recorded the morning of the election announcement so the Trawl ladies are busy collating all the best reactions for the next episode. This one unpacks a strange week for Suella but before they get into that, they begin their trawl with a wonderful moment from Carol Vorderman who had the Joe Lycett audience whooping with delight. The students at Cambridge were much quieter when GB News and Braverman turned up to ask them why they were protesting about Palestine. Words have power but sometimes, so does silence. Although the guest she confronted in the GB News about the same topic, was gloriously outspoken and for once, it seems Suella didn’t have much to answer back with. Then it’s onto some of the reaction from the same news outlet regarding Ofcom’s finding that their ‘Ask Rishi’ forum was impartial. Lastly, Jemma and Marina discuss the fact that Jeremy Clarkson has been voted sexiest man by the female users of a certain dating site. The mind boggles. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
We love it when politics goes mainstream... And it did this week when Sunak and Starmer decided to appear on Loose Women and Sunday Brunch, respectively. Jemma and Marina discuss how they both fared, and why one of them went viral - probably because he tried to suggest he was fixing child poverty with an Online Safety Bill.Next up are more culture wars as a result of the 72-gender myth which is resulting in new legislation, despite the only evidence of this being a thing coming from someone's next door neighbour's friend's sister's cat. And you'll be glad to know that it's not just poverty that is spiraling in this country, but Sunak's and his wife's wealth too. Jemma and Marina discuss the growing inequality in the UK and elsewhere, and why soulless Sunak is the last person we need at the helm.Finally, get your patio tables and parasols ready, because Al Fresco dining is about to hit the UK by storm thanks to a new Brexit benefit - apparently. Someone might need to tell Trade Secretary, Kemi Badenoch where the term Al Fresco originates from...Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Up is down, black is white and now... Blue is red! Because this week, the Labour Party welcomed Tory MP, Natalie Elphicke with open arms, which raised more than just a few eyebrows. Jemma and Marina discuss the mafioso-style tactics from the party of Government to keep defection to a minimum and revisit moments of joy where Tories tie themselves in knots by slating someone - who was one of theirs - until about 5 minutes ago. Count Binface continues to prove he's the hero we never knew we needed, before the episode turns to the series that is sweeping the nation: Baby Reindeer. Then, has everyone got their rainbow lanyards at the ready? Be careful the Minister for Common Sense doesn't whip it off you given her latest culture war hobbyhorse. Pudding served up by comedian, Matt Green. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Marina and Jemma start with a lookback at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and discuss why it was such a political hot potato this year. The UK entrant received a lot of criticism for not boycotting the event and the Israeli singer had unprecedented levels of security. All this makes the notion that it's 'just' a song contest and 'apolitical' for the birds. There's plenty of reaction and clips. Due to the subject matter, it's a more serious Trawl than usual but as Israel carry out airstrikes in Eastern Rafah, after issuing orders for the evacuation of 100,000 Palestinians from part of the city, triggering an exodus of thousands of people, The Trawl ladies felt it was the right time to talk about it. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Having raked over the council elections in the last episode, Jemma and Marina spend this one dissecting the Mayoral results. It's a win for Andy Burnham, a loss for Andy Street, a win for Ben Houchen and, most thrillingly of all, a loss for Susan Hall. Susan, who spent her time campaigning telling Londoners that where they live is a hellscape of unparalleled proportions. Funnily enough, that strategy didn't work. In this Trawl, enjoy her entirely graceless speech and Khan's humorous one which references the biggest winner of all, Count Binface. The man who wanted to reduce the price of croissants and bring back Ceefax did very well and completely trounced the Britain First candidate who also suffered a huge bout of sour grapes. Fortunately, there was someone in the crowd to put him right. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Jemma and Marina discuss what were a pleasingly catastrophic set of results for the Tories in the local elections and wonder why everyone knows that, apart from The Mail on Sunday. Oh, and Sunak......yes, the Prime Minister is still convinced his plan is working, despite the country trying desperately to tell him that it isn't. Meanwhile, Suella thinks she has the answer which is her answer for everything. Be More. Right. Wing. No thanks, Suella. Meanwhile, on the Laura Kuenssberg show there are no Greens or Lib Dems in sight, despite their incredible gains, and despite the fact the Lib Dems gained more council seats than the Tories. The delusion is strong and yet of course, leader of Reform, Richard Tice, has had plenty to say even though they won a grand total of two seats. Yes, two. Not two hundred. Two. And which idiot, who should know better, forgot their ID and couldn't vote? Marina and Jemma have trawled some of the juiciest reactions, there are plenty of clips and they haven't even started on the mayors yet, that's in the next episode. Pudding is served by The Marsh Family, Enjoy! Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Poor poor Lawrence Fox - literally.The episode opens with the unfortunate news of Laurence Fox having to pay large sums in libel damages. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. Then all aboard the private jet - that's right, Lord David Cameron's £42m private jet, which he hired for his latest jaunt as Foreign Secretary, with the bill being footed by us taxpayers. Just as well he can be questioned about this in the House of Commons...Oh. Next stop is Question Time, and this week was Tory MP, Chris Philp's turn to make an utter tit of himself with geography skills as impressive as Dominic Raab's.Jemma and Marina move on to talk about the latest round of performative cruelty with the Govt's announcement around disability and sickness reforms, and seek to reassure anyone listening with some words of advice from Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis. To finish on a lighter note, Jemma and Marina serve up a Victoria Sponge of an underrated tweet of the week with pudding from Larry & Paul. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
It's squeaky-bum time for our Prime Miniature Rishi Sunak this week... Jemma and Marina open with a discussion around the many elections taking place this week that could see things go from bad to worse for Rishi Sunak. And please God, deliver us from Susan Hall becoming the new London Mayor. Then, what's better: Twitter or X? The ladies discuss the worst rebrand of all time before moving on to an MP who this week rebranded himself from Tory blue, to Labour red. We're talking of course, about Dr Dan Poulter who has managed to find his principles so close to a general election - incredible coincidence. 30p Lee has been whinging again... this time about the banning of an old sitcom named Terry & June. Except it hasn't been banned at all. Not content with spouting nonsense about sitcoms, Lee moved on to spouting nonsense about Blackpool, resulting in Jemma and Marina having a good giggle about Lee's prehistoric vision of what he wants Britain to be. Spoiler: Get your headscarves and buckets out, ladies!Then it's onto the resignation of Scotland's First Minister, Humza Yousaf, before a trigger warning discussion about Reform's Ben Habib and the shock remarks made about migrants drowning in the channel.To end, Jemma and Marina serve up some epic underrated tweets and finish with another musical masterpiece from The Marsh Family. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
The episode opens with a visit to the US courtroom where strange noises and smells have reportedly been emitted from a somewhat sleepy Donald Trump...Then it's onto the latest performative cruelty policy from the party of Government as they announce punitive reforms to sickness and disability benefits, because why would they sort out the collapse of our National Health Service, when they can simply scapegoat the people who need it?Included is some context that shows we might not be quite the 'sick note culture' we're being made out to be, plus a throwback clip to when people complained that their GP appointments were given too soon!Next, Jemma and Marina discuss a laughable headline from The Telegraph's Camilla Tominey. And from laughable news titles, to laughable Royal titles - because it appears King Charles has been busy dishing out a load more honours to his wife, bro and kids. If you thought The Order of the Thistle was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet...Patreon
Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, Claire Coutinho, has said that the Tory's have overshot all their targets.... without laughing....on National TV. This is such an outlandish claim, she almost deserves a medal but not as much as Chris Packham does for his outstanding performance on the Laura K show. And certainly not as much as everyone who ran the London Marathon does. Jemma and Marina enjoy some highlights and chat about what impressed and inspired them most about the annual, 26 mile, test of endurance. It won't surprise regular listeners to discover that Marina's favourite moment involved wine. Then, the Trawl ladies rake over what happened at 3am one night when Tory MP, Mark Menzies, put in a phone call because he needed to pay off some 'bad people.' Talking of bad people, Jemma and Marina are gutted that after many rounds of political ping pong, the Rwanda bill has finally been passed. A moment of national shame that ironically comes on the same week as St George's Day. But when does national pride become pure nationalism? Pudding is served by comedian Matilda Thorpe. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Marina and Jemma are thrilled to chat to activist and author of the No 1 Sunday Times Bestseller, The Trading Game, Gary Stevenson. They hear about his humble beginnings, his route to university and what it felt like to be Citibank's most successful trader. They're particularly fascinated by the reasons that at age 27, Gary eschewed his life in the city to start explaining why the system is rigged and profoundly unfair. The Trawl ladies talk to him about wealth tax, being a 'patriotic millionaire' and who he thinks does speak sense. Gary's Channel you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
Jemma and Marina open with an emotional appeal...For a group of people who feel petrified, forced to flee their homes against their will. They're talking of course, about... non-doms. Then it's straight into the latest from Liz Truss' deluded book tour in which Jemma and Marina try to outdo each other with the worst clips of our former PM that they can find. They discuss Truss' latest bid to ditch the Supreme Court, leave the ECHR and her attempt to ditch The Equality Act - when she was equalities minister no less.After a few more excerpts from her book, the ladies move onto satirical takes, which are harder to distinguish from reality than you'd first think. The final segment has a good laugh at those on the right who are dabbling with Artificial Intelligence to show us what the world should look like according to them, and it isn't pretty - nor even vaguely plausible.Then it's a pic n mix of delicious underrated tweets and clips, with a pudding from Larry and Paul about Prince Andrew. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcastPatreon
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Gus Gilder

He said 'to be honest' rather a lot. In my experience, this is seldom an indication of honesty!

Dec 12th


خودت باش

Sep 4th

Dean Morrison

Pure genius! you're a star Marina!

Apr 27th

Gus Gilder

Nice work as always ladies, definitely the funniest episode yet. How's the Fanny bone Jemma?

Sep 28th

Gus Gilder

Loving your work ladies! You cover all the big issues, I can't argue with much of what you say and it's all presented with with such humour. Please keep it up!

Aug 23rd