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Author: Donald Campbell

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We will be discussing issues affecting individuals with disabilities, like housing, employment, transportation, and healthcare. Learn more about Atlantic CIL:
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In this episode, we sat down with Michele Kreuzer of BEEhavior Budz, an organization that empowers families and providers with effective strategies to respond to various behaviors. We discussed the importance of supporting people with behavioral disabilities, listening to their needs, and involving them in the process. We also considered the whole environment that can affect someone's behavior.Learn more about BEEhavior Budz: more about Atlantic CIL:https://...
In this episode, we talk to Rebecca Martin from Rutgers about the Inclusive Healthy Communities grant. Rebecca provides support for the Inclusive Healthy Communities award winners. The Inclusive Healthy Communities (IHC) grant program, established in 2020 by the Division of Disability Services, New Jersey Department of Human Services, funds New Jersey communities and organizations engaged in projects that promote the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities in their communities....
In this episode, we had the privilege of interviewing Davina Patterson, Executive Director of Disability Resource Network. The organization is located in Huntsville, AL, and serves 13 counties in North Alabama. During the interview, Davina shared her journey, where she started, and how she reached her current position. Learn about Disability Resource Network:
In this episode, We talk to Sophie Poost of Disability EmpowHer Network, which is a non-profit run by and for girls and women with disabilities that connects, motivates, and guides women with disabilities to grow, learn, and develop to their highest potential and have the confidence to lead.Disability EmpowHer Network:
We spoke with Kate Kelly and Jesse Schwartzman in this episode to discuss the Integrated Community Project (ICP) and The ICP Toolkit for Municipalities. Created by the Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey, these tools allow people to perform accessibility assessments of local governments and municipalities. The assessment and the toolkit give government officials the tools and support they need to become more accessible. The toolkit was developed specifically for local governme...
In this episode we interview Carolyn Quinn of the Mental Health Association in New Jersey.Carolyn Quinn joined MHA in January of 2013. She received a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Studies from Boston University in May 2010 and completed post-bachelorette studies towards a Master of Social Work from Rutgers University.Carolyn has received certifications/licenses as Certified Recovery Specialist Practitioner (CRSP), Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), Internationally Certified Peer ...
On this episode, we sat down with Debra Freed of Adult Independent Services. She gives us information about Adult Independent Services and how she got to where she is todayLearn more about Atlantic CIL: by Aphonic: More about Debra Freed and the Adult Independent Services:
In this episode, we talk to Nicole Heckelmann who teaches at the Little Egg Harbor School DistrictLearn more about Atlantic CIL:
In this episode, we sat down with Cristine Chickadel of the NJ Division of Disability Services (DDS) to discuss NJ ABLE Program, and she talked about how to set up an ABLE account.Learn about the NJ ABLE Program: Cristine Chickadel:609-631-2451Learn more about Atlantic CIL:
In this episode, we spoke to Janna Roberts. She spoke about her personal and professional experience with people with mental health disabilities. Learn more about Atlantic CIL:
In this episode, we spoke with Alyson Bakley, who is Vice Chair of the Board of Atlantic CIL.Music by Aphonic:
In this episode, we sat down with Taylor Gantt, a 22-year-old cosplayer living with mild cerebral palsy and auditory processing. She talks about what she's studying in college, how she got into cosplaying, and where she is today.Support Taylor Gantt: by Aphonic:
In this episode, we talk to Chris Hodgens, a salesman who suffered from a stroke back in 2010 that affected his life and the battles he faced to where he is today.Music by Aphonic:
In this episode, we sat down with Jaime Angelini, Statewide Director of Suicide Prevention, Crisis Response, and Special Projects. for the Mental Health Association in NJ. We talk about the steps people can take to help recognize the signs that someone may be thinking of completing suicide and how we can work to prevent it.Jaime L. Angelini:email: 2019 Youth Risk and Behavior Survey Ring The Alarm https...
Episode 24: Daniel Solt

Episode 24: Daniel Solt


In this episode, we sat down with Daniel Solt, an attorney for South Jersey Legal Services, and how he got to where he is today.Learn more about South Jersey Legal Services: by Aphonic:
In this episode, we sat down with Karyn Adams, the author "Don't Give Up: The Stan Adams Jr. Story". She shares the struggles her son had to face and how they accomplished his goals.Buy "Don't Give Up: The Stan Adams Jr. Story": by Aphonic:
In this episode, we talk to Adam Denny (better known by the alias Adam Electronic). He is an 18-year-old producer from Oregon living with Russell-Silver syndrome and talks about his music, work, and how he got to where he is today.Follow Adam Electronic: by Aphonic:
Episode 21: Dawn Lolla

Episode 21: Dawn Lolla


In this episode, we sat down with Dawn Lolla about her recovery from alcohol and substance use disorder and how she stays healthy. Music by Aphonic:
In this episode, we sat down with Megan Grannan, about how she lives with Metatropic Dysplasia, a rare form of dwarfism. And we talked about how she got into teaching including the struggles she had to face like bullying, getting turned down at jobs, and finding the perfect job.Music by Aphonic:
In this episode, we sat down with Marily Gonzalez, Vice President & COO of hip cil, talking about how their CIL works and the challenges they face.Visit hip cil: more about Atlantic CIL:
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