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The latest trends, challenges and opportunities in Nigeria. In this episode of the Infobip Bipgurus podcast series, Marina Bolfan, Enterprise Sales Lead at Infobip, is joined by Jennifer Uma-Kalu, Head of CX at Transcorp Hilton Abuja. They unpack how Nigerian travel and hospitality businesses can build a customer experience framework. Tune in if you'd like to know more about various CX matters, from the importance of personalization to how CX in the industry is transforming after the devasting blow of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything you need to know about Infobip and what we have to offer · Get your CX strategy on track!
Unpacking challenges and opportunities in the Ugandan startup space. The African startup ecosystem continues to thrive as more and more Africans gain access to the internet and mobile devices. This is particularly evident in Uganda, where innovative entrepreneurs develop groundbreaking products and services to empower their fellow citizens. However, Ugandan startups face their fair share of challenges to stay afloat. Infobip's Nemanja Kostic met up with Stanbic Business Incubator CEO Tony Otoa to unpack these stumbling blocks - and most importantly - opportunities for both the public and private sectors to tap into the startup economy. Guests in this episode: Nemanja Kostic (Account Executive at Infobip Uganda) and Tony Otoa (CEO of Stanbic Business Incubator in Uganda). Learn more about Infobip and everything we have to offer · Join our Tribe that provides unparalleled growth tools & resources
Let's talk about taking CX to the next level! In the second episode of Infobip Africa's BipGurus Podcast series, Isaac Akanni, account executive at Infobip Nigeria, is joined by Ijeoma Okeke, CXPA Lead at Nigeria Network. They take you through the dos and don'ts when it comes to setting up a Customer Experience strategy in the betting and gaming space. More about Infobip and everything we have to offer · Contact us now for a CX maturity assessment by our industry experts
Our key account executive in Ghana, Dzifa Abodakpi, is joined by Yvonne Quashie, CX country head at UBA Ghana, to discuss advancing African enterprise maturity through key competency building. CX still is in its novice stage in the African business landscape. In an insightful conversation, Yvonne provides valuable tips to address challenges like organizational adoption to enhanced CX strategies and more.
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