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Peaceful confidence.Doesn't that sound amazing?!Well—I believe it is. If you believe in yourself and know your gifts, people take notice. When you accept yourself, you exude peaceful confidence, which is just one of the MANY things Jen and I discussed during this Imperfect Marketing episode.We also discussed our desire to serve others—if you've been around for a minute, you already know that's why I started my company! I strive to serve others and add value to my clients every day.Speaking with Jen was amazing! I especially respect her vulnerability in sharing her experience with being forced to rebuild her social media and starting from scratch. For those who don't know, Jen lost access to ALL her social accounts—along with the connections and community she spent years building. We forget how much each new person who follows us means in the beginning, and Jen's experience of getting knocked back to square one was heartbreaking but powerful. In her words, she was a "phoenix rising in modern-day."If you're just starting this crazy marketing journey, remember this: you cannot compare your beginning to somebody else's middle.Click here to access the transcript and follow along!Resources:Be sure to check Jen out at Becoming IconicYou can find Jen's podcast, Becoming Iconic, wherever you listen to podcasts OR click hereDifferent is Better than Better- Marketing Profs PodcastTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
This is episode 4 of 6 in a series on the customer journey.Those who are solution aware are motivated to start looking for solutions. They are investigating to find out how to do it and what might work. Case studies are a great way to nurture this group to show them that your solution works. This is not a place to sell. You want to help them in their investigation of options. They probably don't even know about your product yet.To learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
Carrie LeZotte has A TON of experience as a filmmaker and business owner. I had the pleasure of meeting her during the pandemic when she was helping so many of us appear camera ready—and feel confident—while working from home. Yes, I love my T-Shirts and sweatpants, but her presentation motivated me to step up my game!This is the episode for you if you're interested in learning what looks good on camera, and she gives some great advice like...Don't wear black or white—wear your favorite color!Put the camera above eye levelGet involved in the process, ask questions!and, here's a bonus tip from later in the episode that I LOVE:If you don't have fancy lighting available, you can set your computer to a white screen and get a little extra fill!Ready to get camera ready with Carrie LeZotte? Check out her contact info below:contact@carrielezotte.comclezotte@bloomfieldtwp.orgCarrie LeZotte's websiteConnect with Carrie LeZotte on LinkedInEtcetera and Carrie LeZotteFollow her on Instagram @camerareadycoachTo learn more and sign up for my List Building To learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
 This Imperfect Marketing Brief is episode 3 of 6 in a series on the Customer Awareness Journey, and we're covering Problem Aware customers today. I'll include links to the previous episodes in the resources section below! You need to meet your customers where they are in their process. I love working with customers in the Problem Aware Phase. They are my favorite group because they have a million and a half questions. You have the unique position to answer these questions and build your know, like, and trust factor with them. My two favorite tools for this stage are:answerthepublic.comGoogle's People Also Ask section of search pages.What tools work for you? Let me know at support@kendracorman.comResources:Customer Awareness Journey: Part OneCustomer Awareness Journey: Part TwoLooking for more tips on how to find content ideas? Check out my 5 Secrets to Creating Content IdeasTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
International Podcast Day is September 30th, and in honor of this holiday, I decided to share a bit of my journey in podcasting. In this episode, I share many lessons learned along the way and answer some frequently asked questions.Did you know this isn't my first podcast? Now, let's not go looking for that first one! It was rough. I didn't enjoy it, didn't promote it, and it was clear I wasn't having fun.This time around, I am mission-driven to help as many small business owners, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs with their marketing as possible. I hope you are finding this podcast helpful and valuable.Anyway, I shared the tools I love and use, such as:Zencastr for recordingAudacity for editingBuzzsprout for hosting NOTE: this is a referral link, and you will get a $20 Amazon gift card if you use this and upgrade to a paid for transcriptions NOTE: this is a referral link too, and you will get $10 off your first order if you use itDescript for editing I haven't used it yet, but I have heard good things about it!YouTube's Audio LibraryI also answered some of the questions I am asked all the time, like:Should I advertise my show? I recommend saving your ad dollars for other things that will result in conversions or longer connections.How can I monetize my podcast? Affiliate links like some of the ones above are a great way to get started, but you can also get a sponsor or sponsors. You need to have an audience that will be valuable to that sponsor.Is podcasting a lot of work? I can definitely do more than I do, but currently, I spend about 3 hours on my interview episodes and about an hour on my Imperfect Marketing briefs. I could still invest more time in planning.What defines good performance? Well, I shared what Buzzsprout's podcast stats were showing at the recording time, but if you want to see what's current, you can check it out here.Other ResourcesLauren Kelley shares her podcasting tips and experience in community management and engagement.Interested in Canva but don't know where to start? Brenda Cadman shares her Canva expertise.Join my Facebook Marketing CommunityTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
This Imperfect Marketing Brief is episode 2 of 6 in a series on the Customer Awareness Journey, and we're covering Unaware Prospects today. I'll include links to the previous episodes in the resources section below!Unaware Prospects are one of the hardest groups to market to. They are not impossible to reach, but you must make them aware of their problem before selling to them. The good news is that you CAN create content that moves them further along their awareness journey.I am a massive fan of Jamie Trull, and I attended one of her webinars focusing on tax tips and how to save on your taxes. Towards the end of the webinar, she showed her attendees that taxes aren't the problem. Instead, profitability will help you make more money over time. It helped shift her audience's mindset!Many small business owners in attendance thought they weren't making enough money because of taxes. However, it was really about profitability. So she worked that shift in their mindset and then shared how she could help. It was quite brilliant!How can you shift your prospects' mindset to become aware of their problem?Resources:Customer Awareness Journey: Part OneTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
Are you intrigued by the episode title? CAN a business survive without maintaining a social media presence?Well, this Imperfect Marketing episode with Johanna Renoth might seem counterintuitive, but it offers an amazing new perspective on business management.Yes, it is possible to market your business without relying on social platforms!I had a fantastic time speaking with Johanna Renoth about her journey, the self-awareness she has developed, and how she is running a very successful business without structure and social media.Could you do it? Or have you already taken the plunge and deleted your business's social accounts?I would love to hear your story; drop me an email at here to access the transcript and follow along!Related Links and ResourcesJohanna's websiteJohanna's new courseKendra's Secrets to Generating Content IdeasDo you enjoy social media, but feel stuck? Try these 30 Days of Post Ideas!Identify your target audienceTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
This episode begins a 6 part series focused entirely on the Customer Awareness Journey. The stages of the journey, as defined by Eugene Schwartz in his copywriting classic, "Breakthrough Advertising," include:Unaware: this prospect doesn't even know they have a problem.Problem Aware: They are aware of the problem but not the solutionSolution Aware: They are interested in figuring out how to solve their problem.Product Aware: Looking for the right productMost Aware: Narrowing down to their criteriaThis journey is so important because you always need to meet your customers where they are in their journey.Who are your customers? Check out my new guide, which asks questions to help define your target audience!To learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
WOW! I knew nothing about Amazon Marketing before my discussion with Annalisa DeMarta, but I learned A LOT during this episode of Imperfect Marketing. I hope you do too!We explore different advertising techniques used in the Amazon Marketplace and unpack Amazon's keyword ranking. Here's a hint: reviews and service matter, and it's a pay-to-play world. One other fact I found fascinating is that the people who purchase items from your store aren't your customers. Instead, they are Amazon's customers.There is a bit of a mindset shift here, but Annalisa shared her wealth of information and the lessons she has learned. She also encouraged us all to make "micro failures"—I LOVE that term and plan on stealing it for myself!In this Episode:00:01:03 Why would you want an agency to help you with Amazon SEO? 00:03:11 How is Amazon SEO different? 00:07:32 How much do reviews factor in? 00:13:46 Signs your Amazon listing agency isn't doing well for you 00:19:15 Advice to getting started 00:24:53 Biggest lesson learned?Related Links and Resources:Ridgeline InsightsConnect with Annalisa on LinkedInAre you here because you're intrigued by Amazon Marketing, but your day job focuses on standard SEO? Then, this episode is for you!To learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
In this Imperfect Marketing Brief, I discuss why your email open rates don't accurately indicate engagement rates.(P.S. If you want to learn more about that, check out my blog exploring Apple's iOS 15 update here!) So...what should you be tracking? Great question!You should track:email list growthtotal clickstotal leadstotal conversionsunsubscribesI hope this episode helps you improve your email tracking techniques! Are you interested in using a copy of my email marketing tracker? Drop me an email at, and I will send it over.Resources: A detailed look at Apple's iOS 15 updateWatch my Livestream Thursday all about tracking email performanceTake my quiz and discover YOUR strongest marketing tacticsStruggling to gain traction? My free guide can help you craft compelling subject linesBeginner's Guide to Email MarketingTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
This week's Imperfect Marketing podcast is full of tips on search engine optimization tips from SEO expert Stephanie Long.Whether searching for the perfect keyword ideas or understanding the technical SEO behind your website, this episode provides tips and resources.As you may know, I can't get enough of Answer the Public! This tool is a great resource to help you find questions to answer for content. There are many more tools— I always seem to forget Ubersuggest—and we highlight many of them you can use to build your SEO. You do NOT want to miss this episode!Click here to access the transcript and follow along!In this episode:00:01:09 Why is SEO Important? 00:07:18 Keyword Research Tips 00:12:46 Black Hat SEO 00:14:59 Other SEO Tips—from voice to meta descriptions, title tags, and moreRelated Links and Resources:Stephanie's Agency: the Public: Ubersuggest: Frog: Search Blog by Stephanie: Hat vs White Hat SEO by Stephanie: Secrets to Generating Content Ideas by Kendra: here to read my SEMrush review: learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
How do you start an email marketing program before you have a website?It's easier than you think, and the earlier you start email marketing, the better off your business will be. Create a "Coming Soon" page and include a form where people can sign up.Leverage all your collateral, including your email signature, to encourage signupsAsk your existing contactsMarket a lead magnetLeverage social mediaMost email service providers like Constant Contact and Convert Kit will allow you to accomplish this fairly easily. So, don't be afraid to get out there and start building your know, like, and trust factor!Resources Looking for other tips to jumpstart your email marketing? I have the free download just for you!Ready to tackle opt-in emails? Listen to this previous Imperfect Marketing BriefDo you like taking fun, informative quizzes? Click here to gain insight into your list-building strategyTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
I am so excited to have spent time with Jimmy Huynh, Kajabi's Senior Manager of Customer Training!In this episode of Imperfect Marketing, Jimmy Huynh and I have a great time talking about his journey into the marketing world—he helped his dad market his business when he was young. We also discuss lead nurturing and generation, the importance of monitoring trends, and his biggest marketing lesson learned.Oh—we also talk about email marketing! In this episode: 00:01:23 Jimmy shares his experiences marketing with his dad00:05:10 What trends are you seeing right now?00:10:24 Personalization00:13:32 Email marketing and its importance00:19:53 Building your pipeline and funnel00:24:51 Biggest marketing lesson learned.Related links and resources:Connect with Jimmy on LinkedIn: Jimmy's LinkedIn Check out Kajabi's Free Training WebinarsIf you are a Kajabi customer, be sure to visit: Kajabi UniversityInterested in trying Kajabi? Check out my affiliate link and sign upTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
I am super excited about this episode with Lauren Kelley! Not only is Lauren a podcasting expert, but she has a ton of experience in community management and engagement.I genuinely believe that building community is the way we will move forward together.I began this podcast to help small business owners and solopreneurs learn from others. For me, community is about giving back and engaging with others.I recently read a statement attributed to Margaret Mead that claimed the first sign of a civilized society is a healed femur. Mead proceeded to explain, as the story goes, that wounded animals in the wild would be hunted and eaten before their broken bones could heal. Thus, a healed femur is a sign that a wounded person must have received help from others. Mead is said to have concluded, “Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts.”Now, as we work to help each other, Lauren gave us a lot of information and shared her experience on podcasts, community engagement, and more. So be sure to listen and let me know your thoughts!In this episode:00:00:36 Community Management00:07:00 How did she get started in podcasting?00:10:24 Leveraging a podcast for marketing00:16:30 Using your podcast as pillar content00:21:36 How do your users consume content?00:23:22 Interesting ways to leverage content00:30:06 Want to start a podcast yourself?00:37:34 Lesson learned in marketing and podcastsClick here to access the transcript and follow along with our conversation!Related Links and Resources:The Random AgencyFreakonomics PodcastRead the HubSpot Article on Pillar and Cluster ContentRead the HubSpot Article on Topic ClustersGary V on Leveraging ContentImperfect Marketing Brief on Being True to Your BrandInterested In More Marketing Tips? Join Kendra's Facebook Group!To learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
One of the reasons people tell me that they don't have an email newsletter or don't use email marketing is because they don't want to send spam. Let's start with defining a spam email. A spam email is any unsolicited email usually sent out in bulk and is irrelevant, annoying, and sometimes malicious. However, those of us who send out email marketing know that we aren't spammers! Instead, we send emails that value to our subscribers.Our emails contain information they need and could benefit from. Despite these intentions, a valuable email might get sent straight to the spam folder instead of the recipient's inbox. So, let's discuss why your email might get caught in spam filters and some things you can do about it.#1 Email authentication.Email authentication is the biggest and easiest issue to fix. I am not techy, even though I love software solutions that make my life easier, but I have made it a point to figure out how to troubleshoot my client's emails to make sure they are making it to the inbox.For example, if you are using an email service provider like Constant Contact or ConvertKit—both of which I recommend—you can add DKIM keys. So what's a DKIM Key? I define them as a magic code that tells your recipients' email provider that they are getting a real email from you and that it isn't spoofing.#2 Your content is setting off spam flags everywhere. Keep an eye out for spam trigger words. These words feel sleazy, needy, manipulative, and far-fetched. Avoid using words or phrases like Urgent, Don't Delete, Free Money, Lose Weight, Billions, and Help! Look through the spam emails in your junk folder. Notice that many of them are riddled with spelling and grammar errors.I understand you might be excited about your content, but monitor how many exclamation points you use. Of course, the occasional exclamation point won't hurt, but don't overdo it!Be mindful when you use big fonts and flashy colors.Don't use a URL shortener. Spammers love to use them.Avoid image-only emails. It's just a best practice. Make sure your email size is reasonable. If it is too big, it won't get delivered. This includes the image and attachment sizes. Always include an unsubscribe link. Yes, you've worked hard to find subscribers, but they have the freedom to unsubscribe when they want.#3 Not having a custom domainYour "from" email address is crucial! AOL and Yahoo emails get caught in spam filters more often than others.#4 People reporting your emails as spam.Be careful when adding people to your email list. Only add people who signed up or gave you explicit permission. This is important!#5 An inactive listEnsure you keep your list clean and remove people who aren't interacting with your emails. You want a small, engaged audience over a large, unengaged audience. List hygiene is essential, so keep cleaning up your list.Have any questions? Let me know, and I will happily help however I can!Resources:If you are just embarking on your email marketing journey, you can always download my beginner's guide to email marketing at you ready to discover your list-building style and make email your best business asset? Then, check out my quiz!To learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
In this week's interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica Tutton, a Facebook Ads expert. Jessica Tutton shares her story with me and provides helpful insight into working with Facebook Ads.My favorite part about the entire interview?She was in her van for nice quiet space, traveling Australia with her husband and children.Jessica was so open and shared a ton in this interview; it's a fantastic story. I hope you learn some great new information!  In this episode:01:02: Traveling Australia with the family in a van? We need to know more!05:27: How did you get started in helping people with funnels and Facebook ads?09:10: Cold audience isn't a dirty word.12:44: Progress is better than perfection, and the Apple iOS14 update.18:33: Identifying your target audience.29:48: Finding your niche.Related links and resources:Click here to access Jessica's Facebook Launch Formula. Use KENDRA as your discount code and get 20% off!Click here to learn 62+ Targeting Ideas for Course CreatorsClick here to check out Jessica's podcastNiche Down with Imperfect Marketing:Episode 1 with Brenda MellerEpisode 10 with Nancy MaurerInterested in being a guest on the podcast? Send me an email at support@kendracorman.comTo learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
In this week's episode, I speak with Charlotte Balluff, founder of A Place for You. She is a senior care consultant who helps people during tough times. This is the second successful business that she has built and follows the sale of the first one. She is a very impressive woman with an amazing network in the senior living space. It was fantastic to talk to her and learn about how she is working to build another company, not just a job for herself.  In this episode:00:02:20 What surprised you about owning a business with employees?00:07:28 You seem to really understand your target audience. How have you identified them?00:12:30 How do you stay top of mind in a situation with a ton of urgency?00:16:27 How else do you market your business?00:22:11 What's your biggest marketing lesson learned?Related Links and Resources:A Place for You: learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
Throughout my career it has always been about reaching our audience where they are and creating content that would entice them to buy or make them feel good about their purchase or even just so they saw our name and we stayed top of mind.Your goals define your strategy and your tactics should come from there.Most people start out in marketing with tactics and it should really be driven by your goals and strategy.Now, if your goal is to engage your audience, you need their attention, right?One way to get their attention is to provide  them with content that resonates with them.Have you ever driven down the road and seen a billboard and started nodding your head? Or seen a commercial that really spoke to you?I always reference the 1800 contacts commercial - Watch it here:  My BRAND : 1 800 Contacts Special EyesMost of you won't know but I have always had really bad vision. jI had vision correction surgery and now just wear glasses to read and see the computer, but I can walk down the hall and everything. Yes. I couldn't always see to walk down the hall. My contact prescription was worse than a -16. Yes. I said 16. Anyway, with vision that bad, I had special eyes and years later I still remember this commercial. First, you really want to understand your target audience. I feel that I am a broken record with this statement, but you really do.I just finished a new guide to defining your target audience and would love to know what you think. You can get it at else can you do?If they sign up for your emails or a downloadable, be sure to send a welcome email that thanks them for opting in and letting them know what they will be receiving from you.Be sure to get to the point. Keep paragraphs short and easy to read. Make sure you have calls to action or the main point before they have to scroll. Back in the olden days, we called it above the fold when we were working with newspapers, but now it's all about above the scroll. (this goes for your website and your emails)Make sure your subject line or headline breaks through and intrigues people but is also easy to digest.Use video. People love to interact with videos, and we all read so much. It's important to keep your message digestible and if a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a heck of a lot more. How do you get the attention of your audience?To learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
Information is very valuable.Google and Facebook have built huge empires just based on information.You can get information about your email subscribers many different ways.Surveys- ask questions that you want to know the answers to. Use it as market research. Ask your email subscribers to update their profiles.Buttons in the email asking them about their interest in different types of informationInside Constant Contact, you can create click segmentation lists and reach out to people based on their interests that way.Emails asking for more information. If you have a small list, ask for feedback.Why do you want more information?Well, knowledge is power. I have seen that over and over again in my career, from the corporate world to working with my clients.However, in the world of email marketing and content marketing, it gives you insight into your target audiences and the ability to segment your audience and provide them with content they want and need that is relevant and timely for their personal life or their business.The more you know, the better content you can create and the more they will know like and trust you.The more they know, like and trust you, the more business you can do with them because they will want to buy from you.How are you planning to get more information from your customers? I would love to know; send me an email at learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
Welcome back to Imperfect Marketing. This week I speak with Andrea Walker-Leidy of Walker Publicity Consulting.Andrea and I spoke about a ton of marketing and PR topics for your business, including defining your target audience, going viral and how being different is better than being better.In this episode:00:01:32 How Andrea tells stories00:04:46 Where are your referrals really coming from?00:09:24 Personal and professional branding- business is personal00:24:14 What does going viral mean to you?00:35:12 Right now is better than perfectRelated Links and Resources:Visit Walker Publicity Consulting: News: with Roop Raj: Profs Podcast, Different is Better than Better, Part 1: learn more and sign up for my List Building 101 Course visit
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