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Author: Yair Cohen

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The Borderless Engineer Podcast is a podcast that focuses on Software Engineering, mostly in the fields of Web Development.Subjects include FE, BE, Software Architecture, and more.
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Authorization - Or Weis

Authorization - Or Weis


In this episode I hosted Or Weis, co-founder and CEO of and co-founder and ex CEO of Rookout.In the episode we talked about Authorization, different authorization models (RBAC, ABAC, ReBAC), and more.Watch the video in YT: - Introduction0:50 - About Or3:10 - Difference between IAM, Authorization and Authentication7:38 - Authorization in Services9:20 - History of Authorization12:15 - Authorization Models13:10 -RBAC18:00 - How to start authorization in companies23:20 - Open source tools for Authorization (OPA, OSO, Casbin)37:37 - Admission control and Authorization for microservices42:00 - Event driven architecture and authorization (Opal)45:30 - ABAC51:00 - Moving from RBAC to ABAC by using Authorization services55:25 - Access control in FE1:02:45 - Moving from RBAC to ABAC 1:03:05 - ReBAC1:09:45 - Learn more from Or
Our guest for the episode is Benjamin Gruenbaum.Benjamin is a Developer at Microsoft and a core team member of Node.js, Bluebird and Mobx. We talked about:* Should experienced developers get into open source contributions? * What are the benefits and different tradeoffs?  * For those who want to get started with open source, how to do so.* StackOverflow - should you still answer questions these days?* Recommended books for developers* Development Culture* Tech LeadershipAnd more
In this episode I hosted Yonatan Kra to talk about Runtime Performance. Some of the things we talked about are: - What is run time performance- How Yonatan contributed to Youtube and improved their performance- How to deal with run time performance issues Enjoy!
In todays #front_end episode we are going to talk about IndexedDB!Basically, IndexedDB is a full-blown DB in the browser, it has amazing capabilities but also has tradeoffs. In todays video we will talk about:- What is indexedDB- What are the benefits of IndexedDB- IndexedDB vs LocalStorage- IndexedDB use-cases- IndexedDB limitation- How to avoid blocking the UI with IndexedDBAlso available in youtube as a video:!
In this episode I talked to Yuval Khalifa about the Log4j vulnerability, some of the topics we talked about are:1. What is log4j2.  Maintaining risks in dependencies3. What was the vulnerability found in log4j4. How to prevent vulnerabilities like these as a developer5. How to deal with a vulnerability after its been found (from the company perspective) 
One of the most popular and misunderstood principals is the DRY principle.Many people think that DRY is about duplication of code, but in fact it's about duplication of knowledge.In this #software_design episode I dove deep into the DRY principle, talked about what it actually means, and the design principle behind it (coupling).I also explained what is coupling, when you should couple/decouple your code and how all of that relates to DRY.
One of the most important and least discussed considerations when picking a DB is your data relationships. In today back-end podcast, I talk about how your data relationship affect the choice of your DB, when should you pick a document DB, a relational DB or a Graph DB.
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