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Join me and special guest, author and endo warrior Torie Jean, as we discuss her writing career and journey through chronic illness. Find out more about Torie at https://www.toriejean.comTrigger Warnings: I'm going to use the trigger warning from the author for her book, Finding Gene Kelly, to also be used here for this episode. We talk about some heavy things (endometriosis, chronic illness and chronic pain to name a few) in this edition of the podcast and Torie Jean speaks with the utmost bravery. If these topics are too much for you and you need to skip it, we understand - xo KristaHi, there! Just a quick note to say—hey, thank you so much for picking up my book! That was so very kind of you. But before you start reading, there are a few things in this book that might be too heavy or triggering for some, and if that’s you, it’s really okay if you use this book as a paperweight or a doorstop or put it on a shelf with its other friends and open it when you’re good and ready—or never at all. Be kind to yourself first and foremost! Please and thank you. And just an extra special note to those of you with endometriosis: Sometimes writing this book was like entering the third dimension of hell, especially when my endo was poking my side and Evie’s simultaneously, and there was just too much endometriosis in my life. Please, please, please, be gentle. It’s okay if you can’t handle a book with endometriosis right now. Using books to escape is one of my favorite coping mechanisms. I’ll understand, promise!  - Torie
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Let's talk about self care! Join me as we discuss self care tips and ideas to help take care of ourselves as writers and authors. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for authors and receive a super cute print out of the things we've discussed. 
Welcome to the Happily Ever After Podcast for romance authors. I'm your host, author and editor, Krista Harper. Join me and special guests as we discuss writing craft, new romance releases, and the latest industry trends. I'll also be interviewing authors from around the globe and having fun along the way. New episodes arriving on Thursdays. I hope you'll join me. 
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