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"There’s just no ambiguity with VINCUE. That gives me a lot more confidence in my buying process. The data is right there, it’s easy to read.”
“VINCUE Inventory Management gives back hours of productivity daily across our entire team by providing an easy to use, transparent inventory snapshot in one dashboard with the added benefit of highlighting specific automobiles to focus on based on pre-set conditions such as days available." - BDC Manager Rachael Lucero, Desert Sun Auto Group 
“2021 was a record year. We purchased more units off the street than ever before thanks to the VINCUE Vehicle Buying Center.” - Owner and GM Dan Donegan, Topsfield Motor Company
“We were selling on average 65 used cars per month. In March and April 2022, that number jumped to 133 used cars sold per month. The only change we made since January 2022 was deploying VINCUE.” - GM Billy Goulette, Faith's Toyota / Ford 
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