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Eric Hung, founder of Pew Pew Tactical, gives his journey from the biomedical field to a tactical tycoon of the gun industry! He answers fan questions and even gives an announcement to their latest project to aims to rock the gun review world!For more info on Pew Pew Tactical: follow or contribute to Pew Pew Meter: more information on training: follow the BPW podcast on our socials:
Tim Kennedy delivers a gloves off conversation about his childhood, lost friends, and exploits on and off the battlefield. It culminates with his account of how the fall of Kabul gave rise to Save our Allies; an organization dedicated to going to the places where others can't, to save the people nobody else will.For information on our sponsor 1776: more information about Save our Allies: watch Send Me: buy Scars and Stripes: more information on training: follow the BPW podcast on our socials:
Mike, a now coffee mogul, gives us his journey from a struggling student to the industry force that he is today as the President and CEO of Cuvee Coffee! Him and Jeff journey through the milestones of their careers and laugh at past mistakes. Give it a listen and come learn with us!Download Our Podcast: More About Daniel Defense: Cuvee Coffee Roasting Company:
The founders of Archetype Boxing Club, Sean Apperson & Tyson Mendeas chronicle their times as young martial arts enthusiast to them now being liaisons to the sport of boxing  as coaches at their gym in Austin. Listen in to the great conversation and learn more about the evolving culture of boxing gyms and the men and women making it happen!Download Our Podcast: More About Daniel Defense: more about Archetype Boxing Club:
Kyle and Jeff talk all things health and wellness from hunting your own food to looking at your poop before you flush it! They cover Kyle's love for fighting and journey to becoming more in tune with his bodies needs and how to provide them. This is a hilarious show with a lot of educational takeaways!Download Our Podcast: More About Daniel Defense: Kyle:
Our host ,Jeff Gonzales, has a great interview with the producer and star of a new action flick "Warhorse One"! Johnny Strong discusses his experience growing up in Hollywood and how Seal Team members like Jeff inspired him to want to tell stories of real life heroes and to bring authenticity back to the entertainment world.Download Our Podcast: More About Daniel Defense: Johnny:
Omar is a veteran's advocate who serves as a liaison for Sons Of The Flag. He seeks to motivate wounded veterans and to educate the public about veteran issues through numerous public speaking events and is a sought after motivational speaker.
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