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Comin' At Ya Live: The DVO Podcast
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Comin' At Ya Live: The DVO Podcast

Author: Delta Valley Outdoors

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Sit down with Kyle and the guys from Delta Valley Outdoors as they discuss a variety of topics within the outdoor industry. Enjoy special guests and discussions throughout the on and off hunting season in Mississippi!
10 Episodes
Listen is as Toole, Kyle, and good friend, Cody Pugh talk about the out of state turkey trip they took to Washington last season. They arrived ready to hunt but were reminded really fast that hunting a'int killing and roosted isn't roasted! Hear the ups, downs, laughs and lessons that were learned during this podcast. Thanks for listening! Thank you for supporting Delta Valley Outdoors by tuning in to our podcast. Be sure to leave us a 5 star review wherever possible, and be sure to stop...
Our podcast intro states that we talk with guests bringing informative content, and that is what this episode is all about. Listen in as Kyle and Toole sit down to talk with wildlife biologist, Jamie Holt, of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. Jamie gives huge insight into the Mississippi black bear program, the first ever Mississippi Whitetail Velvet season, and the infamous Chronic Wasting Disease, commonly known as CWD. Key information such as sample drop off for ...
Join Kyle as he sits down for a conversation with one of DVO's great partners: Kevin Goodrum with RW Coolidge. Kevin talks about his introduction to the world of waterfowl and how that jumpstarted a business that deals with some of the biggest names in the outdoor/waterfowl industry. Listen in and get an inside scoop on some of the products that truly are timeless, functional, and quality. Make sure to rate the show and give us a nice 5 star review! Support the Show.
Listen as the guys get to talk with Josh Quong, owner of Little "q" Ranch, a quail preserve operation in Lafayette County, MS. Topics ranging from upland bird habitat, how Josh runs his outfit (along with the ins and outs of being a guide), and a whole lot of enjoyable conversation are packed into this one. Make sure you give the show 5 stars and leave us a review!Support the Show.
S1:E6 - "Fishy Business"

S1:E6 - "Fishy Business"


The very first episode of a new summer series, Kyle sits down with team members, BJ and Marshall as they discuss the broad topic of fishing. Some surprising answers to some challenging questions and good conversation make this episode one you don't want to miss. Make sure you're following along so you don't ever miss an episode drop!Support the Show.
Come listen to Kyle talk with Marshall Merchant about his hunts out west and everything that it entails. Stories are told, information is shared and laughs are had as the team talks about a broad subject that a lot of people don't get the opportunity to experience. Support the Show.
S1:E4 - "Turkey Talk"

S1:E4 - "Turkey Talk"


Listen in as Kyle and the guys talk about all things turkey season. Calls, gear, decoys, situations in the woods, and so much more. The DVO Team loves turkey season and you can tell during this episode. Make sure to leave us a 5 Star review and rating on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify! Thanks for tuning in and giving our podcast a listen!Support the Show.
S1:E3 - "Fowl Language"

S1:E3 - "Fowl Language"


Kyle sits down with DVO team members BJ Simmerman and Tyler Kimzey to discuss all things waterfowl. Join in as we talk about the waterfowl numbers, challenges and even a funny story or two. Be sure to leave us a review and 5 stars on our podcast platforms!Support the Show.
S1:E2 - "DeerCast"

S1:E2 - "DeerCast"


Kyle and Hunter sit down and talk about the 2021-2022 Mississippi deer season, cell cameras, stand locations and so much more. Hear how the DVO team does certain things in the deer woods and enjoy the conversation.Support the Show.
Founder/Owner of Delta Valley Outdoors, Kyle DeVazier, talks about the journey or creating DVO. Join in on how DVO started, the highs and lows of it and whats been going on here recently. Support the Show.