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Join us this week as our host Deepak Sharma joins Meenu Agarwal, Group Senior Vice President at Workday, to discuss the critical role of customer success. They delve into how leading companies utilize technology to empower customers while maintaining a human-centric approach throughout the customer journey. Tune in as they strike the perfect balance between digital touchpoints and human interaction in the AI Age.
This week on the podcast, our host Deepak Sharma and guest Dipesh Biswas, Chief Digital Officer at Livinguard, discuss the fascinating journey of digital from Mainframes to Metaverse. They delve into the technological advancements made over the years, from Web 1.0 to Internet-of-Things, and explore the mindset behind it all. Dipesh also shares great insights from his upcoming book called ‘Of Firefighters and Gardeners’ about transforming the organizational culture, the inception of the role of a CIO, and how it has evolved over the years. He concludes the episode with actionable advice for millennials aspiring for a career in digital. Tune in for an informative and engaging discussion that highlights all aspects of digital progress over time– from technology, and job roles to organizational mindsets and beyond!
In this episode of 'Digital Strategy Unlocked,' our special guest Lubomira Rochet, Current partner at JAB and former Chief Digital Officer at L'Oreal, shares deep insights with our host, Deepak Sharma, about the evolution of Digital Transformation. Tune in as they discuss how digital success requires a digital culture and how companies can bring on their A-game for successful tech-enabled transformations. Lubomira concluded the episode with inspiring advice for women executives seeking a career in Digital Transformation.
In this episode of 'Digital Strategy Unlocked,' Barry Gilmore, Former CIO of L'Oréal America's has an insightful conversation with our host, Deepak Sharma. Tune in as they discuss the vital aspect of business success and the role a CIO must play in today's ever-changing digital world. Barry also deep-dives into Photon Colleague Success Management and shares his outside-in perspective on the framework. He explains how as a CIO, he used to play the role of a chief problem-solving officer. And how his colleagues often saw him as a partner who cared for the business and solved their problems.
Welcome to the first episode of 'Digital Strategy Unlocked,' where we provide valuable insights and influential trends that help CIOs advance their capabilities and leadership skills to shape, enable, and influence business strategies. This week Anthony Roberts, former SVP and Global CIO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, joins Deepak Sharma. They take a deep dive through the lens of Photon Colleague Success Management into how the focus of the CIOs has evolved from infrastructure and networks to delivering business outcomes.
Digital Strategy Unlocked is hosted by Deepak Sharma, SVP, Strategy & Customer Success at Photon. You can subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you find podcasts. In every episode, we look through the lens of Photon’s Colleague Success Management and provide valuable insights to help leaders increase IT product adoption and accelerate business outcomes.
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