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EPISODE 44: COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN A-Block (1:45) SPECIAL COMMENT: This should've been a landmark day at the Supreme Court with Judge Jackson's Investiture (2:15) Instead it's again about the prejudice, the dishonesty, the proselytizing of Samuel Alito and the threat contained in his response to Justice Kagan: "Saying or implying that the court is becoming an illegitimate institution or questioning our integrity crosses an important line." (6:08) New Gallup poll shows trust in the Court has dropped from 67% to 47% in just two years (10:29) Alito thinks his job is to create laws that protect the "role" of Jesus in American life, and said so in Rome in July (12:12) And hidden within his reference to criticism that "crosses an important line" is a threat that Alito thinks the Court should ACT against those who dare to stand up against the theocracy he and the other political prostitutes of this course are building as we speak. B-Block (17:18) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Gulf Coast Humane Society (18:35) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: John Harris of Politico believes Maggie Haberman and the other Suppress-The-News-Til-You-Get-A-Book-Deal hacks proved journalism is "more powerful than Trump." He competes with LIV Golf and Ben Shapiro for the honors (23:26) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: Exactly 10 years ago today my then-girlfriend faced the heartbreak of a dying family dog by telling me "I need a puppy fix." What followed was probably the most important day of my life. C-Block (36:51) Part Two of Things I Promised Not To Tell: Rudy Giuliani makes a cameo appearance in the middle of my meltdown and the ultimate triumph of love at first sight - and you'll hear from the girl herself.See for privacy information.
A-Block (1:47) SPECIAL COMMENT: Trial of the Proud Boys starts in DC, near the trial of the Oath Keepers, while one liberal commentator is blasted for asking about climate change and Hurricane Ian, but Tucker Carlson is free to insinuate President Biden blew up the Nord Stream pipelines. So this question: (2:47) WHY and WHEN did much of our country GO CRAZY? When did despicable but sane conservatives go insane? (4:09) I think the answer is: the conservatives' guard rails began to fall off when the 9/11 PTSD sunk in (13:52) Certainly what Bush got away with, in Iraq, with torture, conservatives lost any fear that they couldn't get away with anything - including claiming JFK Jr. is back from the dead. B-Block (19:27) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Gonzo, in New York (20:27) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Coolio, In Memoriam; J.R. Majewski, in trouble again; Marjorie Trailer Park Greene, in divorce court; and John Barron rides again. (22:20) IN SPORTS: Tim Mayza and Matt Buschmann are in the record books! (Oh and Aaron Judge too) And of triple-headers, quadruple-headers, and sextuple-headers (23:56) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: MTG self-owns while hog-hunting, Martha MacCallum doesn't understand Puerto Rico, and Chris Hayes advocates something unconscionable, as they compete for he honors (29:45) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: Saturday is the 29th Anniversary of the launch of the New Coke of TV Sports: ESPN2 - and I still have the scars! C-Block (41:15) Part two of Things I Promised Not To Tell. There were two reasons I was willing to give up SportsCenter to be the face of the ESPN2 disaster. One reason, I've always mentioned. But the other? I don't think I told more than one other person in 29 years. In this podcast: I TELL THEE.See for privacy information.
OATH KEEPERS COULD SCREW TRUMP A-Block (1:45) SPECIAL COMMENT: Keep your eye on the trial of Stewart Rhodes and the Oath Keepers as jury selection continues today. Rhodes' defense is: he and his terrorists were acting on what were to be legal orders from Trump as President. So...they just guessed that would be the case? They assumed? THEY HAD TO HAVE BEEN TOLD. Told? By whom? What will they say in their own defense and who will testify to what communications or meetings or conspiracies? They are on trial for Seditious Conspiracy and perhaps decades in jail and who they blame could be close to Trump - or Trump himself. (5:07) Other Oath Keepers have already flipped and implicated Roger Stone, Stop The Steal, and The Proud Boys (7:05) And ex-Trump physician, Congressman Ronny Jackson, who supposedly reached out to Stewart Rhodes for protection during the attempted coup.  B-Block (15:16) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Jinxie in Brooklyn (16:39) IN SPORTS: Sure they clinched their division, but what about Aaron Judge's home run drought? And now that the NFL has cancelled its All-Star Game will the other leagues follow suit? (20:32) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: The book banners of Bucks County PA taking it an extra yard, the University of Idaho, and the DeSantis appointee who just quit after a KKK photo surfaced, compete for honors (24:00) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: In the world of the movie "Network" it was 47 years ago this week that things began to go off the rails for Howard Beale, Max Schumacher, Diana Christensen, and the UBS Evening News. For my money, it's the greatest movie of all time - and especially the most prophetic. C-Block (37:03) More on "Network" and the 23 separate prophecies of auteur Paddy Chayefsky, who saw in 1976 what the rest of us could not imagine: what television news would look like in 2022.See for privacy information.
KYRSTEN SINEMA SHOULD RESIGN A-Block (1:45) SPECIAL COMMENT: I do not know how or why Senator Sinema of Arizona can still identify as a Democrat after appearing with Mitch McConnell at an event that was for all intents and purposes a Republican Campaign Rally for the mid-terms. Sinema praised McConnell for his "respect for the Senate" even though it was McConnell who made up a rule that denied Merrick Garland even a hearing for the Supreme Court and stole the seat for the Republicans. She blamed everybody BUT the Republicans for politics becoming "radicalized, spiraling steadily downward into bitter and tribal extremism" and never mentioned January 6th. She forecast a Democratic defeat in November. (9:53) I explain my personal relationship with Kyrsten Sinema, first as a friend, then in a brief dating relationship, then again as a friend, spanning nearly eight years, and her deterioration from as liberal and progressive a person as I've ever met to a clown who has fallen for Mitch McConnell's act. She should resign from the Senate - Arizona's governor would be required by law to name a Democratic replacement - and take her deliberate unwillingness to recognize the threat to democracy posed by the Republicans, and utilize it either to challenge Tulsi Gabbard for the role OF Tulsi Gabbard, or go host "Meet The Press." B-Block (19:00) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Edda in The Bahamas (20:13) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: The Meadows texts: the "Crown Jewels" of the 1/6 Investigation; Liz Truss has them invoking the 119 days of George Canning; Ken Paxton flees. (22:45) IN SPORTS: The Judge Watch Never Stops; Brett Favre suspended by SiriusXM. (24:35) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Our boy Chuck Todd, the American Senator who doesn't know how to pronounce "9/11," and the Elitist cheering for the defeat of the Elitists without realizing he IS an Elitist, vie for the honors. C-Block (31:00) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: It actually happened: the president of NBC summoned us to his 52nd Floor office to warn us that MSNBC was about to be taken off the air by order of the Chairman of G.E. because HIS MOMMY TOLD HIM TO.See for privacy information.
TRUMP BACKING AWAY FROM "Q" OVER ROYALTIES? A-Block (1:47) SPECIAL COMMENT: At his latest rally Trump had security stop his cultists from doing the Q-Anon Sieg Heil and seemed to be backing away from the conspiracy theory. Or is it just that he found out he'll have to pay money for the damned "Q Song"? (5:15) Shocking developments as two excerpts from Maggie Haberman's book are actually relevant and revelatory as Trump confesses his true motivation for everything: the fear that people won't know who he is (9:07) And the Italian elections may seem remote and irrelevant, except that the apparent winner, the anti-LGBTQ anti-migrant fascist, is another Steve Bannon protege. B-Block (14:25) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Jelly Belly and Cooper in California (15:56) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Kevin McCarthy thinks he's quoting Lincoln when he's actually quoting a bank ad; JR Majewski says it's classified; Everybody hates Kyrsten, and NASA says 'Kiss your asteroid goodbye." (20:26) IN SPORTS: NFLPA has a headache over Too, and Judge stuck on 60. Plus the argument that the most homers is automatically the RECORD for homers is nonsense. The most strikeouts in a season isn't the RECORD for strikeouts, nor is the most steals. (27:52) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Somebody doesn't like my criticisms of CNN henchman Chris Licht, the Congressman who says women shouldn't vote, and what do you mean 'The Soviets irradiated Richard Nixon?' C-Block (33:13) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: For 46 years, I have told the saga of my ill-fated hero Fred Merkle and how they changed the rules on him in the middle of the game in September, 1908. But this'll be the first time I've told the extraordinary story of what his great-grandson did as a toddler, as his parents and I watched in astonishment, that left us wondering about reincarnation!See for privacy information.
THIS IS VICHY CNN A-Block (1:37) SPECIAL COMMENT: Apropos of the Vichy CNN shake-up yesterday that saw Chris "Ate Paste" Licht reward Jake Tapper after he defended the "Special Master" ruling and attacked those on MSNBC who attacked CNN's biased analysis, and rewarded Alisyn Camerota for questioning whether what Ron DeSantis did to the asylum-seekers in Texas could really be kidnapping because they were treated so well by their rescuers in Martha's Vineyard, let's look again at the beginning. When Licht fired Brian Stelter and cancelled "Reliable Sources," we didn't know he had also already fired John Harwood. When I knew him at MSNBC, Licht was Joe Scarborough's hatchet-man. And now he's John Malone's. This... is Vichy CNN. B-Block (19:57) SPECIAL COMMENT: Would that it were exclusive to CNN. It's not. Every news outlet in the country has had "the" meeting: 'If this country goes fully fascist, how do we protect our profits?' The meetings began at MSNBC in 2006 - and they have never stopped. I told that story in the first episode of this series and it's worth revisiting it in the context of the collapse in the only ratings measurement that counts in television: viewers aged 25-54. These ratings at MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News are as low as they've been in 20 years, and MSNBC's newest show has settled in nicely into last place in prime time in the category. The fear of offending Right Wingers will kill the profits of cable news long before fascist oppression can. C-Block (38:38) SPECIAL COMMENT: With a little perspective, the obsession of CNN and other right wing media with the presence of two marines in the background of President Biden's Philadelphia speech about the threat posed by MAGA-Republicans, seems ridiculous and futile. EVERYTHING they've done since has served merely to prove that the president was right; contrast what Biden said in Philadelphia to the Q-Anon references and Q-Muzak and mass fascist salutes and stochastic calls to violence that Trump presented in Youngstown.See for privacy information.
THE GODFATHER: PART TRUMP A-Block (1:46) SPECIAL COMMENT: Remember the baptism scene in "The Godfather"? Where Michael has everybody whacked? Metaphorically, that was Trump's Wednesday - only he was ALL 10 GUYS WHO GOT WHACKED. His Appeals Court appointees let the DOJ resume its investigation, declare declassification irrelevant (4:02) Trump replies to Spokesmodel Sean Hannity that he could declassify documents just "by thinking about it" - BLINK ONE FOR CLASSIFIED, BLINK TWO FOR DECLASSIFIED. But the judges just said declassification is a red herring. (5:30) NY AG James' lawsuit may hurt Trump more personally because he's accused of not being THAT rich, and needing to be THAT rich is perhaps Trump's only human emotion (7:30) Two other court cases for Trump (7:52) and maybe one coming for Ron DeSantis (8:40) And Trump Endorsee J.R. Majewski grabs what used to be the Third Rail of Politics: Lying about your military service. He didn't fight in Afghanistan; he loaded cargo in Qatar. We'll hear him recount his ordeal in Afghanistan that he didn't have. B-Block (14:31) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Koley (15:34) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: The Electoral Count Act, McCarthy Suffers Premature Jocularity, Tucker Carlson slanders the wrong Ontario teacher, the World Bank boss is a climate crisis denier, and Contagious Defenestration continues even as Russia destabilizes (18:31) IN SPORTS: Buster Posey becomes management, Dayton Moore becomes ex-management, and why Aaron Judge's 60 Homers are not comparable to Babe Ruth's 60 Homers (like McGwire's 70 Homers were not comparable to Ruth's 60) (22:41) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Politicians walk out of Greg Norman's pitch for the Saudi Blood Money Golf Tour and he competes with Ted Cruz and the NBA for the honors. C-Block (27:00) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: Sunday it'll be 16 years since a guy sent me, at my home, an envelope he claimed was full of anthrax. What happened next, including The New York Post getting vengeance against me by printing a story that identified the real culprit of the anthrax story: Me.See for privacy information.
DOJ'S LATE NIGHT FILING AGAINST TRUMP A-Block (1:45) SPECIAL COMMENT. I wonder if Trump has ever heard of Victor Marchetti? He will now. The Government's 1975 court victory over him defined who has to prove a Classified Document is STILL a Classified Document - and it ain't the government. The Justice Department with a killer filing in its appeal of the Special Master ruling (3:55) Even as the Special Master comes down on Trump like a ton of bricks. His insistence those are HIS documents because he declassified some of them but he can't tell you which ones or when, is attacked by Special Master Dearie (4:10) Who says "You can't have your cake and eat it too." Didn't somebody we all know use that same phrase yesterday? YES I DID. (6:03) If you think Trump's lawyers are nitwits, wait'll you hear Alina Habba not understand why it's called an OCTOBER Surprise (6:45) Trump also makes a dumb analogy about the search of his bedroom (7:40) While New York's Attorney General may be ready to move (8:00) And three of the asylum seekers DeSantis human-trafficked have filed a class action suit against him and he's reduced to using the phrase "Onesie-Twosies" (10:34) And Trump's desperate neediness leads to one of the greatest Owns in Twitter history: Greg Proops flattens Maggie Haberman for all time. B-Block (14:35) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Hooch (16:00) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Ron Johnson "condones" white supremacy; Bret "Mr. Journalist" Baier tried to get the Fox Arizona call retracted; Tucker Carlson may get more people hurt. (18:50) IN SPORTS: 60 homers for Judge, the passing of Maury Wills, three NHL vets retire (21:30) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: The 1776 Restoration Movement scumbags compete with Ronna McDaniel and a ton of Fentanyl for Halloween, and the Australian TV hosts covering the Queen's funeral, for the honors. C-Block (26:45) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: 25 years since the head of the NBC part of MSNBC told me to ignore the head of the MS part of MSNBC. Andy Lack said they "were only supposed to give us money and computer terminals! Don't tell ME that we have to 'synergize' cable television and the internet - whatever the hell the internet is!"See for privacy information.
HERSCHMANN SINKS TRUMP A BLOCK (1:45) SPECIAL COMMENT: Eric Herschmann may be today's John Dean. In 2021 he warned Trump to return all the classified documents he took with him. Because Trump ignored his advice that gives prosecutors a smoking gun (3:35) Because the Espionage Act requires the perp to have "WILLFULLY" concealed the stolen secrets (3:50) And 18 US Code 2071 also says any convicted "SHALL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM HOLDING ANY OFFICE UNDER THE UNITED STATES." (4:32) Herschmann has already testified against Trump at the House 1/6 Committee and is to testify to a Federal Grand Jury. (5:31) And Trump's handpicked 'Special Master" Raymond Dearie demands they tell him what Trump claims to have declassified and when, sending Trump's lawyers into a panic (7:53) While Trump is only worried about where Biden sat at Queen Elizabeth's funeral service and even in that, he inadvertently admits Biden is president, and he isn't (9:12) Meanwhile: Told you so: The DeSantis Migrant Kidnapping disaster is being investigated as a crime in Texas. B BLOCK (14:00) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Colson (15:22) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Sad sack New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc steps in it; GOP threatening to investigate its beloved U.S. Chamber of Commerce?; And what does TV news do, now that Elizabeth has finally been buried? (18:43) IN SPORTS: Now the Saudi Blood Money Golf Tour sends Greg Norman to DC to lobby on its heinous behalf. (20:50) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: The GOP Congressman who confesses that unpaid student debt is the greatest recruiting tool for the US military, vies with a NYPD Lieutenant with 52 disciplinary allegations, and the Funeral Spider, for the honors. C BLOCK (25:24) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: It's 40 years since CNN let me spend well into three figures to take the three key figures from the Players Union to dinner during the 1982 NFL Strike. I'll even reveal the day a players' negotiator tried to strangle an owners' negotiator.See for privacy information.
TRUMP IS AMERICA'S HITLER A BLOCK: (1:50) SPECIAL COMMENT: After the Saturday Trump rally in Ohio, and the modified Sieg Heil, and the QAnon Music, and the rewritten history, and the Sunday Mastriano rally in Pennsylvania, and the modified Sieg Heil there, and the QAnon Music there, and the rewritten history there, it is time to use the real words. Trump has stopped pretending, and embraced QAnon, Christofascism, and Violent Revolution. He is America's Hitler, and he must be stopped while we still have any capacity to do so. B BLOCK: (23:53) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Henrietta (25:21) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Fiona blacks out Puerto Rico; Tomi Lahren evacuates?; Henry Silva passes; How about "Emancipation: It Slaps"? (27:54) IN SPORTS: Tom Brady's bad day and Trey Lance's worse day; What does "American League" record mean any more?; The passing of Mrs. Gil Hodges (30:2) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: DeSantis spits on Nazareth, Pat Sajak, and Alysin "Is It Really Kidnapping" Camerota of CNN compete for honors. C BLOCK: (35:20) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: The anniversary of the day in 1908 when my great grandfather Antony Zelenskyy turned down $1000 in stock in the company that would become no I just can't write itSee for privacy information.
3 STEPS TO STOP TRUMP TODAY A BLOCK (1:48) SPECIAL COMMENT: Ron DeSantis didn't "pull off a political stunt." He is guilty of kidnapping and human trafficking and must be arrested. (3:42) He's violated 8 US Code 1324 and (5:31) his agent lured people onto the flight to Massachusetts. There are 50 counts; it's 5 years each (8:09) Incredibly, the White House already had a meeting scheduled today about "litigation options" against DeSantis and Abbott (8:49) And we must stand up against the psychopathic scum the way our ancestors did against the psychopathic scum of 1860 (10:30) Plus: there's a three-step process to bypass the corrupt Trump-appointee who just erased American law to protect the pimp who put her on the bench: Appeal, Waive All Executive Privilege, and INDICT THE M'F'ER NOW, especially after the interview (13:05) in which he made seven separate incitements to another insurrection in just 37 seconds of an interview.(14:30) A reminder: the bully understands only the kick in the crotch. B BLOCK (19:10) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Cooper, in Los Angeles (20:42) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Marjorie Taylor Greene tries three times to kick and push a Young Voters' Organizer, finally gets her, no word on charges; Chris "Eats Paste" Licht demotes CNN's top liberal primetime host to co-host of the little-watched morning program (alongside a former reporter for "The Daily Caller"), WSJ whiffs on Biden's Railroad (25:30) IN SPORTS: Federer goes, Ohio Republicans vote themselves the right to inspect undressed teenaged girl athletes, Washington Commanders can't tell WHICH Washington (28:22) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: D'Souza confuses an arrested Republican for a Democrat, Mike Lindell literally forgets This-Is-A-Hardee's and Blake Masters wants to fire all the generals as they vie for hours. C BLOCK (34:10) FRIDAYS WITH THURBER: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!See for privacy information.
JEFF CLARK SPILLS THE BEANS A BLOCK (1:45) SPECIAL COMMENT: The would-be Attorney General, Jeffrey Clark, inadvertently reveals the Justice Department is pursuing Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy, and False Statement charges over the Eastman-Trump Fake Electors Scheme (3:30) NINE phones now seized, including Mike Lindell's. We'll get his nitwitted update on the worst crime since the crucifixion (7:30) It's confirmed: Monday's Trump "Golf Course Meeting" was actually...a golf course meeting, about sprucing it up for the Saudi Arabian Blood Money Golf Tour stop there next spring (9:00) Surprisingly, Trump declares himself Antifa (9:20) The Durham bull is over as the 'Deep State Investigation' ends in shallow waters (10:10) And in an unrelated headline: Queen Elizabeth is still dead. Seriously: British TV coverage gives one reason to worry about our UK cousins. PTSD seems to be settling in, and now they're claiming Elizabeth will be missed as much here in the US as there in the UK. B BLOCK (16:50) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: The NBC News affiliate in Tampa kisses up to Ron DeSantis, Republicans attack Lindsey Graham for telling the truth about their secret abortion ban plan, and Etsy gets the message but a new sponsor steps up for Steve Bannon's Fascist Disco Party - and they compete for today's honors. (20:55) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL PART 1: The death of Ken Starr recalls his pollution of American news, especially cable TV, and I'll take you back to June 5, 1998, when I tried to quit as the anchor of MSNBC's top Clinton-Lewinsky-Starr show, two NBC News executives asked me to see an NBC official as part of a process to leave the network - except she turned out to be their leg-breaker and told me NBC versus me would be "David and Goliath" and NBC would crush me. C BLOCK (34:30) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL PART 2: But it was even worse: she promised that if I quit, NBC would put my parents "out on the street." That's how closely Ken Starr forged the link between his live made-for-tv political reality show and the profits at all the networks.See for privacy information.
URGENT CIA BRIEFING A BLOCK (1:48) SPECIAL COMMENT: Warning or Coincidence? CIA Director Burns urgently briefs Pelosi, McCarthy, Schiff, Gang of 8 at Capitol at close-of-business. Could easily be nothing except it's now public (3:24) that Trump stole classified documents marked HCS, SI, and FISA. It's all in the less-redacted version of the Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit. (4:05) Judge is again warned SHE is risking national defense (5:53) Trump gives up the pretense and posts a picture of himself wearing a "Q" lapel pin, referencing "The Storm." (6:43) An attack on Liberals to "restore Trump to President-King" is thwarted in Pennsylvania (7:15) Lindsey Graham falls further, announcing an anti-abortion bill that proves McConnell was lying that it was to be "left to the states" (11:03) Lindsey now works for the Mike Lindell party. Lindell says the FBI seized his phone at an Arby's. Then he says it was at a Hardee's. Please lord let the agents have said "Sir, this is a Wendy's." (11:31) And can it get dumber? Yes, if Lauren Boebert is around. Tasked with reading the Bible aloud to a bunch of Christian theocrats, she screws it up and refers to "Wonton Murders." B BLOCK (15:49) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Josephine in Illinois (17:06) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Polling showing Shapiro over Mastriano by 19? Warnock over Walker by 10? Is it legit? And what's wrong in Russia? An oligarch didn't defenestrate, he drowned! (19:08) IN SPORTS: Aaron Judge has 57 homers - and competition, and could they have become "The Southern California Angels?" (23:21) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Etsy, sponsoring Steve Bannon, competes with Erin Burnett and Brett Favre for the honors. C BLOCK (28:30) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: Clinton-Lewinsky persecutor Ken Starr is dead, and so is the rule that you can't speak ill of the dead. He was a harbinger of today's Authoritarian Rules-For-Thee Fascism, and he distracted America from the looming threat of terrorism, and he leaked constantly and illegally, and he let people like NBC News President Andy Lack degrade and demean America - and me, too, when I told him I no longer wanted to do a "news" show designed to fulfill Starr's nakedly political purposes.See for privacy information.
THEY WERE DOIN' A GOLF A BLOCK (1:46) SPECIAL COMMENT: That wasn't a secret Trump Crime Family meeting at the golf course: They were doin' a GOLF (2:10) No matter who captioned the photos "Trump with Devin Nunes and Sean Hannity" it was Trump with his VP/Golf Courses and Director of Grounds. (3:35) I have witnessed Trump do this in one of his New York apartment buildings: he likes to show his employees how to do the jobs they are actually experts at. (5:40) It seemed to dovetail: 40 subpoenas! Dan Scavino! Boris Epshteyn! Seized phones! Of course they were meeting at a golf course! They were afraid of wiretaps, and everybody had their phones seized! Nope. They were doin' a GOLF (6:16) And they weren't trying to fix the Special Master case because it looks like the judge has realized she's screwed up and may walk it back. (9:08) After he lost the election Trump told people he wouldn't leave the White House. Why are we only finding this out now? Because Maggie Haberman held it for months (maybe longer) for her new book: "I'M NOT GOING TO REPORT ANY OF THIS UNTIL I GET A BOOK DEAL!" This is the third time Haberman has done this with this book alone. She joins Bob Woodward, Robert Costa, Jon Karl, and others as reporters who refused to report. (13:00) But Haberman's case is so egregious we need to know what ELSE she might be suppressing. So I think The House January 6th Committee should subpoena her to find out what she knows - or what she WILL know later when the damn book comes out. B BLOCK (16:49) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Willow (18:06) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: J6 Committee may invite Pence and Trump today, possible new PA Secretary of State goes full 9/11 Truther, and no one was injured at the Emmys. (21:35) IN SPORTS: The continuing shame of Mike Trout's anonymity, and the death of Queen Elizabeth messes with the weekly European soccer championship. (22:38) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Fox's Faulkner Freaks, Ronda Santis bribes voters, Matt Gaetz mocks his opponent's autistic son. C BLOCK (28:10) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: The day my appendix burst and it was 48 hours before I knew it so I kept working and I beat CNN in the ratings anyway and I learned how to tell Rush-To-The-Hospital Appendix Pain from the other kind so I can tell thee and John Cleese reminded me it happened to him too and to milk it for all it was worth: "You and I were dying of septicemia!"See for privacy information.
THE CHIEF JUSTICE SHOULD RESIGN A BLOCK (1:48) SPECIAL COMMENT: "Simply because people disagree with a (Court) Opinion," says Chief Justice John Roberts over the weekend in Colorado, "is not a basis for questioning the legitimacy of The (Supreme) Court." Firstly: of COURSE it is! (2:50) Ever heard of Dred Scott, Johnny? (3:54) Secondly: that is hardly the primary reason your court's legitimacy is being questioned. It's being questioned because the Supreme Court has been poisoned by Conservatives. One Justice's wife is an insurrectionist. Another Justice is there because a Senate Majority Leader made up a phony rule. A third is there because the same Leader didn't FOLLOW the phony rule. At least three of them lied to the Senate. Alito gave a political speech mocking anybody who opposed him, or wasn't Catholic. It's time for Chief Justice Roberts to resign! (7:19) Judicial corruption is so pervasive that the "Special Master" Trump proposed to a judge he appointed, is the husband of one of the judges he appointed to the appeals court that next gets his case! (7:58) Happily the Department of Justice has offered Judge Cannon a climbdown from her decision to threaten National Security. (10:00) May video from London's Daily Mail has new significance: it shows Trump taking boxes of stuff from Mar-a-Lago to his golf course in New Jersey three days after the National Archives emailed about missing stuff (10:55) and last night we saw more video of Trump and private jets, ferrying him from New Jersey to DC sparking all kinds of speculation with the easiest explanation: he has another golf course near Dulles Airport (11:15) No, I don't know why he went, but the last time we saw him go to a golf course he buried a wife in it. Has Trump got anybody he needs to bury? B BLOCK: (15:20) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Janet the Boston Terrier in New Jersey (16:40) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Looks like the Russians are losing badly in Ukraine; a Kansas sheriff thinks he's going to war against the IRS, and the Royal Beekeeper has let the bees know the bad news about Queen Elizabeth. (19:55) IN SPORTS: Mahomes' hand is fine, Aaron Rodgers' head isn't (and it's probably my fault), who drew the line at Soldier Field, and Baseball shorts Doc White (24:10) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: CNN's Jake Tapper vies with Mike Pence and Kimberly "The New King Is My Friend" Guilfoyle for the honors. C BLOCK: (29:05) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: The strange tale of how ESPN wanted me to take on New York radio legends (and illiterates) Francesa and Russo, but fate intervened.See for privacy information.
JUDGE CANNON RISKS NATIONAL DEFENSE A BLOCK (1:46) SPECIAL COMMENT: Department of Justice asks Trump Flunky Judge Aileen Cannon to stay her order for a "Special Master" to thumb through documents too top secret for most defense officials to know exist (3:29) To explain the continuing risk that Trump may have stolen MORE documents describing other nation's nukes (and done a better job hiding them) let's explore two hypothetical nations, one with nuclear capabilities and one without. Let's call them "Bisrael" and "Howdy Arabia" (6:05) DOJ emphasized they can't tell what Trump might still be hiding without knowing what they already have; I believe if the judge doesn't cooperate they should act without her, on the basis of national defense (7:10) And after former Trump US Attorney Appointee's revelations, no more crap from Republicans about "politicizing the DOJ." Trump wanted him to prosecute John Kerry (8:39) Grand Jury now investigating Trump's "Save America PAC" scam (9:12) and speaking of scam, Steve Bannon Does The Perp Walk and repeats "They'll have to kill me first." Whatever you say, Rasputin Only More Unkempt. B BLOCK (14:00) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Pumpkin, in Miami (15:25) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: The death of Queen Elizabeth and her 25,782 days on the job and how she seemed to accept both reverence and irreverence with equal grace; and one of my original CNN colleagues Bernard Shaw has also died, leaving a controversial legacy and an infamous question in the 1988 Presidential Debates (23:24) IN SPORTS: Baseball is going to do it! Ban shifts, even though shifts have been in use IN THE MAJORS SINCE 1874 and even though without shifts the 1st Baseman would still spend all game standing ON 1st Base (29:11) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: I compete against Fox News and @GarfieldFanArt for the honors. C BLOCK (34:45) FRIDAYS WITH JAMES THURBER: Three of his best, and most admired, fables: "The Unicorn In The Garden," "The Rabbits Who Caused All The Trouble," and the one I have a tattoo for, "The Moth And The Star."See for privacy information.
WHERE'S TRUMP'S DENIAL? A BLOCK (1:50) SPECIAL COMMENT: Everybody from Lindsey Graham to Marco Rubio to Kellyanne Conway attacked The Washington Post for reporting the FBI found a Top Secret document stashed at Mar-a-Lago "describing a foreign government's...nuclear capabilities." But who came out and said 'Nah, Trump DIDN'T DO IT?' Isn't ANYBODY going to deny it? (3:57) Even some nonsensical 'he did it to secure the documents' defense? No? Nothing? (4:24) Three DAYS before Nixon resigned, Congressman Chuck Wiggins was still insisting Nixon was innocent! Three days! NOBODY believes Trump DIDN'T do this! (6:00) Or is the "foreign government" really Israel and they're all too terrified to say anything? (6:25) But if it were Israel wouldn't Mitch McConnell throw Trump overboard to protect his own ass? (7:30) The other news: Steve Bannon Day. He says "they'll have to kill me first." Sounds like a plan. (7:42) Who is William S. Russell and why does the January 6 Grand Jury want to hear from him? (8:30) And yes, CNN led an hour last night pushing one of the 'The Real Crime Is The Leak' stories. The turning has begun. (11:00) When new CNN boss Chris Licht and I were together at MSNBC, I thought he ate glue (11:15) I've known Licht's first talent hire - Cop Apologist John Miller - since I worked with him in 1978! If you need a living symbol of CNN's coming conservatism, Miller is it. He's so bad that even New York Mayor Eric Adams (himself an ex-cop) apologized for him! B BLOCK (18:30) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DIE: Deserey, and a desperate need for fosters in NYC (20:55) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: The problem with Obama's portrait, comparative life expectancy, Oath Keepers in our midst. (22:55) IN SPORTS: The guy from the Minnesota Twins? His cousin wrote Hamilton; Jerry Seinfeld blames "Timmy Trumpet" for the Mets slide; MSG boss Jim Dolan steps in political crap yet again (28:00) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Fox News screwing up the bio of a founding father, Senator Ron Johnson, and Michigan's Kristina Karamo vie for honors. C BLOCK (32:10) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: The man I met on 9/11, who cheated death because the regular men's room attendant at a top New York City restaurant. It's the story of that sad anniversary, in miniature.See for privacy information.
DETAIN THE NUCLEAR KLEPTOMANIAC A BLOCK (1:47) SPECIAL COMMENT: Trump is a nuclear kleptomaniac. And per The Washington Post, the FBI recovered "a document describing a foreign government's...nuclear capabilities" he had taken to Mar-a-Lago. We do not have TIME for a Trump appointee's bought-and-paid-for delays. Judge Cannon must vacate her Special Master ruling, or the Department of Justice must ignore it, and if necessary arrest Judge Cannon as a risk to the national nuclear defense. (3:52) WHY is Trump not already in a naval brig or army stockage? WHY haven't Mar-a-Lago, Bedminster, and Trump Tower been sealed off indefinitely until we are sure he didn't stash MORE NUCLEAR DOCUMENTS THERE? (5:12) We spent the years after 9/11 listening to the Republicans warn of "loose nukes," dirty bombs, unimaginable risks - this document IS a loose nuke, it is the written equivalent of a dirty bomb, and TRUMP is the "unimaginable risk." 10:30 On August 26 Trump boasted "nothing mentioned on 'nuclear'" in the Mar-a-lago affidavit. Now 'nuclear' has been mentioned and Trump must be detained in a secure facility until we know we and our allies are safe, and then we can decide how many decades his sentence should be for. B BLOCK (15:28) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Cider, in Atlanta (17:05) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: The Insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment is finally used to remove an officeholder; the damning video showing Sidney Powell's henchmen going in to access a Georgia voting system; the would-be Trump Attorney General Jeff Clark fails to get the bar association's punishment against him sealed. (20:35) IN SPORTS: Minor League Baseball players seem set to join Big Leaguers' union, Chicago Bears announce a new stadium just as they've done continuously since 1989, and Oakland's Dave Stewart will be honored, but not for Lucille - and how Nancy Faust figures in! (26:23) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD (26:23) As the new British Prime Minister's twitter handle, the Ohio GOP skunked by Trump, and the Proud Boy who wasn't too proud to lie, vie for the honors. C BLOCK (31:58) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: It took a year to finally get to the sports anchor desk at WCVB Channel 5 Boston, but only six months to get the hell out. Why would you hire me to do sports if you didn't want me to tell jokes?See for privacy information.
ARREST TRUMP WHILE WE STILL CAN A BLOCK (1:48) SPECIAL COMMENT: After the Rubber Stamp Judge he appointed has fabricated law to protect him from justice, Trump has again demanded that "they" overthrow the duly-elected government of the United States - 20 MONTHS TO THE DAY SINCE JANUARY 6TH (3:06) Arrest him NOW while we still can and before he sells the secrets he stole (4:39) Since we know he does not care if the next coup is violent or not, we must stop him NOW (6:05) "Judge" Cannon listened to Trump's "swirling allegation of bias" and used them as an excuse to issue a lawless ruling (8:55) We must act as if we had been invaded by a foreign nation with allies inside this country (9:05) There are six steps that can be taken: including impeaching Cannon, declaring the Federalist Society factory of treason as what it is: a Terrorist organization, search for more stolen documents at Bedminster and Trump Tower, double the number of 1/6 Committee hearings, have President Biden again give his Philadelphia speech (only this time with the gloves off) and ARREST. TRUMP. NOW. WHILE. WE. STILL. CAN. B BLOCK (19:36) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Rufio (21:02) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Trump's rally proves everything Biden said was true, and then some, plus the British have made a lookalike for Evil Tweety Bird their new Prime Minister (24:13) IN SPORTS: Nadal loses, Seal is there (under the name Seal Seal), Judge is poised to break Maris's record, the Oakland couple is sought, and Final Jeopardy is a sports question (28:45) WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Brianna Kellar, Jonathan Truly and Kristina "F it, I'll kill us all" Karamo vie for the honors. C BLOCK (33:30) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: First the Republicans ran a 9/11 Snuff Film unannounced - on MSNBC - and I apologized to our viewers. Then the Republicans told Tom Brokaw: if you don't get Olbermann fired, McCain won't show up to the Presidential Debate YOU are moderating. It all goes down hill from there, and the end result was: I got $22,000,000. Thanks Tom! Oh and ARREST. TRUMP. NOW. WHILE. WE. STILL. CAN.  See for privacy information.
BIDEN FULFILLED HIS OATH OF OFFICE A BLOCK (1:49) SPECIAL COMMENT: When political corruption and degeneration threatens the nation, it is NOT political to say so. Last night in Philadelphia, President Biden rose above politics, went beyond politics, and spoke in spite of politics (3:14) The most important part: No problem has ever been solved until someone stood up and said "this is wrong" as Biden did - and thank God he named names (5:50) Even knowing how the American Political Media Complex can't comprehend or digest new things, the networks and newspapers utterly mishandled the story, and bluntly CNN's Poppy Harlow, Brianna Keller, and Jeff Zeleny must've been showing their new Right Wing bosses that they can do Bothsidesism with the best of them. CNN humiliated itself last night (8:42) And the person who proved Biden's point - and the necessity of his speech - was Trump, dangling pardons for and apologies to the 1/6 Traitors (10:45) Trump also contradicted his own attorneys, matter-of-factly slipping in the claim he had declassified the documents he stole (12:20) While Clarence Thomas's continuation on the Supreme Court became even more untenable after his wife's latest disgrace (13:07) And circling back to the Biden speech: somebody else who proved him right? The heckler. What would Trump and his thugs have done to such a protestor? B BLOCK (17:02) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Ginger (18:15) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Another protesting Russian succumbs to the leading cause of death in that country: Windows; Greg Abbott is running on the greatness of the Texas Power Grid?; GOP now suing to stop Biden's College Loan Forgiveness plan. (20:35) IN SPORTS: So the Tom Brady Retirement/Un-retirement/Disappearance saga was about his wife? And the Yankees break in a 70-year old rookie tonight! (23:56) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: House Minority Leader McCarthy is a political poet, invokes "the electric cord of liberty"; Twitter opens Pandora's box with an edit button, and Sarah Palin mystified by Ranked-Choice as they contend for the award. C BLOCK (32:01) FRIDAYS WITH JAMES THURBER: The story is 88 years old but much of it rings true right now: "How To Relax While Broadcasting."See for privacy information.
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