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Solstice Blessings! 2022 comes to a close and on this episode I share some reflections and wisdom that I’ve gathered. I experienced some deep losses and hurt this year, and throughout it all I give thanks for the wisdom and medicine of it all. Heartbreaking is the word I chose to describe the challenges of this year, but what it means is much more than what it seems. Tune in for talk about breaking free and allowing yourself to live! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Peace and Blessings! This episode is a good one. I have been learning a lot about asking for help and asking for what I want. I didn't always have this ability, it's something that I had to work on within myself.  Learning how to ask is a skill that we all need to embrace and hone. I share how sometimes not being specific has led me to some challenges in this episode as well. In asking, be specific but don't be so attached to the outcome in the process. In my speaking up I've been able to open doors and land opportunities. A couple weeks ago, for Momspiration, I shared a reading about the power of your voice, check that out right here I made some changes to simplify things for myself all my content is now located on my website and you can find me on IG as @thespirituallovehealer. I deactivated my other profiles to keep things clean and simple. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Peace Abundant Souls! Thank you for tuning into the show. Lately I've been reflecting on the past, and some of it has me in my feels. During my morning journaling session, I was reminded of this mantra I said often: I am happy, healthy, healed, whole, and complete! These words have had a profound impact on my life. Saying them again moved me as I really thought about the meaning and feeling that came from them. Tune into this episode of the Abundantly Ever After Show for more on finding completion with things that no longer serve you, while realizing you are whole in the process. Head over to Instagram to see the photo of the card I pulled mentioned on the show. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Change is always good. As I was updating my website, I came across a blog post I wrote about meaningful connections. It made me pause and reflect on the amazing souls I’ve connected with in my life who have been supporting me in the most profound ways. I didn’t always have that. I will always deeply appreciate good friends. Tune in to this episode as I share updates inspired by meaningful connections, along with a message about using your intuition. I decided make some major changes to the community I built making it more accessible for you and I can’t wait for you to join me there. Visit to read all about meaningful connections and to view the show notes for this episode. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
It doesn’t get easier from here. Those were the parting words my instructor shared with my graduating class. And she’s right. I watched a speech from the Duke Women’s Basketball coach who said, “you become someone who handles hard better” and these words stuck with me. I think we’ve all been sold the idea that life is easier if… you had more money, a better job, a partner and so much more. The truth is this journey we call life is hard. Speech from Coach Kara Lawson - --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Say hello to the bad guy! On this episode of the Abundantly Ever After Show I’m talking about the villain era. This isn’t about being malicious to others, but more about protecting yourself and upholding your boundaries. When you set boundaries you are sure to disturb the spirit of those who can no longer access you they way they desire. As a recovering people pleaser and someone who always over gives, I’m all about being the villain in this phase of my life. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Can you feel the changes all around? Things are different and lots of amazing things are happening. When you decide to let go of the past, elevation occurs quickly! Everyone isn’t meant to go with you or even support you along your path. On this episode of the Abundantly Ever After Show I talk about why closing the door to the past can multiply your blessings and how to know if you’re in alignment. I mentioned an episode of the show where I talked about evaluating your circle. Listen to this episode at Join the Abundant Soul Tribe at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Peace and Blessings Abundant Soul! This episode is a good one. I had a realization that this entire time that I've felt like I wasn't living my truth or practicing what I preach I was WRONG! I was reminded today after my Full Moon ritual that I am on the path and that all of the things I've experienced are part of the journey. My dreams are literally coming true! Share about how my vision board is coming to life right now and I’m manifesting things into being that I’ve dreamed of. Every obstacle was part of the journey and all of it brought me back deeper into my practices and beliefs. Now it's on to the next level, are you coming along? My journey started with Positive Forward Movement, then Spiritual Love Healing which lead me to living Abundantly Ever After. Tune in to this episode where I touch on: stepping outside the box my thoughts on toxic positivity tuning into your soul what led me into blogging LIVE Show episodes on Instagram what's happening in the Community Having people around you who see you and can reflect your truth back is so important. Make sure you're part of the Abundant Soul Tribe at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Peace Abundant Souls! I was inspired to pull some cards and share a spiritual message for you. Often people will ask what do they need to do in order to manifest or reach their goals. It's a great question and that's what I asked the card today.  Often the #1 thing you need to do is to trust yourself and follow your own path.  Tune in to this episode of the Abundantly Ever After Show for a message on manifesting abundance.  After listening, join me inside the Community at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
I found myself experiencing an initiatory moment. These are also called Tower Moments in the Tarot world. It's when shit hits the fan, and you find yourself unexpectedly having to shift and adjust to life's circumstances.  When I go through these moments I pause, often I keep to myself and do a lot of reflecting. I've created a lot of content over the years and will often go through my blog or YouTube channel to remember who I am and inspire myself. This episode was inspired by a video and reading I recorded at the beginning of 2021. You can watch it at or keep listening. This was a reminder that when shit happens, it's an initiation. At the time this was recorded I was going through deep pain, and I showed up to share with others. I can see now it was so I could get through this current moment. I haven't spoken much about this experience but am writing about it and will share it when the time is right. Updates: In the video, I mentioned the Healing Single Mothers Community, which is now part of the Abundantly Ever After Community with a sacred space carved out just for single Mothers, and the Single Moms Spiritual Journal is now the Spiritual Love Planner. I just started working on the 2023 version of the planner. It still has the same format but has lots of updates! I still serve single Mothers through the work that I do and am currently working on a few writing projects specific to single motherhood. You can join the Abundantly Ever After Community at  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
It's good to be back! The people in your life have a profound impact on you be it positive, negative, or otherwise. Knowing who is truly in your corner is vital to your healing, growth, and success in life. Tune in to this episode for tips to help you evaluate your circle and understand the importance of having a solid team. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Let's talk about closure. This isn't something that you seek from someone else. Doing so can keep you tethered to the past and trapped in cycles. When you're able to accept what is, make peace with your experience and choose to move on, that is closure. Focusing on living Abundantly Ever After can help you through the process of healing and moving on.  Tune in to episode 4 of the Abundantly Ever After Show for more thoughts on closure. After listening, visit me at and add your email to join my mailing list. You can also connect with me over on Instagram @abundantlyeveraftershow --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
One thing about change is that it will always happen! It might not be comfortable and sometimes making changes means you have to adjust your lifestyle. There have been plenty of times in life when I took an L just to come back for the win. This is why I have some great tips to share with you today. When there's a lot going on in life it's hard to focus and keep a positive mindset. In episode 3 of The Abundantly Ever After Show, I share tips to help you weather the storm. One of my favorite tips is keeping a journal to help me clear my mind. I'm a huge advocate for journaling. I've always kept a journal and they serve me well. If you want help in staying focused or dealing with negativity, tune in to this episode. After listening, drop your email at to join my mailing list and connect with me over on Instagram @abundantlyeveraftershow --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Peace and Blessings Abundant Soul! What happens after you experience something painful? Who do you become? How do you conduct yourself? What I do know is that no matter what, you have to become responsible for your own healing. Sometimes you become reclusive, afraid to be seen or open your heart. Others can become vengeful and overly expressive. Or perhaps, you decide to be your best self. There may be a mix of all of the above until you find your path. In this episode of The Abundantly Ever After Show I talk about the 3 keys to transformation: Awareness Clarity Change These pave the way for actions that will help you heal, grow and thrive!  Tune in to the show and learn how to reclaim your power and move towards living Abundantly Ever After. Connect with me over on Instagram @abundantlyeveraftershow and visit to sign up for the Illumination + Inspiration newsletter for additional support, bonus content, and more! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Helping myself and others like me live Abundantly Ever After pain and trauma are what my work as a spiritual healer and coach has been all about. I created this podcast to share my stories, experiences, and expertise to help you heal grow and thrive. The Abundantly Ever After Show is the culmination of my work that shifted me in a different direction, being led by Spirit and my heart. We've all experienced some form of hurt or trauma in our lives. Often times it can stop you from being who you're meant to be and living the life you desire. You are NOT the things that you have experienced. You are NOT broken or damaged. You are a beautiful soul, having human experiences. It's time to stop letting your past, dim your shine! You are going to reach your goals and manifest the life you want, the love you desire, and the abundance you deserve in all areas of life. We are dedicated to living Abundantly Ever After! Visit my website to sign up for the Abundant Soul newsletter. Send your questions or comments to me at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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