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Author: Melinda King

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These sessions are an attempt to bring you some insights and perspectives in how we can use the mind and put it to work in a way that will serve you and create the results you want in your life. It will be an unfolding learning journey as we explore this amazing central processing unit to collate and compile a series of systems and perceptions we can use and organize into a mind manual for the benefit of everyone.
21 Episodes
Let's talk about what self confidence is, & how to get more of it.When we look at the model used in cognitive behavioural therapy and try to insert where self-confidence might fit into it, we could interpret it in a few ways.  It could be a fact or circumstance that you are self confident. It could also sit in the result line, where you bring about the outcome or result of being self confident.  The interpretation I want to focus on today is in classifying it as a feeling, and we’ll even refer to it as such.  We say we feel confident or we don't feel confident.  So if self-confidence is a feeling that we have about ourselves, we need to question 'Where does that feeling come from?  Click to hear more.
Today I want to talk about the cave we have built for ourselves, that we refer to as our comfort zone.  It sounds like a lovely thing to have – to seek the protection of this safe, comfortable zone but I want to suggest that perhaps it’s a prison we’ve unwittingly created for ourselves. 
In this session we look at how creating an energy shift will completely alter your experience of a situation so that it aligns with the way you want to feel or show up.  It’s a simple and easy hack that can produce results for you in seconds.
In this session I want to explore the construct we have of our sense of self, which is really just a false identity that we create in an attempt to understand our world and our place within itIt’s the thing that makes us feel unworthy, unsafe and disconnected and at other times it will sabotage us with it’s superiority approach in adorning us with a lavish dose of self importance and impressiveness that we become entranced with.It’s the thing we fear … for how it will portray our identity and status in the world which in turn will affect the way we feel about ourselves.  And so we hold back in life because of it.  I’m talking about our ego…it’s under attack ….but probably not for the reasons you might think.  We’re going to take a very compassionate non judgmental approach as we attempt to dissect and understand the role of this construct we have of our self.
Do we create our own suffering and misery?In this session I want to explore how the beliefs and expectations we hold on to …so dearly can be the source of so much of the suffering and misery we create for ourselves.   We all have them, but what I want to show you…. is that it may be worth your while to have a much closer at them so you can see how they’re causing you so much pain and suffering in the form of resistance, disappointment, anger, frustration, loneliness, sadness…..and any other feeling you no longer wish to be inundated with.  It’s at this point you might want to jump into defence mode…..and attribute these emotional states to what is actually happening to you from out there.  From all the people, in what they say, how they say it, what they do or don’t do, from your job, from your children, parents, friends, your boss, the weather, the town you live in, even the country….you name it everything else that is happening outside of ourselves is …we think….responsible for how we feel..  
When you find people abandoning their protocol for what they planned to eat for the day in order to stay on track towards their weight loss goals, you will almost always find this one sneaky sentence lurking in the background. ....
In this session we take a look behind the thought patterns that consume so much of our time and energy ….only to leave us feeling exhausted and stressed out….  It’s a loop we get stuck in, that’s not only unproductive but depletes us in such a way that we end up wanting to quit on some level…. because it’s simply not sustainable for us to continue on that way.If you can relate to this then you’re most likely doing one of 3 things I’ve identified that cause us to get stuck in these unproductive thought patterns.
In this session I want to talk about the 50/50 nature of life and the suffering we cause ourselves in denying the truth or reality of what it means to live in a world of relativity.  We forget that we were born into a world where the rules of the game are that for every action there is always an equal yet opposite reaction.  This was Newton’s third law and in an extract from a book titled ‘The mathematical principles of natural translation in 1729’, Newton defines it as: the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal and directed to contrary parts....Visit to watch this episode orSubscribe for more episodes on;Apple Podcast here:  Spotify here:  Google Podcasts here: :   
Today I want to encourage everyone to run a belief audit on an area of your life that isn’t producing the results you would like or is generating a feeling within you that you don’t like.  We generally filter life through a lens of our beliefs. If we believe something to be true, our brain will tend to look for evidence to validate our view and so it becomes a focus for us. This function is carried out by the reticular activating system which connects the subconscious part of our mind with our conscious mind.   Click to hear more...
Today’s session has been designed to stretch you’re comfort zone.  A lot of what’s been covered in previous episodes…. has been about the relationship with ourselves, processing our emotions and of course learning how to master our mind, which has all been very passive and conceptual.   So I thought it might be time to take it a step further, and get into some action …for what good is any of it if we never put it into practice.
Welcome everyone to today’s topic on discovering your purpose.Tuning in to why we’re here and what it is that we’re here to do with our time on earth are some of life’s really big questions that we seem to devote very little time to.  This may be because we think it’s found outside of ourselves and we just haven’t stumbled across it yet…or we don’t allow ourselves to ever really explore the question…for fear if we acknowledged it we might reject the life we already have, or the fear of failing if we allowed ourselves to pursue it.  The other block I think we come up against is the belief that it’s actually not possible for us…. Whatever it is.
Today, I want to talk about the difference between emotional pain itself and then the fear of experiencing the emotional pain.  They are two very different concepts that can produce very different realities…. And the thing that appears to determine whether we go on to develop all the fear around experiencing emotional pain is how hard we resist and wrestle with it…. as opposed to allowing it and processing your way through it.  We can either meet it with a mindset of resistance and rejection, or allowance and acceptance.  Which is not to say you condone or enjoy it, but that you just allow it to be present without pushing it away.  What you resist, persists….so when there isn’t that resistance or opposing force, you’re then allowing it to pass right through.
Today I want to talk about this tendency we have in wanting to seek approval and winning the favour of others….which is driving so many of our behaviours and in particular the social revolution.  
Welcome everyone to a whole new way of looking at weight loss… and why there have been so many unsuccessful attempts made, to restrict our food intake… to a level that simply matches our energy output requirements.
This week I want to explore the relationship with desire and fear and why fear keeps coming up trumps…. to extinguish the fire of our
This week I want to explore the underlying root cause of so many of our problems, our insecurities, control issues, relationships issues, lack of self confidence, self sabotaging behaviours, over desires , addictions… and the list goes on and on.
Criticism is something we spend a lifetime trying to avoid.  It keeps us hiding and playing small and we end up not being our authentic self for fear we may be judged and criticized.  This is the primal part of us responding this way, it’s that part of our brain which is concerned with survival.  The threat of not belonging means isolation from the pack and when we sit on the fringes of the herd in having been cast out, we’re vulnerable to prey.  So it’s going to be this natural default primal response that induces the fear and anxiety around judgement and criticism.  Learn how we can use criticism as an opportunity to learn, connect and grow.
This week we’re going to explore why relationships leave us feeling annoyed, frustrated, lonely, heartbroken…and the list goes on.
This week I want to present a different take on self confidence.  For a lot of people it remains this elusive, intangible asset that remains just out of arms reach..  We see it in others and wonder where they acquired it from and ….if anyone did try to sell it, we all know there’s no amount of money that could ever buy it which all points to the telling tale that the only place you can find it… is within. 
Today we’re going to extend the analogy we explored in the first episode in looking at the mind as a computer or mainframe in our attempt to get some distance between who we really are and our mind. 
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