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Dr. Donut & The Dingus are friends but they are not BEST FRIENDS. Cooter & Anonymous hold those titles, respectively.  While answering some questions from Anonymous they dig into what makes a friendship last & how truly special the bonds we create with our chosen tribe are.   They also say "Bitch" & "Cunt" a lot. You're Welcome.
Dr. Donut introduces The Dingus to a lovely game called "We're Not Really Strangers" which is a set of cards that poses personal questions to help relationships grow.  They thought they knew everything about each other & after a few questions, you know what?  It turns out they do.  You're Welcome.Follow on Instagram:  EMAIL thoughts & seek advice:
The Doctor is onto Job #7 since the podcast started! CONGRATS!!! She tells The Dingus all about it & she also tells the epic tale of almost executing the patented "Dr. Donut Dropkick" at the Dead & Co. show in Boulder while going Full Karen on a real weasel of a person we'll just call "Chase".  Then they round it out by going thru the 2023 College Football ALL NAME Team.  Are Shitta Sillah, Moh Bility & Memorable Factor real people?!?! You're Welcome.FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:
A VERY SPECIAL THING OCCURRED...Dr. Donut & The Dingus were in the same place at the same time! That place was The Doctor's house in Santa Fe & The result is an ON BED discussion about Dr. Donut's new lover, Santa Fe in general & a load of Cum references.  We recorded our very 1st Instagram live video for this, so if you only listen to the audio there will be a lot of visual references.  Sorry.  Just use your wild imagination to cum into the gaps. You're Welcome.WATCH OUR INSTAGRAM LIVE VIDEO & FOLLOW:
This time Ol' Dr. Donut & Geriatric Pussyfoot The Dingus ponder the future.  They discuss their ideal living situation when they are most likely in the throes of Dementia & can no longer take care of themselves.  We're all aging.  Some faster than others. If you live long enough to need constant care, what would you like that scenario to look like? We've determined that a Bubba Ho-Tep scenario would be ideal.  You're welcome. US ON INSTAGRAM! US! 
It's all about the FUCKING SANDWICH.  This week, Dr. Donut & The Dingus revisit the 1st time The Doctor's Danish was punctured PLUS there's some 1 nite stand stories peppered in with some general life grievances & the realization that Dr. D & The D HAVE NEVER EVEN TOUCHED EACH OTHER. Like, never. Not even a fist bump. WOAH.  You're Welcome.
This time Dr. Donut & The Dingus snowball their way thru a very revealing conversation about one of the most awkward topics in human history...losing your virginity.  Who won at the loss of virginity?!? Dr. Donut? Or The Dingus? YOU DECIDE. They also discuss the lyrics behind Heart's insanely huge & twisted hit "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You".  You're Welcome.SEND US YOUR VIRGINITY STORY & TELL US WHAT YOU THINK HEART WAS THINKING ON THIS ONE...… It was a rainy nightWhen he came into sightStanding by the roadNo umbrella, no coat… So I pulled up along sideAnd I offered him a rideHe accepted with a smileSo we drove for a while… I didn't ask him his nameThis lonely boy in the rainFate, tell me it's right, is this love at first sight?Please don't make it wrong, just stay for the night… All I wanna do is make love to youSay you will, you want me tooAll I wanna do is make love to youI've got lovin' arms to hold on to… So we found this hotelIt was a place I knew wellWe made magic that nightOh, he did everything right… He brought the woman out of meSo many times, easilyAnd in the mornin' when he wokeAll I left him was a note… I told him I am the flower, you are the seedWe walked in the garden, we planted a treeDon't try to find me, please don't you dareJust live in my memory, you'll always be there… All I wanna do is make love to youOne night of love was all we knewAll wanna do is make love to youI've got lovin' arms to hold on to, oh… Ooh, we made loveLove like strangersAll night longWe made love… Then it happened one dayWe came 'round the same wayYou can imagine his surpriseWhen he saw his own eyes… I said, "Please, please understandI'm in love with another manAnd what he couldn't give me, oh-ohWas the one little thing that you can"… All I wanna do is make love to youOne night of love was all we knewAll I want to do is make love to youC'mon, say you will, you want me, too… All I wanna do is make love to youOne night of love was all we knewAll I wanna do is make love to youSay you will, baby, want me too… All night long (all I wanna do is make love to you)All night long (all I wanna do)All night long (all I wanna do is make love to you)All night long (all I wanna do)… All I wanna do (is make love to you)All I wanna doAll I wanna doAll I wanna doAll I wanna do is make love to youOne night of love was all we knew, yeah (all I wanna do)(All I wanna do is make love to you)All night long (all I wanna do)All night longEMAIL US:  donutdinguspod@gmail.comINSTAGRAM:
This week, Dr. Donut & The Dingus return after a heinous hiatus to talk about Superstitions! You're Welcome.Follow us on Instagram: us about your problems & we'll fix you:
Dr. Donut & The Dingus are back after a brief vacation that just fueled more drama into their lives & today they are here to talk about it! Dr. Donut wants to FUCK Duncan Trussell BUT has a massive & realistic crush on a local 51 year old Dead Head.  Her options, at this point, seem to be endless. The Dingus achieved a massive life goal & all he got was depression & a possible spot in the room to witness Dr. Donut fucking Duncan Trussell.  It's only up from here.  You're Welcome.EMAILS US YOUR PROBLEMS: donutdinguspod@gmail.comIG US YOUR EVEN BIGGER PROBLEMS:
Dr. Donut smokes hella mushrooms on air & recalls her life changing experiences at 1, possibly 2, Rainbow Gatherings.  You're Welcome.INSTAGRAM US: US:
{15} SPORTS!

{15} SPORTS!


This week, Dr. Donut & The Dingus take our overwhelming & overflowing knowledge of everything into the realm of SPORTS!  We talk about all sorts of sports. How they're played, what the sports are called, what some of the rules are, what some of the people who play them are named & we also talk about SPORTS in the context of RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS.  It's truly powerful stuff. You're Welcome.EMAIL US: donutdinguspod@gmail.comINSTAGRAM US: SOME CLASSIC FOOTBALL the 24:00 mark....ENJOY A SCATHING INVESTIGATIVE NEWS PIECE BY RANDY RIPPLINGER ABOUT A SHADY MEAT DEALER OUTSIDE OF PORTLAND, OR CALLED "Meat Masters".  TV used to be awesome.
This week Dr. Donut & The Dingus accidentally stumble on a convo about sex trafficking, they proclaim their adoration of Greasers, Dr. Donut explains her ideal man (whose name is Randy) & they discuss whether having a TRUE platonic friend is even possible.  You're Welcome.EMAIL US WITH QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS OR JUST TO VENT: donutdinguspod@gmail.comCONTACT US ON INSTAGRAM (this is our main jam):
In Part 2 of this groundbreaking series, Dr. Donut & The Dingus discuss Hyena sex, The Dingus' soul crushing Late Bloomy-ness & then they help a friend decide if it's time to get back on "the meds". You're Welcome.MANNY MO (skip to 6 min mark): US ANYTIME WITH YOUR QUESTIONS!
This week, Early Bloomer Dr. Donut & Late Bloomer The Dingus discuss the beauty & complexity that is the Duckbill Platypus,  how shitty insurance companies are  & how AMAZING it is to get your period as a 10 year old girl in a Midwestern Baptist household. You're Welcome.INSTAGRAM: ANYTIME WITH YOUR QUESTIONS! donutdinguspod@gmail.comA PLATYPUS PENIS: - NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW: HAIL REBECCA DE MORNAY!
After a brief hiatus, Dr. Donut & The Dingus come back hotter & more brilliant than ever in their very 1st Animal Advice episode!  No animal goes untouched in this furry romp through the galactic petting zoo.  You're Welcome!EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS, COMPLAINTS, RECOMMENDATIONS, ETC TO: donutdinguspod@gmail.comFOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:
This week, Dr. Donut & The Dingus dig deeper than ever to determine whether or not they would have been friends in high school & they field a few high school related questions from losers who still wish they were in high school.  You're welcome.FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: US AT 
This week Dr. Donut & The Dingus answer some really Midwestern cheese & cow questions, talk about more 90s music like Toad the Wet Sprocket & Gin Blossoms, talk shit on rednecks who can't stand organic foodstuffs or hybrids & then give flawless advice to an aspiring Unionizer.  You're Welcome.TELL US YOUR OPINON OF THESE 90s STALWARTS/GUILTY PLEASURES:TOAD THE WET SPROCKET: BLOSSOMS: US ON INSTAGRAM: ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, STORIES, SCENARIOS, COMPLAINTS & SUGGESTIONS TO:
This week, Dr. Donut & The Dingus share personal stories & advice on how to steal from Wal-Mart (and not get caught, obviously) & we discuss the HEAVY question..."Can evil people be rehabilitated?".  Well, spoiler alert! It worked FOR US.  You're Welcome.FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: US YOUR SUGGESTIONS, STORIES, QUESTIONS OR WHATEVER:
Dr. Donut used to be be a "Devillette". The Dingus used to be a 2nd chair trumpet player. Now they give advice to a 97 year old horny man looking to get laid by any ol' young lady & they dig deep into their feelings about Steve Winwood & Bruce Hornsby.  What have they become?  You're Welcome. DR. DONUT'S FAVORITE WINWOOD SONG: DiNGUS' FAVORITE WINWOOD SONG: DONUT'S FAVORITE BRUCE HORNSBY SONG: DiNGUS' FAVORITE BRUCE HORNSBY SONG: IS YOUR FAVORITE? LET US KNOW!EMAIL ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS & CONCERNS: donutdinguspod@gmail.comINSTAGRAM:
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