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Author: Niv Dovrat & Jim Beglin

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Caught Onside is not just another football podcast; it's a creative and engaging fun podcast with two experienced International broadcasters- Niv Dovrat and Jim Beglin- that live, breath and analyse English Football week in, week out; have a listen to our podcast weekly where we will discuss the hottest topics of English Football.

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10 Episodes
Jim and Niv discuss Cristiano Ronaldo's interview, outcome and impact on his legacy. We chose the teams that impressed us the most, surprised us and the team we expect the biggest improvements in the 2nd part of the season. Newcastle's progress and upcoming promising future, Chelsea's solutions, Liverpool's hopes after the World Cup break and the challenging relegation battle. Visit our sponsor 👇🎙
Jim and Niv discuss Arsenal's impressive display at Stamford Bridge, change of management at Aston Villa and Southampton and the Liverpool away win at Spurs. Leeds United's goals festival, Leicester's turning point and our World Cup (optimistic!) predictions.Caught Onside episode 9 🎙⚽️Visit our
Jim and Niv discuss Kevin De Bruyne's qualities and legacy- is he already the best Midfielder in the Premier League history?Arsenal's approach, Brighton's welcome to their former manager, Conte's vision and consistency, Rashford's World Cup hopes and United's win at home.Villa's change of management and Newcastle's excitement levels. Caught Onside episode 8 🎧⌛️Visit our
Niv and Jim summarise the thrilling game between Liverpool and Manchester City from the commentary position at Anfield Stadium; the game plan, confidence levels and the emotions involved.Arsenal's approach and Bukayo Saka's maturity.Spurs and Chelsea's resiliency and overall improvement and Villa's defeat against the Blues from West London. Caught Onside- episode 7 🎙Visit our sponsor:
Haaland's display and Foden's maturity, United's mistakes and recovery. North London is red and Spurs' regrets. Liverpool's concerns, West Ham's win, Potter's Premier League welcome and Newcastle's collective efforts in West London. Caught Onside episode 6🎙🎧Visit our sponsor:
Son Heung-Min benching and explosive reaction, Leicester City's upcoming decisions and Nwaneri's debut. North London Derby's predictions, Chelsea's change of management and Everton's 1st win.Aston Villa's 3 points and relief, West Ham's disappointment and Fulham's courage and our Sponsor:
Manchester United's performance, Rashford's improvement and Arsenal's disappointment.Enthusiastic Everton and Liverpool's current challenges.VAR discussions, Aubameyang's return to London, Spurs' consistency and Leicester's next step.Visit our sponsor @
United's display, Liverpool's biggest concerns and Arsenal's promising start of the season. Newcastle's excitement level and European football on the horizon.Spurs& Kane consistency levels.Brighton, Mitrovic, Villa and more;The 3rd episode of CaughtOnside is available now: Have a listen 🎤 🎶 Visit our sponsor @
Consistency and Collision

Consistency and Collision


Niv and Jim discuss the issues at Manchester United; should the club allow Cristiano Ronaldo to leave and their preparations ahead of Liverpool's visit this Monday.The Tuchel vs Conte clash (and personal memories of Ferguson vs Dalglish in the tunnel).Man City are cruising, Arsenal's 'liquid football and the noise levels at Nottingham's stadium. The exciting project at Brentford and Gerrard against Lampard- the management challenge. When Everton will pick up their first points? Plus our personalised predictions ahead of MR3 fixtures this weekend. Enjoy!Visit our sponsor at -
An Exciting Debut

An Exciting Debut


Haaland City's expectations, new front 3 era at Anfield, the London Clubs top 4 battles, Forest are back(!) and the promising youngsters to keep an 👀 on;The 1st episode of caught onside is officially out! Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & Google Podcasts.Check our sponsor: