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Brought to you by Women's Leadership Today, Michelle and Nikolette bring you the latest in leadership development and expertise. Like what you hear? Shoot us a message anytime with feedback or personal experiences. We love to hear from you!
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Michelle interviews leadership coach and author Carla Miller about how women can find their voice, influence effectively, and lead with authentic confidence in the workplace. Carla has 15 years experience coaching CEOs, Directors and high-potential managers across sectors, on top of her own leadership roles as Managing Director of Charity People and CEO of Tiny Tickers. She has also raised over £20 million for charitable causes. Michelle and Carla discuss common barriers for women like "manterrupting" and how we can flip the script to stand in our power. Carla shares tips from her bestselling “Closing the Influence Gap: A practical guide for women leaders who want to be heard” book and her signature “cloak of authority” technique. Gain valuable tips on asserting yourself effectively in meetings and enhance your leadership presence in Carla's upcoming workshop, “Increase Your Impact in Meetings: Speak & Lead with Confidence.” Register Now: Missed our last episode? Watch it now: Or listen to us on the go with Anchor and Spotify: Learn more about the Women's Leadership Today Community at Follow us today: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Threads:
Michelle interviews Kimberly Tableman about what it means to achieve peak performance. Kimberly and Michelle highlight the challenges women face in male-dominated industries and the significant impact of women supporting each other. Kimberly draws parallels between athletes and professionals, emphasizing the need for ruthless prioritization, holistic self-care, and creating a strong support system. Kimberly is the Founder and CEO of ESPERO Health and is passionate about using technology to transform drug development. In addition to her extensive 25-year history in technology, 15 in Pharma across Clinical Development; she is also an author (Matriarch) and leader helping women. After earning her Management Information System (MIS) degree from Central Michigan University and her Master of Science (MS) degree in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University, she launched a career focused primarily on technology and pharmaceuticals where she successfully led the development and launch of several key technology products. While at Pfizer and GSK, Kimberly was the architect and leader of initiatives aimed at transforming the life sciences industry. Kimberly is passionately committed to serving patients first and amplifying their voices to facilitate a positive care journey and accessibility to precision-medicine treatments. Learn more about achieving peak performance in the workplace in our upcoming event, "Turbocharge Your Performance: Secrets of High Achievers" led by Kimberly Tableman. Register now:
Michelle interviews Wendy Meadows, author of Sparkle and Grit, about making positive changes in your everyday life to avoid burnout. Wendy offers her own personal experiences with burnout as well as the challenges faced by her clients, such as feeling overwhelmed and losing sight of who they are. The conversation explores the impact of technology and blurred work-life boundaries on burnout. Wendy provides listeners with expert advice on setting themselves up for success in the new year.Wendy's experience comes from her unique career path of family law attorney turned life coach. Named one of the Top 100 Lawyers in Maryland, with over 20 years of combined experience in litigating, meditating, coaching, and consulting, Wendy offers highly relatable and spot-on insight. Today, you will see Wendy coaching clients, consulting for small firms, speaking at events, and mediating family law disputes. In her free time, she enjoys playing in the water with her family and dreaming up her next travel extravaganza.
Michelle interviews Erin Lydon, President of Poker Power about how poker can empower women and help develop key professional skills. Erin reveals how the analytical thinking, risk assessment, and social dynamics of poker translate to the corporate world. Tune in to hear how poker mimics real-life situations and can be a powerful training ground for women seeking to get ahead in their careers and level the playing field. Erin is a thought leader and frequent speaker on gender equity where she inspires audiences to take action and create change in their communities and organizations. Erin is the President of Poker Power, an edtech company with a mission to teach one million women how to play the game…the game of poker and the game of life. Learning how to think, strategize, negotiate and allocate capital, like a winning poker player, translates to leadership skills that help women succeed from the classroom to the board room. Erin is the 2023 recipient of the Global Gaming Women / Women in Sports & Events “Women of Inspiration – Woman to Watch” award. Poker Power’s joint program with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business has been shortlisted twice for the Reimagine Education award, “the Oscars of education.”
Michelle Myers interviews United Airlines pilot Liz Blanco about her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated aviation industry. They discuss Liz's path to becoming a pilot, her 12-year break from flying, and her pursuit to re-enter the workforce. She offers heartfelt advice to other women interested in a career in aviation and emphasizes that with passion and determination, it's never too late to achieve your dreams. Liz was born in Gardena California and is the middle child with 2 siblings. Her dad is Mexican American and her mom is from Mexico. She moved after high school graduation to Denver Colorado to attend Metropolitan State University’s Aviation Technology program and received a BS in Aviation Technology. In college, she accomplished my Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine ratings and licenses. After college she attended US Naval Officer Candidate School proceeded by Naval flight school. Liz supported her husband’s Naval career for 12 as a stay-at-home mom and then returned to flying in 2018. She flew skydivers, then worked as a Captain and Site Lead for a military contract company at Naval Air Base San Diego for 3 years. She was then hired by Alaska Airlines where she flew Boeing 737’s and now flies 787 Dreamliners for her ultimate dream company, United Airlines. She is a proud mother of 3, speaks fluent Spanish, and loves her Mexican culture. She also loves to travel and explore and have learned that she is most grateful to be able to pursue my dreams and goals in the most wonderful country on earth! 
Nikolette speaks with AI guru, Marissa Brassfield about how AI can help lift the mental load of trying to do it all, plus how we can free up time in our professional and personal schedules. Listeners will discover how to implement AI into daily workflows to reclaim their time and explore their passions, as well as how to eliminate guilt over reclaiming time for yourself. Marissa shares her favorite tools and tips for becoming "Ridiculously Efficient." Marissa Brassfield is a highly sought-after AI advisor, efficiency coach, and work-life balance specialist who has trained "hundreds of leaders and visionary entrepreneurs in over 13 countries. Marissa is Ridiculously Efficient, founding a company by the same name and sentiment. She is renowned for her ability to help professionals through significant life changes, embrace their strengths, and build bigger, better, and more efficient work-life integration for themselves and everyone around them. Check out her workshop, “Reclaim Your Time with AI: Tools to Work Smarter, Not Harder.”
Nikolette talks with Claire Chandler about being vulnerable and authentic in leadership, giving yourself and others permission to be human, and how these choices make healthy leaders who guide successful teams. Learn how to embrace your true self in the workplace even if you've learned to hide it in the past, and use your vulnerability as a tool to grow on purpose.Claire Chandler is the president and founder of Talent Boost, Claire’s core belief is that leaders shape cultures, and stronger cultures drive greater success. Leveraging nearly 30 years of experience in people leadership, human resources, and business ownership, Claire helps businesses expand without losing their best talent. She has appeared as a guest on more than 150 podcasts, is the author of several books on leadership and business strategy, and is a contributing writer for Forbes.
Michelle interviews Antonio and Paris Buchanan on what they've learned about professional collaboration from combining their personal and working relationships. As an entrepreneurial power couple, they've learned to navigate the intersection of personal and professional and embed those lessons into their own organization. Learn from this dynamic duo how to challenge others respectfully, establish a culture of egoless teamwork, and lead by example. Antonio and Paris are a powerhouse husband and wife team of branding and design experts. They are passionate about injecting humanity into every interaction between brands and consumers. As the founders of Antonio & Paris, they have worked with some of the world's biggest brands, including AT&T, Burger King, and MTV, to create exceptional experiences for consumers. I have asked Antonio and Paris to join us today to talk about the power of collaboration and the importance of building this dynamic within organizations.
Michelle interviews Bessi Graham about how to connect your personal passions to your organization. Listeners will discover how to strategically pitch the things you care about to organizational leaders and how to connect those passions to the organization's goals. Doing this not only helps you become a more productive and confident leader, but also helps your organization support meaningful engagement and connections to their community. Bessi is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience working with business owners, governments, and large funding bodies to bring doing good and making money together. From the grassroots of sitting in the dirt working with business owners in the Pacific Islands to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Bessi has seen it all and brings an unparalleled perspective on what makes change happen.
Michelle interviews Dr. Lynn Kelley about the challenges for women in heavy industry and male-dominated fields, how to handle the challenges unique to these industries, and why it's important for women to consider and pursue careers in male-dominated industries. Change Questions author Lynn Kelley is a Senior Advisor to Brown Brothers Harriman Capital Partners and serves on the Board of Directors for Precision Transport Logistics. Dr. Kelley retired from Union Pacific Railroad in 2018 as senior vice president of Supply Chain and Continuous Improvement. where she was responsible for sourcing, logistics, warehouse operations, fuel and water infrastructure, and industrial engineering/continuous improvement. She was also the executive co-owner of the company’s Innovation program.
Michelle interviews Rochelle Rivas, Mentor of the Year, about the nitty gritty of mentorship. They discuss why it's important to consider who you're working with and why, when and how to "break up" with your mentor/mentee, and how Rochelle's unconventional approach to mentorship works for everyone involved. Rochelle is deeply committed to serving her local community. She sits on the Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association as well as the Executive Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Carolinas. Rochelle is also a community advisor for Dress for Success and is active in Women Executives serving on the Board of Directors for WINGS.
Nikolette interviews Berta Aldrich about the barriers that hinder women's progress in Executive Level positions, and how to overcome these obstacles to achieve success. What secrets are women leaders not told when moving into the higher levels and how do can you use this knowledge to get ahead of the game? Berta Aldrich is an award-winning C-suite executive turned author of a top rated, best-selling book, keynote speaker, trainer, podcast host and coach who consults with companies and trains executives to outperform within their industry.  Berta will be launching a new Master Class in September for aspiring or existing women executives who want to know – and immediately begin using - these secrets of success. Learn more about the upcoming Masterclass by Women's Leadership Today, led and designed by Berta, to learn and unlock your executive potential:
Michelle and Hulya discuss the new face of leadership, how the new generation is changing the game, and how AI will affect the future of leadership. Hulya also provides insight on a new way to view "authority" and how to become the CEO -Chief Empowerment Officer - of your own career. Hulya Kurt began with Reuters and over her 32-year career there, she held multiple global responsibilities, including Implementation Manager, Global Customer Experience Leader, Change Manager, and more. She was instrumental in launching the D&I chapter and serving on the Global Steering Committee, championing inclusive initiatives and programs in the workplace. She left to pursue her passion for helping others in their careers and life struggles. She obtained a diploma and accreditation in coaching for life, executive, career, and adolescent coaching. Her continuous quest for learning led her to add NLP, Mental First Aid, and 4D Lean coaching for a well-balanced workplace to her skill set.
Michelle interviews Tannette Johnson-Elie about racial and gender bias in the workplace, how far we've come, and how far we still have to go. They discuss the long-term health and career repercussions for women of color facing discrimination and unrealistic expectations. Michelle and Tannette also look at what organizations and individuals can do to better support women of color in the workplace.Tannette Johnson-Elie is a seasoned media professional and journalism educator with 20 years of daily newspaper experience.She is currently a Lecturer in Communication at Lake Forest College, a small private school in Lake Forest, Illinois, and serves as Vice President of Print/Digital Media for the Wisconsin Black Media Association. She is the co-host and executive producer of a soon-to-be-launched podcast that will highlight the stories of successful Black women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Most notably, Tannette spent 20 years as a reporter and business columnist for the Pulitzer-Prize winning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where she covered key beats, including courts, education, crime, city and county governments, local news, and business and workplace diversity. She penned a business column for the Journal Sentinel for 12 years that won local and national recognition for highlighting the struggles and triumphs of small and minority-owned businesses in metro Milwaukee. Her column became one of the most-read articles on the Journal Sentinel’s interactive news site.
Nikolette interviews Natalie Zimmerman and Angela Milligan about their leadership journeys and what they've learned to be the most important skills needed for emerging women leaders today. They discuss the sisters' immense passion for giving back to their community and to future leaders, how to stick to your values, and about how important it is to continue your education every day. Angela Milligan graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Supply Chain and Information Systems. After graduation, she spent the next 6 years in the retail industry specializing in Logistic Operations and Merchandise Planning and Allocation on a corporate level for companies like Bath and Body Works, and DSW Inc. She is now the co-owner and chief operations officer of Educational Services and Consulting – an all women family owned and operated company specializing in insurance pre-licensing and entrepreneurial workshops. Angela is responsible for maintaining daily operations of the program, communicating with students and companies regarding any inquiries about the courses, reporting monthly to clients, and creating efficient processes to sustain growth of the company. Natalie Zimmerman graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a double major in finance and business management. After graduation, she spent 10 years working in New York City at one of the world’s largest wealth management firms where her primary focus was managing client relationships by utilizing her team’s dynamic structure to provide clients with tailored solutions, ensuring that each resolution adhered to superior quality of service. As the older sister to Angela, co-owner, and Chief Strategy officer, Natalie collaborates with higher education and industry partners to identify new initiatives and training essentials that are necessary to provide their associates with accessible opportunities to develop a successful career. Additionally, she develops enhanced online learning offerings, coordinates the marketing campaign and expands on the foundation of ESC’s successes. She holds several securities licenses as well as life and health insurance licenses.
Michelle interviews Debra Richardson, MBA, APM, APPM, CPRS about forging her own path in the industry of Accounts Payable. Debra recognized a need that was not being fulfilled and decided to take the initiative to provide the resources herself. Michelle and Debra discuss how to overcome the anxiety that holds us back from jumping in, the importance of networking and finding support, and keeping a positive attitude. Debra is a vendor setup and maintenance guru who is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other vendor process professionals. As an AP Sr. Manager over Global Vendor Set up and Maintenance, she saw the severe lack of vendor process guidance to avoid fraud, fines, and bad vendor data. To fill that gap, she started her own company, with a tagline that I love, “Putting the AP in Happy”.
We are excited to announce that Progressive Women's Leadership is now:   Women's Leadership Today   The new name and logo represent our ongoing commitment to the education and advancement of women in the workplace. We understand that the leadership landscape is constantly evolving, and we strive to provide the most up-to-date and relevant content to help women succeed.    The rebranding and website launch marks an exciting new chapter for us, and we look forward to continuing our mission of advancing women in leadership roles.    Learn more about the new experience: Thank you for your continued support. 
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Nikolette interviews Mandy King, holistic nutritionist and founder of HEAL Wellness, about what you can start doing today to boost your mental well-being. Do you know just how interconnected mental health and physical health are? Nikolette and Mandy get down to the basics: How does blood sugar affect stress? How can our eating habits boost our resilience? How do we get better sleep? And most importantly, how do we find the time in the day to make these impactful changes in our daily lives? Mandy King is a holistic nutritionist and the founder of HEAL Wellness, a leading corporate wellness company that provides lunch and learns, webinars and virtual wellness challenges on nutrition, movement and mental health to organizations that value their employees’ health and well-being. They are praised for the high engagement of their programs and their personal, light-hearted approach to wellness. Read Natalia Bragagnolo's article, "Improving Employee Mental Health: Impacts of Nutrition & Exercise" here:
Michelle interviews Nicole Greer, CEO of Vibrant Coaching. They discuss efficient change management, making impactful decisions, and why change is not only inevitable, but necessary. Nicole explains how women in particular are built to manage and lead change and how you can become a change agent at any point in your career. As principal coach and CEO of Build a Vibrant Culture(TM), Nicole Greer helps individuals, corporations, government, faith-based organizations and non-profits become the people they were created to be through fulfilling a mission, to work in teams, and exemplify VIBRANT Leadership(TM). Using transformational change leadership coaching & training programs, Nicole offers foundational tools and uncommon wisdom to Build a Vibrant Culture(TM). Nicole is a serious entrepreneur with experience in coaching, marketing, mastering first impressions, learning & development and sales.
Michelle interviews Robin Merle, President of Robin Merle Associates, LLC about grieving and recovering from change, living a dimensional life, and why "no" is actually Robin's favorite answer. Robin Merle is the author of Involuntary Exit, A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Being Fired, which won the 2022 Gold Medal Nonfiction Book Award. She is the President of Robin Merle Associates, LLC and the Founder of The Professional Guide which helps senior- and mid-level professionals succeed in their career transitions. A Certified Fundraising Professional (CFRE), she has more than 35 years’ experience as a senior executive for billion-dollar nonprofit organizations, raising more than a half-billion dollars.
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