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OneStream Software's Podcast, where we discuss the power and key advantages of OneStream and the value delivered to customers.
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On this edition of The OneStream Podcast, Randy Werder and Damon Mittleider from Black Diamond Advisory join Peter Fugere to discuss how the ability to develop PartnerPlace solutions on top of the OneStream platform has allowed them to continually address the changing needs of not only their clients but the entire OneStream community. 
On the fourth part of our Solution Series, Peter Fugere speaks with Sam Williams and Jay Hampton from Finit about how the ability to develop new solutions, such as DrillIt and Toolkit, on top of the OneStream platform and deliver them through the Solutions Exchange has helped to empower all users to be power users!
The power of a true platform is the ability to build new solutions directly on the platform. On this episode of The OneStream Podcast, Peter Fugere speaks with Beau Reynolds and Emil Fernandez from Spaulding Ridge about how they did just that with their Dynamic Cash Flow solution, which is available via the PartnerPlace within our Solution Exchange. The guys also discuss how developing pre-built solutions allows them to continue to address a customer’s unique business requirements without the need for additional software and what’s in store in the CPM+ space. 
The OneStream Podcast Solution Series continues as Peter Fugere speaks with Pascal Walk and Jason Call from our partner AMCO Solutions! They discuss with Peter how they developed the AMCO Lease Accounting Solution and the value this delivers to customers, the power of developing on a true platform and their Center of Excellence.
The power of the OneStream platform is being able to develop software right on top of it to enhance the customer’s investment. On this episode of The OneStream Podcast, Peter Fugere visits with Ken Dowd, Michael Whiteman, and David Pavlov from Strategic iQ about the power of the OneStream platform, being one of the first PartnerPlace solution providers in the Solution Exchange, and how the ability to create additional apps within the OneStream environment has helped them to meet and exceed expanding client requirements.
In our debut Solution Series episode, Peter Fugere is joined by Specialty Engineering team members Andy Moore and Steve Vilotti to discuss how the Solution Exchange, featuring MarketPlace, PartnerPlace and OpenPlace solutions, is helping to create a true developers’ community for OneStream customers and partners! 
One of the greatest strengths of the OneStream platform is its ability to create a large variety of reports and custom dashboards. Now there's a new book from OneStream press to help you do just that. On this edition of The OneStream Podcast, Peter Fugere is joined by the authors of “OneStream Advanced Reporting and Dashboards”, Roy Googin, Jessica Toner, and Andrea Tout, to discuss how this book will help readers move beyond the standard interface, design and build cube views, create role-based dashboards, and much more!
One of the biggest risks to an implementation is improper data reconciliation. Kevin Hebbel, from SC&H Group, joins Peter Fugere on this edition of The OneStream Podcast to discuss how to validate data and when this is best done during the implementation phase. 
After the requirements and design phase, it’s time to start building the OneStream solution. On this episode of the OneStream Podcast, Philip Parker, Managing Partner from Holland Parker, joins Peter Fugere to discuss the build phase and how to make sure the customer’s requirements are being met with the OneStream platform.
A great way to validate requirements and design sessions is the use of prototypes. Prototyping can help show how OneStream will handle various tasks for the customer and help to get buy-in from the different teams involved in an implementation. On this edition of the OneStream Podcast, Peter Fugere is joined by Liz Weir from Nova CPM to discuss prototypes and how they are a valuable part of a successful OneStream implementation.
The design session is a critical part of a successful OneStream implementation. This is where the integration of the OneStream Platform starts to ramp up for customers. On this edition of the OneStream Podcast, Chris Barbieri and Jim Heflin from Finit join Peter Fugere to discuss what goes into design sessions and the steps you can take to help make them successful. 
On this episode of the OneStream Podcast, Peter’s journey through the process of creating high quality customer solutions enters the requirements phase. Joining Peter to discuss this important step is Black Diamond Advisory CEO Randy Werder. Together, they will cover preparing the client for the requirements session, ways to engage the client prior to the meeting and what results to expect from the requirements session.
Once a company has selected a corporate performance management (CPM) solution, the real work begins. The implementation is a partnership between the customer, the software vendor and the implementers. On this episode of the OneStream Podcast, Nick Blades, Vice President of North American Services at OneStream, takes Peter through the implementation process. From the style of project management to who will be on the team, Nick discusses the steps and people necessary for a successful implementation
Choosing a corporate performance management (CPM) vendor to partner with is a major decision for companies. On this episode of the OneStream Podcast, Peter Fugere is joined by Lead Solutions Consultants Charlie Harris, Jim DePietto, and Michelle Pretlow to discuss the importance of the presales process and how OneStream uses it to show potential clients how our single, unified platform can simplify financial close & consolidation, planning, reporting and operational analytics and deliver value to their bottom line.
On this episode of the OneStream Podcast, Peter Fugere talks with Terry Ledet and Jon Rambeau from the Specialty Engineering team about the CPM Blueprint solution. Built for customers and partners, the CPM Blueprint solution can serve as a starting point for an implementation, provide training as a reference application for sound design principles, or provide validation of various settings within a OneStream deployment.
The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) by the Office of Finance and Operations is a matter of when — not if. Sensible ML, OneStream’s first AI-enabled MarketPlace solution, is designed to productize time-series ML modeling for corporate performance management (CPM) and break down the traditionally high barriers to entry of advanced analytics for organizations. On this episode of the OneStream Podcast Peter Fugere is joined by Drew Shea, Scott Leshinski, and Chris Bielinski from OneStream’s Sensible ML team to discuss how this amazing technology breaks down the traditional barriers and accelerates the forecasting process for our customers.
On this episode of the OneStream Podcast, Peter goes sailing through the history of how the company was started and grown with Co-Founder and President of OneStream, Craig Colby. Craig details how OneStream has evolved since its inception, not only as a platform but also in the sales process to better support our mission of delivering 100% customer success. 
Platform, platform, platform. Listeners of the OneStream Podcast know how passionate Peter is about that subject and on this episode he is joined by a guest who’s just as passionate. Bob Powers, one of the co-founders of OneStream Software and current CTO, talks about how a handshake and long nights of coding over a decade ago has led to a platform that is revolutionizing corporate performance management (CPM). Peter and Bob also discuss how OneStream continues to develop capabilities that help make the platform an even more powerful and robust solution for our customers, partners and employees.
The OneStream Podcast kicks off Season 2 with a very special guest. OneStream CEO Tom Shea joins Peter Fugere to talk about how a simple concept from years ago has grown to a powerful solution that is changing the entire corporate performance management (CPM) market today!
Season 2 Promo

Season 2 Promo


Season Two of the OneStream Podcast is fast approaching and Peter has a great list of guests lined up! Here's Peter with what we can expect. See you January 17th!
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