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Have Murder, Will Travel is an international true crime podcast. Every week, we're going to travel the world; the world of murder.
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This week's trip to Bulgaria gives us a sad disappearance that is still unsolved. Lars Mittank was on vacation with friends when he started acted strange. Was he experiencing a psychotic break or were people actually trying to kill him?Sources:
This week we're going to Germany. We are talking about serial killer Peter Kurten. Trigger warning for all the things, Peter was absolute garbage who hurt, animals, his own family, and children. At least he was caught and punished for his crimes.Sources:
This week we're off to Cuba. We're taking a look at the life & death of Alberto Yarini. Alberto had every advantage growing up and yet he decided to commit crimes and take advantage of others to make it in the world. The sad part is, his exploits worked and he was loved by most of the country. In fact, had his life not been cut short, he may have been elected president.Sources:
Arthur Duperrault simply wanted to take his family of five on a sailing adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, they got much more than they bargained for in the skipper, Julian Harvey. Julian was a piece of garbage posing as a human but the joke was on him because 11-year-old Terry Jo Duperrault survived despite his best efforts.Sources:Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean by Richard Logan and Tere Duperrault Fassbender
I'm back and hoping you're still here for our trek to Rwanda. This week we are going to talk about the murder of Dian Fossey. Dian went to Africa to study and save gorillas. While she definitely succeeded in her mission to help the gorillas; it ultimately led to her murder.Sources:
The Flannan Islands are a mysterious set of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. In 1900, 3 light keepers simply disappeared without a trace. What happened to them? Was is weather, the evil spirits of the island, or cold-blooded murder? Theories have abounded for years but we may never fully know what happened on that island.Sources:
In 2002 Hemanta and Anjali Shrestha lived in a rented apartment with their 4-year-old daughter. Two teenagers, Manraj Gurung and Pramesh Chauhan, barged in one morning and killed the innocent couple. Despite leaving evidence and a witness behind, it took over a decade to see justice in this case. Despite the killers being in jail, there are still unanswered questions and there is at least one other guilty person out there who has escaped justice.Sources:
This week we're off to Denmark. This case is a doozy. It starts as a straightforward robbery and double murder until it wasn't. Was the perpetrator actually a man who wasn't even in town at the time of the crime? Was the killer a liar or a horribly abused man. Many theories exist but unfortunately we may never know what really happened between 2 men in their prison cell (that sounded way more porn-y than it was meant to).Sources:Book: Secret, Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by...
This week we are going to the southern African country of Namibia to look at the B1 Butcher. This animal killed at least 5 women, leaving various pieces of them all along the B1 highway. While this case is technically unsolved, we probably have a good idea who did it.Sources:
This week we're going to Asia and learning about how a small insult at a party resulted in 2 people's deaths. As if the killings weren't bad enough, the attempted cover up afterward is somehow worse.Sources:
This week we're cruising the high seas. Tammy Grogan went on a cruise with her family. She never returned from that cruise. Were members of her family involved in her disappearance or did she accidentally fall overboard? No one has ever been officially charged so we can't say for sure (but I think we all know).If you have any information about Tammy's disappearance, call the Toledo Police at 419-213-4700 and ask for someone on the cold case team.International Cruise Victims: https://inte...
It's here; the conclusion to our tropical getaway. This week we will be learning all about William and Laura's criminal pasts before Panama. We'll learn how William's brain works. Then we'll see them finally have to pay for their crimes (or are they really paying even though they're in jail?).Sources:Jolly Roger Social Club by Nick Foster.
This week we're visiting the tropics of Panama and learning all about the crimes of William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese. Wild Bill, as he liked to be called, wanted the finer things in life but he didn't want to work to get them. Instead, he figured it was a better idea to just murder people and take their stuff. What a peach (insert eyeroll here).Also, in this episode, we're all reminded that I can't say the word burglary.The book I read: The Jolly Roger Social Club by Nick Foste...
We're taking a Christmas trip to Spain! We won't be celebrating the holiday, though. Instead, we'll be looking at the murder of Eva Blanco. Poor teenage Eva was just walking home when an evil monster decided to end her life. It took almost 20 years but the DNA finally led to someone. Unfortunately, the case is still "unsolved" to this day.Sources:
This week we're going to the Philippines to discuss the murder of glamorous movie star Nida Blanca. Nida was dripping in star power and showed no signs of slowing down. Then, tragedy struck and she was found murdered in her own car. Did her estranged husband hire someone to do it so he could get her money? Or was it someone else? It's been over 20 years and who knows if the truth will ever be revealed.Sources:
This week we're off to England. We're going to learn the gruesome details of how this serial killer dissolved bodies in sulfuric acid. He actually believed he couldn't be convicted of murder if there were no bodies. Good thing he was wrong.Sources:
This week we visit India and talk about M Jaishankar. This a-hole raped and murdered countless women just because he liked doing it. This episode brought to you by the letter "M".Sources:
Agnes Marin had her whole life ahead of her but a monster living in her midst put an unfortunate end to that. Agnes's death was, of course, caused by the monster that murdered her but is there also institutional negligence to blame?Sources:
This week we're going to Scotland to discuss some gruesome witch trials. This episode features torture, cow love, and the devil's ass (is there a theme forming?). Enjoy!Sources:
Here it is lovelies! The end of our investigation into the murder of Julie Ward. This episode covers a lot (too much, honestly) and just when you think you know who did it, you're thrown for a loop!I promise next time, I will split the story into 3 parts. Thanks for sticking around.Sources:Book: A Death in Kenya by Michael A. Hiltzik
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