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Author: Jesse and Meaghan Light

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Just two dog lovers talking about true crime, horror movies, and most likely our dogs too
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Episode 88: Cowboy Bob

Episode 88: Cowboy Bob


Starting way back in the 90s, there was a man dubbed "Cowboy Bob" that was robbing banks in the smaller towns that surround the Dallas Fort Worth area. He is able to stump the FBI and local police for over a year because nothing appeared to be what it seemed. When they do finally catch their man, it'll turn out to be the biggest shock they never saw coming.
On today's episode, we discuss our trip to Nashville for CrimeCon! We discuss all the speakers and presentations we went to. It was a blast!
Episode 87: Linda Collins

Episode 87: Linda Collins


In May of 2019, one of our former Arkansas state senators, Linda Collins, was found murdered at her home. She had moved back to her hometown of Pocahontas after losing her reelection. Questions were raised whether her death was personal or the result of her controversial political views.
Maria Cruz gave the blueprint on how to move to the United States in search of a better life. She excelled in college and got her dream job living in New York. Then on April 13th, 2003, she went missing. Detectives discovered that she was scheduled to have a cosmetic procedure done at the office of Dean Faiello, who had a criminal record for forging prescriptions and operating without a medical license. Could this Dean Faiello character have something to do with her disappearance?
Back in 2003, a well-loved business owner named Janie Ballard was murdered in her Little Rock home. From looking at the crime scene, it would have appeared that Janie became the victim of a botched robbery. But, was it?
On this episode of the Caught Red Pawdcast, joined by a special guest, Jesse tells the story of a talented MMA fighter with all the potential in the world. Unfortunately, trouble just continued to find him. "Lightning" Lee Murray was well on his way to superstardom in the UFC until a series of incidents stopped that momentum in its tracks. With both feet already in the life of crime from a very young age, that's exactly where he turned. On February 21st, 2006, he was involved in the biggest cash heist in UK history.
Episode 83: Stella Nickell

Episode 83: Stella Nickell


This episode is considered a listener recommendation. One of our Pawd Squawd members sent Meaghan a book! During the summer of 1986 in the state of Washington, two complete strangers would die from the same thing. One was by accident, the other was intentional. Their deaths would nearly spark a nationwide scare, just like what happened four years prior in another city....
Between 2001 and 2014, a number of professional athletes including Dennis Rodman, Ricky Williams, Lex Hilliard, and Rashad McCants put their trust in financial advisor Peggy Ann Fulford to bring them generational wealth. In reality, this hire led to a lot of heart ache and empty bank accounts. Tune in to this episode to find out how!
For years, a man named Richard Scott Smith would win over the hearts of numerous women. He would become their dream man, sweeping them off their feet. There was a catch. This man had a secret agenda with every woman he was with. He would mesmerize her then leave her but not before ruining everything that the woman had worked so hard for. One day, a very scorned woman started a blog about him, which led many of his victims to come together to find him and stop him. With the help of an amazing bounty hunter, a couple of private detectives, and the show, "Love Fraud," Smith was finally exposed as the lying man he was.
27-year-old Keith Jones was a Marine Corps veteran and recent police academy graduate from Daytona Beach, Florida. In 1997, he was traveling across Florida stopping at law enforcement agencies in search of a job. He made a detour in Fort Myers to visit an old friend. They spent some time in his motel room, and all was going good until 4 men burst through the door. They robbed him, beat him, and shot him in the head. Was this a random act of violence or had it been planned for days?
Saturday, July 21, 2018 was just another day for the customers shopping at the Silver Lake location of Trader Joe's. Then, all of the sudden, they would hear a crash and gunshots. A man, on the run from the police, would end up taking them hostage inside the store. Because of this man's actions over the course of that day, there will be one fatality.
On March 22, 1989, Ann Marie Harrison was a 15-year-old girl who became the victim of two career criminals when they decided to abduct her while she waited on the school bus to pick her up. These two men were involved in several car thefts in the area. They would leave behind their trademark with every car. This would eventually lead the police to identifying them and connecting them to Ann's case.
In 1996, the small town of Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas was shaken by the murders of two of their own. In 2020, another murder occurs, and again, the town is in shock. What makes it strange is that the murders all happened on the property of the famous Snowden House. Are they connected or is it a coincidence?
In 1890, a beautiful Victorian era home was built in Quitman, Arkansas known as the Bettis Home. Gerald Bettis grew up there and was infamous for bringing home stray dogs and cats to torture. He became known as Dog Boy. He outgrew this obsession with hurting animals and turned his sights on humans. Long after his reign of terror, there have been stories told of the paranormal activity surrounding the Bettis Home.
On May 9, 2014, Pamela Carnahan would last be seen dropping her daughter off at her bus stop. Hours later, Pamela was found murdered in her locked apartment. One month later, another woman's body would be found not far from Pamela's crime scene. Were these two deaths done by the same killer or just a coincidence?
Once a month, some of the greatest minds in law enforcement get together in Philadelphia to discuss cold cases. This group of American heroes is known as the Vidocq Society, named after Eugene Francois Vidocq. He was the founder of the first private detective agency. The society's first case involved a wrongfully accused man in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1991.
On the morning of January 7, 2018, a woman ran to her neighbor's house, asking for him to call the police. She had come home to find that her house had been broken into and her two roommates had been shot. One roommate was dead and the other was fighting for her life. Was this a house invasion gone wrong or were the women targets? As the investigation continued on, evidence would show that one of the women had recently filed for divorce from her abusive husband. The National Domestic Abuse Hotline has different options for those who are seeking help out of a troubled situation. You are able to live chat on their site: You can text "START" to 88788. You can call directly at 1-800-799-SAFE or 1-800-799-7233
On July 10th, 1991 a young woman, known to her friends in El Dorado, Arkansas as Mercedes, was murdered in a motel room by James McAlphin. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Case was closed for him but investigators still had a problem to solve. Mercedes was living under a stolen identity and no one knew who she really was. If it wasn't for DNA technology and years of dedication from two women in blue, then the El Dorado Jane Doe's true identity might've never been discovered.
Can you think of anything worse than being cheated on? How about being cheated on and then being murdered? That's exactly what happened in this week's episode. Sharon Douglas Fuller Nelson Harrelson was a black widow. When she set her sights on a man with money, she would have him no matter what it took.
On June 24th 1966, a 13 year old girl, Cathie Ward was found dead after she spent a day horseback riding at Blacksnake Ranch. The ranch owner, Frank Davis, told police that she fell from the horse and her foot got caught in the stirrup. Then the horse dragged her through a field full of rocks and crystals. Frank Davis had a bad reputation around Hot Springs, Arkansas and for good reason. Cathie's death was ruled an accident but the investigation resurfaced after Frank was arrested for the murder of his wife less than a year later. Bitty Martin wrote about this story in her book, "Snake Eyes." She was a close friend of Cathie Ward. She spent years working on it and interviewed over 50 people. I definitely recommend it to everyone.