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Welcome to "The Welltech Podcast", where we talk about Wellness - the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health; about the technology being developed in this field; and the industry and community growing around it. Hosted by Galit Horovitz & Amir Alroy, Co-founders of Welltech Ventures.

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"We’re trying to die young as old as possible" say Victor & Lynne Brick, the visionary co-founders shaping the landscape of health and wellness. Together, this dynamic duo helms Ohana Growth Partners, a major owner and operator of Planet Fitness franchises with over 100 clubs in the U.S. and Australia. In this capacity, they oversee and interact with countless wellness-technology applications daily.Along with their success in the fitness industry, Victor and Lynne also co-founded the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation (dedicated to the memory of Victor’s late brother). There too, technology plays a central part. Both have been honored with prestigious awards, including the Fitness Industry Leadership Award and the Humanitarian of the Year Award. Lynn is a 3-time recipient of Maryland’s Top 100 Women award; and Victor was recognized as one of Maryland’s top 50 most influential people. In this episode, Victor and Lynne tell Galit and Amir all about their journey in the fitness industry, the concept of Mental Well-Being, and their own personal wellness routines – including tree-poses and ankle stretches while brushing your teeth… Join us in recognizing their 45 years of partnership and transformative impact… and right now, you can go to to watch videos from the summit they host. We hope you enjoy this episode!
"Quality healthcare is a basic human right" says Ben Enosh, a serial entrepreneur who is the co-founder, chairman and president of Antidote Health.Alongside Carine-Belle Feder, co-founder and CTO, and the entire team at Antidote - they are disrupting the healthcare industry, and helping millions of Americans get real affordable care.Joining us in the studio, Carine-Belle and Ben told Galit and Amir all about their company's journey and mission, about the pivotal role that NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo recently played in that journey, and about treadmills in the living room...
“The moment we are born, we start to age” says Professor Tzipi Strauss head of Neonatology at the Sheba Medical Center. She’s an expert on the beginning of life, but at the Global Wellness Summit in Tel-Aviv, she spoke to us about longevity, and how cutting-edge technology and multidisciplinary interventions are driving innovation and science-driven practices in the field of Longevity Medicine. You’ll hear Kim Marshall, from the ‘Global Wellness Conversations’ podcast, alongside our producer Jonathan Gal, interviewing Prof. Strauss – who is currently working on new center at Sheba, that aims to tackle the challenge of attaining healthy longevity.Enjoy this episode, live long, and prosper!
Rising with the sun and going to bed when it gets dark might sound awesome - but in this global modern world full of international travel and changing work demands, it’s probably impossible for most of us. Speaking at the Global Wellness Summit in Tel-Aviv, Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Co-Founder & CEO at Timeshifter, explained how understanding circadian cycles can help athletes reach peak performance, shift workers maintain healthy routines, and of course - how we can all avoid the frustrating problem of jet-lag. Enjoy this episode, and enjoy the sunshine!
Erica Alessandri is a board member and digital product manager at Technogym, the world’s largest fitness equipment company, which was was founded in 1983 by her father, Nerio Alessandri. Erica is a ‘Young Global Leader' at the World Economic Forum, and was named as one of Forbes Italy '30 under 30'. In this episode, Amir speaks with Erica about the company's story - from Nerio's garage to a global empire; about technology and innovation; exercise inspired by ancient Rome; the concept of wellness; and personally testing all of Technogym's fitness products.
Shetall Siingh represents an influential force in the wellness industry: namely, the industrialist and philanthropist Doctor Bhupendra Kumar Modi, known to many of us as Doctor M., who is a fascinating and highly respected figure and investor in our field. Later in this episode we hear from Oded Rahav, founder and CEO of the ‘Dead Sea Guardians’, who are doing some fascinating and hugely important work in the field of nature conservation and wellness sustainability, here in Israel. We met both Shetall and Oded at the Global Wellness Summit in Tel-Aviv. You’ll hear Galit & Amir, along with our producer Jonathan, in these conversations.
Doctor Michael Roizen is a very influential figure in the longevity, wellness and health industries. He serves as the Cleveland Clinic’s first Chief Wellness officer; he's a board member of the Global Wellness Institute; and an award-winning author - Roizen became famous for developing the RealAge concept and has authored or coauthored five number one New York Times best sellers. These days, he's updated the famous "60 is the new 40" line, claiming that "90 is the new 40". We met Doctor Roizen and heard him speak at the Global Wellness Summit in Tel-Aviv.
Rick Stollmeyer is the founder of ‘Mindbody’, CEO at Inspired Flight Technologies, and a bestselling author. We interviewed Rick at the Global Wellness Summit in Tel-Aviv, where he was honored with the ‘Leader in Innovation Award’. We hope you enjoy this episode!
Ziv Peremen is CEO and Co-founder at X-trodes, a company that makes the world’s first customizable, wireless, wearable, medical-grade sensors for advanced monitoring in natural environments. Although he himself is, ironically - a very good sleeper, Ziv is fascinated by issues many of us have with sleep, and in this episode he tells us about preventing sleep apnea, using sleep for early detection of Parkinson’s disease, and studying sleep patterns of the astronauts at the international space center. We hope you Enjoy this episode!
We were thrilled to have in our studio the two amazing thought leaders who are bringing the Global Wellness Summit for the 1st time to the Middle East and specifically to Tel Aviv in October 2022: Susie Ellis and Nancy Davis. We discussed the challenges of bringing this luxurious summit to Israel and how Welltech Ventures became a leading sponsor and partner of the event. We heard from them about the latest global trends in the wellness industry, as well as all the fascinating things to look forward to in this year’s summit. We learned how innovation has lately massively interacted with wellness and how it will be showcased during the summit. Susie & Nancy told us about their personal self-care routines, and their one-word definition of wellness (not the same word from Nancy & Susie!). We also talked about the Dalai Lama, the king of Morocco, and the surprising way in which COVID led to the medical establishment finally giving the wellness field the respect it deserved. As a bonus, our globe-trotting guests told us about the startup that changed their life by implementing NASA technology to solve the always annoying problem of jet-lag. We hope you Enjoy this episode!



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