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Author: Cedric Jemmerson

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A funny podcast about our enjoyment of food and topics related to food.
45 Episodes
Chef Ced and Lisa discuss healthy foods that help to aid stress relief.  We discuss foods like blueberries, Green Tea, Salmon, beets and several more that can be healthier go tos when you are stressed. 
Chef Ced and Lisa the Foodie discuss how easy it is to start a garden and enhance your cooking experience!  We discuss everything from planting peas to Cantaloupes!
Chef Ced and Lisa continue to discuss preservatives in food.  Join us in the journey to change what chemicals we allow into our bodies through the food we eat.
In this Episode chef Ced and Lisa continue to discuss the seriousness of the chemical preservation our food while providing some good old fashion humor.
Foodie Shack Podcast:  We explore some of the known reasons provided for the use of so many chemical preservatives and little known truths about their connections to cancer and illness.  Join Chef Ced and Lisa for this extremely important 3 part series exploring what is keeping our food on the grocery store shelves until we buy it.  It will likely change your next trip to the grocery store.
Happy New Year!  We are bringing in 2022 talking about a favorite food event brunch.  However, we are discussing why are we not seeing the traditional idea of a brunch versus just breakfast at lunch time.  Join us on this journey and leave your thoughts in the comments.
On this episode of The Foodie Shack Podcast listen to chef Cedric’s helpful tips on intimidating recipes like how to make a rich pho broth and find out the one thing that intimidates the chef!  
Foodie Shack Podcast:  Join chef Cedric and Lisa the Foodie as they discuss the wonderfully delectable topic of Burgers and how they each enjoy them.  Leave comments about how you like your burger?
Chef Cedric and Lisa discuss Holiday cooking favorites and Turkey Tips!! Join them for plenty of good information and laughs!
Chef Cedric and Lisa discuss their favorite sandwiches growing up in this episode.  We also discuss trying an Asian vegan taco created by chef Ced!  You can find the recipe here:
Join Chef Cedric and Lisa the Foodie as they discuss t  Food and Travels to Mississippi, Arkansas, Memphis and New York.  They also discuss watermelon and the many varieties.  Have you ever heard of the Black Diamond Watermelon?  If not make sure you keep listening.
Join Ced and Lisa as they discuss some of the award winning foods from the 2021 State Fair of Texas.  Buckle up for these very honest opinions and as always some hearty laughter as we discuss other food related stories. We hope you love the new Jingle.
Join Cedric and Lisa as they continue the Texas style gastronomic journey learning about the foods that originated in Texas and food trends that spread across the globe.  
Come join Cedric and Lisa as they take you on a gastronomic journey, Texas style.  Learn about the foods that originated in Texas and food trends that spread across the globe.
Bourbon and Cigars

Bourbon and Cigars


This one is for the men!  In this episode we bring on a special guest Jeff Cole, a local cigar and bourbon aficionado and long time friend of  chef Cedric to discuss the romance between bourbon and cigars. Enjoy!
This episode focuses on the relationship between our diets and how it can play a beneficial role in a woman’s management of the menopausal transition. Chef Cedric and Lisa the Foodie host Dr. Kathy Garland Professor, author, and creator of the blog who can also be reached
In this episode Cedric and Lisa interview Sandra about her journey to become a healthier eater and the subsequent benefits to her life.



Anti Aging Affects Of Reducing  Fats & Sugar From Food
3D Printed Food

3D Printed Food


Future Of American Food & Fast Food. Chef Ced and Lisa discuss 3D printed and lab created food in their humorous fashion! Is it really good for us? What does it taste like? Will we know if our food is created or grown in the future? 
School Lunch Program

School Lunch Program


Foodie Shack Crew welcomes special guest Chef Tud, New Fast Food ProductsCrazy Food Stories
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