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Author: Strive Academics

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Ahead of the Curve is you resource for educational content! Do you want to ensure that your student is prepared for high school or college? Want to make sure they hit their academic goals, getting into the college of their dreams? Want to stay on top of what is happening in the world of education? This is the podcast for you! Each episode provides quick tips to help your student get ahead and the information and resources you need to know.
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Read the blog post for more: Our Services and Resources: Tutoring Educational Products Our Newsletter Resources Mentioned: Noisli Focus@will Note-taking tips: Note-taking Tips for Teens Grammarly Note-taking Tips UNC Chapel Hill Note-taking Tips Study Playlists: Lofi Girl Study Playlist A Playlist of Songs That Make Studying Suck Less --- Send in a voice message:
Ahead of the Curve is coming back with more frequent and more informative episodes! Each episode will be more focused on a particular subject, giving you the information you want to know in a bite-sized format! Learn more about us! Strive Academics Tutoring Services Practice Problems and other Resources --- Send in a voice message:
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