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Urs Enzler, software architect, shares his insights about the challenges with software development effort estimation. We talk about general aspects, we dive a bit into diseconomy of scale and complexity, we detour into monoliths vs. microservices and what the differences between estimation of projects and products are. In the end, Urs shares his idea for how we can at least try to approach the problem.
Bert Verbeek and Luc van Vugt, both Dynamics 365 Business Central MVPs working for 4PS, join another "live" episode from the BC TechDays. We talked about the highlights of the day, the news of the keynote, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on development and developers and what else was interesting.
Jens Møller-Pedersen, Engineering Manager, and Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan, Principal Program Manager, join the podcast in this episode to talk about how they shape the future of the parts of Business Central they are responsible for. We talk about how they decide what to do (and what not to do) and when to do it, how to figure out how much effort something takes and why that isn't as important as you might think and how the organization and work approach is set up.
Sparked by a Twitter discussion, AJ Ansari, COO at DSWi and  Eric "waldo" Wauters, Partner at iFacto, join this episode to discuss the opportunities, but also challenges if we had a way to use VS Code in the browser for BC. We discuss the scenarios that would be unlocked, but also how it might cause problems. In the end, we briefly dive into how it might help to attract more people to a development career with Business Central. We also somewhat diverge into topics like citizen developers and "proper development process". Unfortunately, in some place, we lost audio for a couple seconds each, sorry for that.
On this episode recorded in the Microsoft Germany headquarter in Munich, I am joined by M365 princess Luise Freese and Ralf Richter, one of the founders of the Azure Developer Community Day. We talk about the highlights of this first in-person iteration of the event and learn a bit about the background and the amount of work that Ralf puts into organizing it. We also discuss why and how putting a bit of code into low-code/no-code makes sense, what the actual story for the Power Platform should be and how it looks like from the perspective of a pro developer.
Michael Irwin, Sr. Manager DevRel at Docker and former Docker Captain, joins in this episode to talk about where Docker as a company and as an Open Source contributor is right now and shares his thoughts on Kubernetes and container orchestration. Then we go into WebAssembly, one of the most interesting tech topics at the moment and how it relates Docker and also discuss Windows containers. In the end, he shares how he made the whole Docker company sing "Happy Birthday" for his kids.
On the 3rd episode from Directions EMEA 2022 in Hamburg, organizers James Crowter and Torben Kragelund are joining the podcast to share their highlights of this years conference, what happens behind the scenes, thoughts on the keynotes and community in general as well as the new Directions community portal. We also discuss the upcoming extension of the Days of Knowledge format and how that fits into the BC conference landscape.
On day 2 of Directions EMEA 2022, Luise Freese and Jeremy Vyska again join live in Hamburg and we discuss the highlights of day 1 and 2. But very quickly we go quite far off topic and have good fun with it. We talk about the differences between Directions EMEA as a partner event and other more community-driven events, we discuss the Directions community portal unveiled today, talk about Open Source, in-public development and how to benefit from that. I also pick Luise's and Jeremy's brains about standard, ISV development in the Power Platform and they share their experience with Microsoft and community speakers at Directions.
Tatjana Pupko, AJ Ansari and Krzysztof Bialowas join this episode directly from Directions EMEA 2022 in Hamburg to discuss their highlights of day 1. AJ missed the keynote while being stuck in the elevator, but we still managed to talk about it, including the expanding Business Central horizon with the Power Platform, D365 Sales and Shopify integration as well as the Women in Dynamics initiative. We also talk about the challenges in attraction young talent into our community and briefly touch upon CI/CD and DevOps. And in the end, we figure out that Directions EMEA, Directions NA and Directions ASIA are all different, but great (and Krzysztof has a master plan to visit them all, including an accidental 10-day trip to Hawaii).
This is a very brief episode where I want to say thank you to Søren Alexandersen for an amazing intro and outro, and to for the generated spoken voice!
Eva Dupont, master of all things Business Central documentation, joins in this episode to talk about running an open documentation repository with a focus on community contributions. She explains how and why we all benefit if the community becomes more active with contributions to the documentation, she shares her thoughts on what makes a good pull requests, how she would run documentation as a partner and she provides insights into how it all works behind the scenes. In the end, she also explains what her recently started new role is.
On the second "live" episode from the 2022 BC TechDays, AJ Kauffmann and Michael Megel join the podcast to talk about their highlights and insights from the conference. We discuss their experience during their own workshops, concerns about the change adoption speed in our community, and of course, we celebrate the amazing TechDays conference.
Eric "Waldo" Wauters and Luc van Vugt join this "live" episode to talk about the first session day at the 2022 BC TechDays. We talk about the content, mainly in the keynote, about the impact the news will have on our community and the tech stack that we use and we also discuss why BC TechDays is such a special conference. 
Magnus Mårtensson, CPO at Devoteam, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, joins in this episode to talk about Azure. But not the typical "tech stuff", instead what else you need to consider and manage when you move to Azure. We go from people to finance, security and compliance and also discuss how to continue innovating once you made the switch. In the end, he tells the story about his moniker, "noop man".
In the very first episode, Freddy Kristiansen, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft in Copenhagen, is sharing his thoughts on CI/CD and containers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We go from the basics through steps to implementing CI/CD to the latest additions in preview and even the disclosure of a brand-new feature that hasn't been discussed outside of Microsoft yet! Then we talk about what Microsoft is using internally and what the ecosystem can expect in the future. And just when we thought we were done, we also briefly touched on creating good bug reports. 



This is the trailer episode for "Window on Technology", explaining what I want to do in this podcast
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