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Healthy Relationship Secrets For Parents
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Healthy Relationship Secrets For Parents

Author: Jason A Polk

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Saving Your Relationship From Parenthood. Question: How can we be great parents and have an amazing relationship at the same time? This podcast will provide the answers. Jason A Polk is a Clini-Coach® based in Denver, CO. He's a father of two young daughters and has helped couples for over seven years. His journey is to learn how passion and parenting can co-exist. He believes that we can have a healthy relationship and be great parents at the same time.
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What’s an effective way to go about having more sex when there are desire discrepancies? I’ll also share what I mean by my acceptance vs control. I’ll address these questions in the context of a recent couples session I had. To learn more about my couples therapy practice, click here:
Kayla Crane and I are trained in the same school of thought. Kayla shares the critical idea of taking space in your relationship – literally and in your head to create peace. She also shares her experience with couples therapy, her meditation journey, and why she still meditates. In this episode, find out how meditation helps cultivate second consciousness and what that means.  You can find Kayla here: southdenvertherapy.comAs well as on her Colorado Relationship Recovery page.
Here are the questions for the exercise: What have I received from my partner?What have I given to my partner?What troubles and difficulties have I caused my partner?For more about Jason's therapy practice, visit here:
I teach every couple one crucial thing, especially those who fight a lot. It's not quite a relationship tool, but you need to practice it for relationship tools to work.We have a Door A and a Door B and you want to go through Door B.Find out what exactly that is in this episode.More about Jason's couples therapy practice.Follow Jason on TikTok & Instagram
Meghan Englert is a therapist and a Playful Parenting Coach and she’ll share what playful parenting is. Her tagline is, "Bond more battle less!"You will learn how to incorporate play into your parenting and why getting on the same page as parents is so powerful. Meghan shares stories and her journey towards a more peaceful family. You can find her at: MeghanEnglert.comHer Facebook Group: Judgement Free Parent ZoneFollow her on Instagram & Facebook
If you’re in a period of disconnection, or there’s been a big fight recently, listen to this episode and do each of the four things. I’d be lying to you if I said my current relationship has never felt like it was falling apart. In this episode, I’m sharing my experience implementing these four things.Click here to learn more about Jason's Couples Therapy Practice.The 4 Things:1) Put your ego aside2) Request to talk3) Share vulnerability4) Give understanding to receive understanding
The purpose of this tool is to create awareness of the Core Negative Image (CNI) you have of your partner. It also helps if your partner does this exercise as well. Here, you'll learn to stop when "CNI triggered" and how to behave in a way that helps your partner feel at ease. Here's the CNI Handout I went through.
This episode explores sex with sex and intimacy coach Nicole Colleen. We discuss self-intimacy and how that can help you with the desire discrepancy often found between parents.  We also discuss how you may have stories associated with sex you tell yourself, and what is a good sex life?Find out in this episode. Nicole's InstagramNicole's let's talk sex free guide. 
First question: What kills love?Second question: How can you repair that?Third question:  Should we let our kids have every resource of ours?This episode is some highlights from a talk I had with Cheri Timko. Cheri is a  Couples Relationship Coach who helps couples thrive in their marriages.  She is the owner of Synergy Coaching.Cheri has the ability to make complex things like how to have a healthy relationship simple. See highlights from the podcast on TikTok & Instagram
How do you manage kids with special needs and your relationship? Why is looking at your expectations of a parent an important thing to do? We will discuss these topics in today's episode with Anouk Briere-Godbout, as well as grieving and understanding why it's important to know where your partner may be. Anouk is a mentor and support for parents of "emotionally intense kids" for whom nothing in the “general parenting advice” seemed to work. She helps parents quit feeling like you’re failing at parenting and empowers you to feel confident in trying different things that fit your kids’ needs. Anouk's website, Family Moments, and link to her free Mini-Course. 
If you're a parent and married or living together. You don’t have a lot of time. Here I’ll share the easy and best thing you can do for your relationship.I’ll share the basic frame I use with all the couples I work with. And we’ll start at the most fun – more harmony.Appreciation Reflections:·       What are some of my partner’s unique positive traits?·       How have I benefited from those positive traits?·       How has my partner made me a better person?·       What do they do for you and your family?·       In what ways have I grown while with my partner?·       Reflect on an amazing vacation or getaway together. What about that was so great?Naikan Reflection:·       What have I received from my partner?·       What have I given to my partner?·       What troubles and difficulties have I caused my partner?Welcome Home ExerciseLove Language QuizMore about Jason Polk, Couples Therapist
This is one of the biggest complaints for parents. Our time is devoted to kids, work, exercise, then maybe the relationship…Where do we find time for the relationship?But... You will feel better if you two move the relationship up in your priorities. You will be a better parent, live longer, and have improved memory. You are also modeling a good relationship for your kids. Here's a link to the State of the Union meetings John Gottman developed.Here's a link to Jason's Couples Therapy practice. 
This is a replay of an episode I recorded with Kara Hoppe over a year ago. She's co-authored the book Baby Bomb: A Relationship Survival Guide For Parents with Stan Tatkin. We tackle some big topics here—agreements, Resentment, and Having more sex. Kara's website & link to her book.
What can we do when were triggered by our partner?There’s a quote by Pia Mellody, “Being a functional adult is taking care of our wounding, instead of letting it loose on others…” How do we do this? If we can, we will be better partners and parents. Jason A Polk is a couples therapist and relationship coach. He's worked with couples for over nine years.Click here to learn more about his couples counseling practice!
This is a very common issue for us parents. Usually, we’ve had way more sex before the arrival of our kids. How do we regain that passion and intimacy?Janelle helps us with practical and tactical information to help us have more sex in our relationship. She shares the analogy of a warm pot of water and concepts such as sexual brakes and accelerators. Her website is: and she offers intensives to help you transform your relationship!
Coach Maryse shares how our thoughts control our emotions and thus our life.  And, how we can become aware of our thoughts to create the life we want. We also learn how our brain works, and Maryse and I share personal struggles with raising kids. We also learn how her model can help us be better parents and partners with on-the-spot coaching where I'm the client!Find her on Instagram: @coachmaryse/Coach Maryse's Website
Questions: Does this mean we’re doing something wrong, or we’re flawed as humans?Jason also shares some of the recent disconnection he’s had with his wife. Learn more about Jason’s coaching practice at: & Jason's therapy practice here: Colorado Relationship Recovery
This is part 2 of the interview with Suzanne Smith of Align Counseling Center. We talk about what to do when your partner gets back from a work trip, as well as sharing power. What does sharing power mean, and what to do if you feel things are unequal in your relationship. 
Suzanne is a friend and colleague. She the type of person that is a joy to talk with. She's been a couples therapist for over 15 years and she shares her knowledge and personal experience with us. For more information on Suzanne check out her website:
How can understanding attachment theory help your relationship? Attachment theory can provide a deeper understanding of why relationships have problems. I'll also share an easy way to find out you and your partner's attachment style.  Here's the link to a free attachment quiz made by yours truly!
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