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The Goal Getter's Life Podcast

Author: Brandi Keiser

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In this show, Brandi shares actionable tips for exponential personal and professional growth. Sharing tips about up-leveling your career, side hustle, passion projects, style and personal brand, she offers motivation to stop living below your potential and go after your goals fearlessly.
5 Episodes
Brandi offers her top, time tested 15 productivity hacks in this episode to help you make the most of your time in pursuit of your goals.  The best news is that she also includes thoughts on productive rest! 
In this episode, I offer a framework to help you start a new adventure such as a side hustle, a passion project, or even launching a new company. We walk through those initial steps and questions to ask as you get clarity around what you want to create for the world. Let's go!
Have you ever had a moment where you realized that you have completely lost yourself in your daily life?  Have you ever craved more support in your hectic life and someone to help you get yourself together? In this episode, Brandi dives into the exact process she went through to pull herself up and out of stagnant and difficult phases in life to grow and bloom with help.  From help with your career to parenting to your health and beauty aspirations, she offers suggestions for how to engage others to build your own personal dream team.
What is personal brand? How do you begin curating your personal brand? Brandi discusses specific steps you can take to refresh your brand and to use it as a tool to enable your pursuit of your goals. Are you ready?
Welcome to The Goal Getter's Life Podcast! You are invited to join me on the couch as we get real about pursuing exponential personal and professional growth amidst the craziness of life. Get ready to be inspired to challenge yourself to create the fulfilling life you desire and deserve. 
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