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If you’ve been following the Authenticity Road podcast this season, you’ve no doubt heard Jordan and Ettore talking about the five primary emotions: anger, fear, joy, sadness, and shame. They've dedicated previous episodes to tackling them all. Except one: Joy. In this week’s episode, the Season One finale, the guys spend some time unpacking their thoughts around joy, where they find it, and how they increase it in their lives. After that, they turn their attention to the end of their first season as podcasters and engage in a bit of self-reflection. They take a quick victory lap about what they've accomplished, they talk about their highs and lows, and they consider what they might take on in Season Two. But before they dive in, Jordan and Ettore want to extend enormous gratitude to everyone who has listened and for all the kind words and encouragement. Thank you!#menshealth #mensmentalhealth #mensemotions #mensemotionalhealth #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #evryman 
It often seems that the people who are most confident, those most firmly assured they have nothing to prove, are the ones with the greatest ability to be generous and humble. This week’s very special guest—our friend and brother Ceasar F. Barajas—is just that type of man. Ceasar is a wellness mentor, an activist, a men’s work facilitator, a professional performer, and a U.S. Navy Veteran. And yet, despite his innumerable accomplishments, he gives freely of his time and his talents, and he offers his gifts with the greatest humility and love. Ettore had the rare and enlightening opportunity to sit with Ceasar for an intimate discussion. Along the way, we learn about Ceasar’s history, his fascinating life stories, his journey to doing the work, how he guides others in the work, being real, facilitating difficult conversations, and so much more. Ceasar even drops the secret for where to get the best chocolate chip cookies. We think you'll be fascinated by this vulnerable conversation.Resources mentioned in this episode:The Journey with CeasarVeterans Yoga ProjectFollow Ceasar on InstagramThe best chocolate chip cookie (This is not an affiliate link!)#menshealth #mensmentalhealth #mensemotions #mensemotionalhealth #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #evryman
"Sometimes we connect with people for reasons we don’t entirely understand," Ettore says. "That’s how I feel about my dear friend and brother Michael Tennant. I recognized from our first interaction that he is a special human with whom I felt a unique and immediate connection." Michael is a CEO, a diversity and mental health advocate, a recognized empathy expert, and the creative mind behind the Actually Curious conversation card game. "In full disclosure, life has gotten in the way over the past year, so Michael and I have not had as many opportunities to connect as I would have liked. This recording session could be considered a kind of hybrid: It’s not only a podcast interview but also our first extended conversation. Consider this a rare window into the unfolding of a beautiful new friendship."Along the way, the men talk about Michael’s journey, showing up as our most vulnerable selves, “being where your feet are,” leadership, the Five Phases of Empathy, and so much more. We hope you’ll enjoy sharing this intimate chat. Resources mentioned in this episode:Curiosity Lab: Actually Curious: with Michael on Instagram: coverage:GMA 3 New York Times Inc MagazineNBC’s Today Show EntrepreneurForbes AdAge
This week, Ettore speaks with AJ Benvenuto and Austin Carter, the co-leaders and co-facilitators of the EVRYMAN Young Men’s Group. Their group is dedicated to creating a safe space for men in their 20s and 30s to do the work. In this episode, they talk about how they found their way to men’s work, what prompted them to create this specialized group, male friendships and isolation, how the issues facing younger men differ from those of older men, what manhood means now, and so much more. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this lively and revealing conversation.Get more information about the EVRYMAN Young Men's Group by contacting AJ on Instagram @a.j.ben or via email at #mensmentalhealth #mensemotions #mensemotionalhealth #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #evryman #youngmen
You’ve no doubt heard Jordan and Ettore speak on the podcast about the EVRYMAN men’s work community. EVRYMAN is a global community of men who come together to challenge and assist one another in their personal growth. EVRYMAN provides men with tools, resources, and community to proactively support their emotional health and build deep, meaningful relationships."Like so many other men," Ettore says, "I owe much of my personal growth and emotional healing to them. Given that, we thought our listeners might find it interesting to take a deeper dive into this extraordinary organization. We are honored to welcome CEO and Co-Founder Lucas Krump. I met Lucas early on in my EVRYMAN experience, and have been continually impressed by his kindness, his clear-eyed leadership, his commitment to his fellow humans, and his vision." In this conversation, Lucas and Ettore chat not only about the organization, but also about Lucas' personal journey, entrepreneurship, choosing a life of service, the benefits of men’s work, and the depth of men’s emotional lives. Lucas is a brilliant speaker, and you’re sure to find him mesmerizing. #menshealth #mensmentalhealth #mensemotions #mensemotionalhealth #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #evryman
Secure? Anxious? Fearful? What is your adult attachment style? In this week’s episode, Jordan and Ettore talk about their Anxious Ambivalent Attachment style, the effect it has on their relationships, and the steps they've taken to move toward Secure Attachment. On the way there, they talk about doing IFS, the value of men’s work, self-confidence, fitting in, and much more. And they couldn’t help but start off with a quick victory lap as they celebrate their 20th episode!Resources mentioned in this episode:Blog post: Object Permanence and My Experience of RelationshipsBlog post: Rebuilding Secure AttachmentBlog post: Stress Dream RevisitedBriana MacWilliam: Anxious Attachment Style online coursesBook: Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller#menswork #menshealth #mensmentalhealth #internalfamilysystems #ifs #personalgrowth #anxiousattachment #secureattachment #adultattachmentstyles #adultattachment
This podcasting odyssey we’ve started has presented a number of priceless growth and learning opportunities. Certainly one of the greatest lessons has been to let go of expectations. Take this week’s episode with meditation artist, author, and speaker Lou Redmond, for example. First, there were the technical difficulties during the recording session. Ettore's headphones weren’t working, his computer froze and needed to be rebooted, and then—only moments later—his power went out briefly, knocking him offline.Jordan suggested that Ettore must have kicked a black cat. And then there was the conversation itself. What started as a perfectly ordinary chat about Lou’s meditation journey took an unexpected left turn and expanded into a fascinating exploration of spirituality, the existence of god, and the evidence for a higher power. We think you’ll enjoy Lou’s inspirational personal story, his insights into meditation practice, and so much more. So let’s get on the road. How to connect with Lou Redmond:Lou's website: louredmond.comFollow Lou on Insight TimerFind Your Truth on #menshealth #mensmentalhealth #meditation #spirituality #spiritualawakening #podcast #evryman #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #spiritualgrowth #meditationpractice
Sometimes you meet people who say interesting things. And sometimes you meet people who make you feel like the best version of yourself when you’re with them. Our friend Aaron Musicant is someone who does both of those things. Jordan and Ettore first met Aaron in person on their EVRYMAN Foundations retreat in June 2022, and their connection was deep and immediate. In this week’s episode, they talk with Aaron—a men’s work leader, coach, and host of EVRYMAN’s weekly Separation and Divorce drop-in group—about his journey to and within men’s work, the EVRYMAN programs he’s been a part of, healing journeys, marriage, relationships, dating, intimacy, and of course authenticity. Aaron has a knack for casually dropping wisdom bombs and revealing deep universal truths before you even notice he did it. We can all but guarantee that you’ll be quoting him tomorrow!Resource mentioned in this episode:Blog Post: What I Didn't Know I Needed (The Morning After My Healing Journey)#menswork #menshealth #mensmentalhealth
Emotions on both sides of the issue are running high around the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v Jackson, the landmark decision which overturned the longstanding legal precedent set by Roe v Wade. So what do two cisgender men have to say about it? Quite a bit, it turns out. In this episode, Jordan and Ettore talk about the impact of the decision on the women in their lives and the far-reaching implications of the high court’s new posture. After that, they talk about being a "good man," and whether it even makes sense to use the term. They touch on toxic masculinity, and how binary approaches to manhood are the enemy of personal authenticity. Resource mentioned in this episode:Blog post: "Welcome to Prison"
Two thousand nine hundred seventy seven people lost their lives to terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. At the heart of this world-changing tragedy lies the question: What makes someone decide to kill thousands of people they’ve never met? While the roots of violent behavior are varied and complicated, there are common threads, many of which loop back to men’s inability to deal with difficult emotions. This week, self-relationship coach and former counter-terrorism officer J Stamatelos returns to the show to talk about how identity feeds into radicalization, the intersection of emotions and violent behavior, the role of modern media in encouraging violence, and much more. For more information about J Stamatelos, visit his website: www.jamesjstamatelos.comResource mentioned in this episode:Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change by Greg Satell
To celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, (no glitter or rainbow-farting unicorns, we promise) Ettore offers Jordan the opportunity to ask him anything about his experience as a gay man. Along the way, the guys touch on corporate rainbow washing, being a straight ally, gay/straight friendships, living authentically, and much more. Enjoy!
Jordan and Ettore recap their recent retreat experience and talk about men's retreats.
In this episode, Ettore and Jordan speak with self-relationship coach J Stamatelos about Internal Family Systems (IFS).  The episode concludes with an edited version of a recent IFS session Ettore and J had together so you can hear the system in practice.  For more information about J Stamatelos, visit his website: #mensmentalhealth #menswork #internalfamilysystems #ifs
This week, Jordan and Ettore interview Weston Karnes, creator of Let's Get Real Bro, a card game designed specifically for men. Described as "Cards Against Humanity meets your therapist," Let's Get Real Bro provides a unique way for men to build deep, authentic connections while having a helluva lotta fun.In this episode, Weston talks about his past and challenges, his history with men's work, what brought him to create Let's Get Real Bro, some insider views on the game creation process, and how he's building community one player at a time. The guys also play a round of the game, with some revealing and deeply real results!To get more information about Let's Get Real Bro, visit  To reach Weston personally, drop him a line at!
This week's episode opens with heartfelt gratitude to our listeners. After that, Jordan kicks off the conversation by asking Ettore a few burning questions that have been on his mind, including:What or who owns us?How do we experience the duality of our inner change pushing up against and expanding old confines and boundaries?What is it like living in our heads trying to wrestle with anxiety and panic attacks? What tools have we found to help us slow down and transition from our minds back into our bodies?What have been the most impactful discoveries in the personal work we've achieved this far?The episode closes with an invitation to listeners to interact and let us know what they'd like to hear.Enjoy!
In this episode, Ettore and Jordan sit down with Mike Sagun, a highly sought-after men's coach and EVRYMAN senior facilitator. We find out how Mike first got involved in men’s work, and we hear about the exciting somatic experiencing work he’s doing now. Along the road, the conversation touches on theater as a safe space, being a gay man in the world of men’s work, the amazing ways our bodies heal themselves, and what it is that men really need. Contact Mike via his website During the episode, Mike mentions the following books and resources:Better Boys, Better Men: The New Masculinity That Creates Greater Courage and Emotional Resiliency by Andrew ReinerWaking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter A. LevinePeter Levine Somatic ExperiencingThe Male Brain: A Breakthrough Understanding of How Men and Boys Think by Louann Brizendine 
Episode 1.9: Shame

Episode 1.9: Shame


In what is surely their most personal and revealing episode yet, Jordan and Ettore dig deeply into the next of the Big Five emotions: SHAME.  Join them as they share their stories and unpack the difficult feelings.
In this episode, Ettore and Jordan speak with somatic specialist Nick Macaluso. Nick is the creator of Symptom Relief Somatics (SRS), a unique method of holistic health assessment and somatic exercise that combines neurological principles from sports medicine, mindfulness meditation, psychology, and inter-personal biology. Contact Nick or find more information at
In this episode, Ettore and Jordan unpack what the phrase "men's work" means to them, where it comes from, and how you can get involved.We're always happy to hear from you! Drop us an email if you have questions about men's work. A few examples of popular men's work resources and groups:EVRYMANMankind ProjectSkillful WarriorsSacred SonsThe Unshakable ManMen Speak (UK)Men LivingMen's Group NetworkThese are only a few of the many groups out there. Do a web search for "men's work," "men's groups," or "men's support groups," and you'll find many more options and resources. Happy men's working!And please remember: Men's work is not therapy, even though it can be very therapeutic. If you are having a severe, ongoing mental health issue (deep depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the like), seek help from a qualified licensed professional (therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.). 
In this episode, Ettore and Jordan speak with Andrew Kippen—noted hypnotherapist, bioenergetic practitioner, and coach—on the basics of hypnotherapy and the subconscious, the energy of life, the limitations of Western scientific understanding, and the metaverse of the body. Visit Andrew at to learn more and make contact. 
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