DiscoverLetters From Mariposa: What we've learned so far
Letters From Mariposa: What we've learned so far
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Letters From Mariposa: What we've learned so far

Author: Ron Jones

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Reflections on the world we are living in and the lifetime of experiences that got us to where we are. Commentaries wrapped in the voice of a storyteller. Told from a vantage high in the Rockies where the stillness is palpable.
3 Episodes
In a conversation with long-time friend and building industry colleague, Jim Folkman, Ron shares how and why the Mariposa Meadows project came about and the intentions that drove the design and execution of the compound.
To one degree or another, we all have some resistance to change. When trying to discuss things like sustainability, knowing how to speak the language and communicating carefully is important. Ron and friend Daniel Wallach get together to talk about this and other controversial topics.
Episode 1

Episode 1


Déjà vu, we’ve been witness to this kind of cowardice and greed before. While the environmental imperative has never been greater, the character of our nation may never have been weaker.