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Author: Linda Robinson MSN, RN, CPXP

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Welcome to PX Space, a space devoted to the human side of healthcare. Our blog, podcast, and newsletter discuss the issues that face patients and hospital care teams as they relate to elevating the hospital environment and enhancing the lives of those who visit and work there. We also discuss the latest technology in the industry and how technology has played a role in advancing the human side of hospital care. We encourage you to engage with us by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, listening to our podcast, and providing us feedback on the issues you’d like to discuss. Head to our website to connect with us!
58 Episodes
In this episode of PX Space, Linda Robinson interviews Dr. Mohsin Jaffer, a renowned family physician specializing in geriatric care. Dr. Jaffer has an impressive background, including founding Stallion Medical Management and holding esteemed positions as a clinical assistant professor at prestigious institutions like the University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University, and Florida International University. His career also includes chairing the North Shore Physician Hospital Organization, serving as board of trustees secretary, contributing to the establishment of the Neighborhood Health Plan, and holding the esteemed position of chief of family medicine at Memorial Hospital West for multiple terms. Currently, Dr. Jaffer serves as the President and CEO of Senior Medical Associates, an esteemed leader in senior healthcare co-founded by Dr. Mohsin Jaffer and Mrs. Fauzia Jaffer. Senior Medical Associates is dedicated to providing personalized primary care to seniors at 12 locations across Broward County, FL. These full-service medical centers warmly welcome individuals aged 65 and older, offering access to a dedicated team of experienced doctors, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants who provide complimentary consultations.Beyond his outstanding medical career, Dr. Jaffer is also a co-founder of the Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation, a steadfast supporter of projects aimed at enhancing access to education, healthcare, clean water, and career development for the past 25 years. Dr. Jaffer's unwavering commitment to these causes underscores his dedication to creating a positive impact within his community and beyond.With nearly three decades of expertise in geriatric care in South Florida, Dr. Jaffer shares profound insights into achieving optimal health and longevity while radiating vitality and vigor.Join us as Dr. Jaffer explores his captivating "Pearls of Longevity with Good Health and Happiness." As one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers on senior health, Dr. Jaffer combines humor, friendly advice, and candid wisdom to inspire listeners on a path to a healthier and happier life.In this episode, Dr. Jaffer delves into critical topics, including aging, health, and wellness. He firmly believes in the partnership between individuals and their physicians in the pursuit of lifelong well-being, emphasizing the shift from sickness care to proactive self-care. Dr. Jaffer underscores the importance of preventive care, highlighting essential screenings like colonoscopies and mammograms to detect health issues at their earliest stages.Another important theme explored in this episode is the intricate dynamics of aging, productivity, and family roles. Dr. Jaffer emphasizes the significance of social interaction for mental health and overall well-being, addressing the growing concern of loneliness in society with passion and insight.At the core of our discussion is Dr. Jaffer's advocacy for empowering individuals to take control of their health through lifestyle changes, rather than relying solely on medication. We delve into modern lifestyle diseases, such as high cholesterol and gastric issues, often linked to unhealthy diets and imbalanced gut bacteria.Throughout the episode, Dr. Jaffer provides practical insights on adopting a healthier lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of exercise and the need to limit sugar intake to maintain robust health.Don't miss this inspiring conversation with Dr. Mohsin Jaffer, where we unlock the keys to longevity, wellness, and the profound impact of self-care and preventive measures on leading a long and vibrant life.
In this episode host Linda Robinson, MSN, RN, CPXP, speaks with guest Janie Heath, PhD, RN, Emeritus Dean and Warwick Professor of Nursing at University of Kentucky College of Nursing. Linda and Janie delve into the topic of empowering the nursing voice, advancing the nursing profession and the vital role of nursing organizations. They explore the significant impact nurses have on the community as clinicians, leaders and educators and share insights on how to create positive change in the healthcare landscape. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the dynamic world of nursing.About Janie Heath: Janie Heath is a distinguished leader with over 20 years of experience in nursing. Janie's passion lies in promoting healthy working and learning environments, advancing nursing science and scholarly practice, and integrating evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions.Furthermore, she is deeply committed to fostering nursing professionalism, leadership, and advocacy for health and wellness. Janie is a staunch advocate for health equity and actively promotes diversity and racial justice in higher education, healthcare, and the broader community.Janie  has also held prominent positions as an endowed professor of nursing and the chief academic officer at the University of Virginia and the Medical College of Georgia. She also provided academic leadership for Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Critical-Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs at Georgetown University and the University of South Carolina.Throughout her illustrious career, Janie has secured over $12 million in funding for academic and research initiatives. Her work has resulted in more than 150 publications and abstracts, with a primary focus on workforce development, resilient and ethical practices, and effective interventions with tobacco-dependent populations in acute and primary care settings.Tune in to this enlightening episode as Linda and Janie dive deep into the world of nursing, education, and making a lasting impact on healthcare.
In this episode, host Linda Robinson speaks with guest Dr. David Miller, the President of Retina Associates of Cleveland, Inc. Dr. Miller has a distinguished background, having completed a vitreoretinal surgery and diseases fellowship at Harvard University's Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. As the Medical Director of Cleveland Eye and Laser Surgery Center, which happens to be the largest retinal surgical facility in the region, Dr. Miller has established himself as a leading authority in the field.During this episode, Dr. Miller delves into the topic of ocular health, providing insights into the treatment and prevention options for debilitating eye disorders and diseases, such as macular degeneration. Additionally, he sheds light on his groundbreaking work utilizing gene therapy to restore vision in blind pediatric patients. Dr. Miller also touches upon the future of ocular disease care, discussing concepts like genetic alteration, genetic supplementation to correct pharmacotherapy and genetic defect correction.Dr. Miller's expertise has been consistently acknowledged by Best Doctors Inc., which includes him in their prestigious list of top retinal disease specialists since 2011. His accomplishments have also earned him recognition in Cleveland Magazine. Furthermore, Dr. Miller holds the esteemed distinction of being a charter member of the Retina Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Vitals Patients' Choice Award. His primary areas of focus lie within the realm of diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration. Dr. Miller actively engages in various research studies and shares his knowledge on vitreoretinal diseases at local, national, and international platforms.
In this episode, Linda speaks with guest Mindy Spigel RN, MSN, CPXP, a renowned nurse leader and accomplished author. With an impressive career spanning over four decades in healthcare, Mindy has gained extensive expertise working in diverse inpatient and outpatient settings. Her experience includes teaching in academic and clinical environments, and she has been recognized with the privilege of delivering keynote speeches at various national, state, and local conferences.Beyond her contributions to the field, Mindy has also authored the book "There's a Snake on My Head! Strategies for Alleviating Fear and Anxiety in Healthcare For Patients, Families, and Healthcare Teams." This publication provides invaluable insights and practical approaches for navigating fear and anxiety in healthcare settings, benefiting not only patients and their families but also the entire healthcare team.
In this episode, Linda hosts guest Katherine Kalthoff, CPXP. Kalthoff is a prominent figure in the realm of patient experience leadership, currently serving as the Vice President of Patient Experience at HCA Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio. Alongside her impressive professional accomplishments, she is also the author of the thought-provoking book, "Better Than I Found It: Stories of Patient Experience and Healthcare Leadership," which is readily available on Amazon.For over two decades,  Kalthoff has dedicated her career to transforming the way healthcare organizations connect with the individuals they serve. Her profound influence as a healthcare leader is centered around revolutionizing the perception of patient experience. During this episode, Linda and Katherine delve into various compelling topics, one of which explores the inseparable relationship between a positive patient experience and a rewarding staff experience.To learn more about Katherine Kalthoff,, you can visit her website at Prepare to be inspired by her profound insights and expertise in the field of patient experience.
In this episode, host Linda Robinson speaks with Lindsey Borgmann MSN, MBA, RN, Manager of Nursing Practice and Clinical Education at Bon Secours Mercy Health. Borgmann, a new mother, walks us through her pregnancy journey, how she navigated the healthcare system, created her birth plan, and set it into motion. Our guest provides us with a truly distinctive perspective—a firsthand account of her experiences as both a nurse and a patient.
In this episode join host Linda Robinson as she engages in an insightful conversation with Dr. Martin R. Huecker.  Based at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY,  Dr. Huecker not only excels as an Emergency Physician but is also the co-Editor-in-Chief of the free, open-access Journal of Wellness.  At the University of Louisville Medical School,  Dr. Huecker is an Associate Professor and Research Director in the Department of Emergency Medicine, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Together, they explore Dr. Huecker's unique philosophy surrounding wellness and patient care, shedding light on the importance of holistic well-being in healthcare practices. A fun fact: he is also married to Dr. Braidi Huecker, a previous guest on our show. Tune in to this episode for a captivating discussion with Dr. Huecker, and gain valuable perspectives on wellness, patient-centered approaches, and the harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit in the healthcare landscape.
In this episode, Linda speaks with Cindy M. Barter, MD a family practitioner at Hunterdon Health in Lambertville, NJ. The two discuss a variety of topics including addressing barriers to prenatal care, meeting the needs of the Spanish-speaking community, improving care, group care, and maternal health equity. Since 2009, Dr. Barter has been on the faculty of the Hunterdon Family Medicine Residency Program. She directs patient care at Hunterdon Family Medicine at Phillips-Barber and is responsible for providing and teaching maternity care and inpatient Family Medicine rotations. 
In this episode host Linda Robinson speaks with guest Annamari Dietrichson, the Continental Division Vice President of Patient Experience at HCA Healthcare and Owner/Founder of Authentic Health & Wellness, where she serves as an executive health coach. The two speak about how a breakthrough mindset can help healthcare professionals flourish as leaders in this new era. Also how this makes a significant impact on staff and patients. 
In this episode, host Linda Robinson speaks with Delanor Manson, MA, BSN, RN, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kentucky Nurses Association. Manson is the first woman of color to serve the KNA in the role. Her prestigious career includes working with the state of Kentucky on key pieces of healthcare legislation. The two discuss the topic of health equity and the disparities that exist in the American healthcare system. Manson shares her expertise and insights on these important issues. She also explains the acronym JEDI (Justice, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity) in depth and how it relates to healthcare. She also discusses the importance of collaboration and partnership in addressing health equity issues. More highlights from her bio are featured below: With degrees in nursing and healthcare management,  Manson has distinguished herself as a visionary leader. She has dedicated her career to implementing innovative medical initiatives in both patient care and complex administrative settings. She is committed to advancing the nursing profession through education, advocacy, research, and support. Delanor currently holds the position of chief executive officer for the Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA), after serving as the associate vice president of research and design at Hosparus Health. Prior to that, she held various leadership roles in hospitals and healthcare organizations across the United States.Delanor's service in the U.S. Navy spans 27 years, during which she achieved the rank of captain. She applied her nursing education to various positions throughout the country, as well as in Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and Puerto Rico. Delanor also serves on the Team Kentucky Better Nursing Advisory Committee and the Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness Advisory board.As a locally, regionally, and nationally recognized speaker, Delanor regularly shares her expertise on leadership, healthcare equity, health policy, healthcare disparities, COVID-19 vaccines and testing, and the image of nurses. She is a sought-after news source and has appeared on KET as well as ABC, CBS, NBC, and local FOX affiliates statewide.
In this episode guest Angela Brunemann PharmD, returns to the podcast for a more in-depth conversation about the pharmacy's role in patient experience. Brunemann is the Director of Business Development for a large pharmacy care services company that serves millions of Americans. Pharmacy plays a crucial role in enhancing the patient experience by ensuring safe and effective medication management. Pharmacy has become an essential component of the healthcare system, with its services helping to improve patient satisfaction, safety, and overall quality of care. Recently pharmacy has had to adapt and evolve as a response to new challenges. Angela discusses the topic in depth with host Linda Robinson, MSN, CPXP, RN. 
Childbirth is a transformative and empowering experience for mothers, but it can also be a challenging and overwhelming journey. In this episode of PX Space, host Linda Robinson speaks with Dr. Braidi Huecker M.D. OB-GYN to empower expecting and new mothers with education about the childbirth process. Dr. Huecker shares her insights on a variety of topics, including challenging stereotypes, birth positivity and the importance of postpartum care. She also provides advice for new mothers who may be struggling with breastfeeding and discusses the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression and the available resources to support mothers who are struggling with this condition. This episode is a must-listen for all expecting and new mothers who want to be informed, empowered, and prepared for the journey of childbirth. 
In this episode of PX Space Linda interviews health professionals at the University of Louisville about their innovative interdisciplinary care team model that places pharmacists at the bedside with a patient assignment in an unconventional role, adding another expert to the bedside care team.  Listen to hear more from guests Tara Neuner DNP, RN, CCRN Mixed Acuity Professional Development Practitioner, and Amy Braden PharmD, BCPS Manager - Inpatient Pharmacy Operations.  
In this episode host Linda Robinson discusses patient engagement technology with Rich Simpson, the Chief Technology Officer at MDM Commercial.  The two discuss important design elements of patient engagement technology, including an intuitive user experience and offloading non-clinical tasks to assist hospital care teams. They also discuss how they have used their expertise in optimizing the cutting-edge, cloud-based patient experience platform Journey PX. 
Super Bowl LVII is this weekend, and in that spirit, this week Linda speaks with her friend and former colleague Rick Rolfsen, DNP,  RN.  In this episode Rolfsen discusses his unconventional pathway to a successful nursing career, teaching the next generation of nurses and how the profession has allowed him to follow his passions, including a fun opportunity with the Cincinnati Bengals.   Rolfen is a Nursing Professor at Thomas More University. In addition to teaching, Rolfsen also works full-time as a charge nurse at St. Elizabeth Emergency Department in Covington, KY, and part-time as a staff nurse at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center Orthopedics. Rolfsen also discusses how his career has allowed him to incorporate his favorite hobbies. He works on the medical team that does the bi-annual check-up for the Cincinnati Bengals and volunteers as the medical staff for the Covington Catholic High School Football Team.
In this episode, host Linda Robinson, MSN, CPXP, RN, speaks with Chase Natoli, the Executive Vice President of Technical Sales at MDM Commercial. The healthcare industry has become increasingly open to technology following the COVID-19 pandemic. Natoli speaks about the digital canvas, and how digital display technology has transformed the hospital environment and helped provide a more modern and rich experience for patients, families, and care teams.  He also discusses a variety of ways hospitals are utilizing this technology including providing interactive experiences, enhanced wayfinding throughout hospital facilities, real-time information absorption, modern digital art, robot guides, and more. Connect with Chase and the Pro AV team at MDM Commercial online here. 
In this episode, we talk about a really impactful topic the devastating cost of hospital-acquired conditions (HACs). We recently published a whitepaper on the topic and we felt we needed to publish a companion podcast, as this a complex issue that is vital for hospitals, caregivers, and patients. We’re also going to discuss the role that patient engagement technology, Journey PX can play in an organization’s overall strategy to combat HACs.  Our white paper reported some really staggering numbers and statistics that outlined just how costly these occurrences are. Our companion podcast focuses on telling some patient stories which really demonstrate how devastating these occurrences actually are. To access a free copy of the whitepaper please use this link.  
In this episode, we speak with guest Tim Jones, Emmy award-winning CEO and Co-Founder of Health Nuts Media. Tim discusses his background and the birth of his company Health Nuts Media. He also gives a brief history of health videos, discusses the power of video and animation to impact patients, the use of animation and video to promote health literacy, and more. Read more about Health Nuts Media on their website. 
2022 Highlights

2022 Highlights


PX Space is a patient experience podcast devoted to the human side of healthcare that launched in August of this year. In the past five months, we've spoken about some important hot topics in patient care. We have also had meaningful conversations on healthcare topics with a distinguished list of expert guests. To recap the year we decided to compile some highlights from those episodes. We have a great list of topics and guests slated for 2023 so stay tuned weekly for our latest episodes. The latest episodes and full episodes of those featured today are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and on our website  
We are excited to offer an intimate conversation with internationally-renowned motivational speaker Amanda Gore. She is an award-winning keynote speaker, author, and creator of the Joy Project. Read more about Amanda on her website.
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