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This start to the school year often signifies a time where we are so busy looking after others that we put ourselves last. In the midlife season, we have an opportunity to change that by putting ourselves back on the agenda. In this episode, I discuss ways to create time and energy to pursue your own goals in a guilt-free way.
Autumn/Winter has always been my favourite season of fashion. I think it's also my favourite season of life. In this episode of The Midlife Edit, I talk about how midlife is like fall fashion. Learn how you can see this season as a gain, rather than a loss, what you can harvest and how it's a season for planning. If you are a midlife woman who loves fashion, you won't want to miss this episode. Music: We See Stardust by Grace Mesa
Midlife can be a time of burnout for many women. Women in their 40s and beyond often feel financially and energetically squeezed as they balance the complex needs of their young adult children, careers, partner, and aging parents. If you do not build joy into your life, you can go for days, weeks, or months without doing anything that you love. Taking the time to figure out what makes you happy and then budgeting the time, energy and money for both joy and rest is critical. In this episode, I share some tips I use with my clients to help them consciously build joy and rest into their lives. Grab your free Midlife Edit workbook at Music: We See Stardust by Grace Mesa
Having a personal brand is not just for influencers. Whether you are looking to find a job, start a side hustle, start a business, change careers, or do better at work, a personal brand can be helpful. This episode will help you define your brand, refine your brand, and share your brand with the world. And don't forget to find our your Money Archetype for FREE at under freebies (very helpful for branding!) Music: We See Stardust by Grace Mesa
In this episode, I discuss the power of giving up good for great. I talk about giving up a successful divorce coaching practice for my current business and how giving up good for great can feel scary when there is no "burning platform." I discuss how crisis times can be a catalyst for positive change and outline how you can use the s-curve theory from business to improve your happiness levels in midlife. Music: We See Stardust by Grace Mesa More information at
On these week's episode, we discuss the messaging of 1980s fashion magazines that still inform many of our midlife beliefs. These include: It's most important to be skinny You also need great hair and good skin The world is scary for women You need to change to meet the beauty standard Career success is linked to attractiveness Men have fragile egos and will cheat if threatened Bitchy women succeed at work Other women are competition for work and men Learn how to finally shed these toxic stories and write a new more powerful story in midlife. If you grew up with these magazines scattered all over your bedroom, you will not want to miss this episode. Music: We See Stardust by Grace Mesa Resources: Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr. Valerie Rein Discovering the Inner Mother by Bethany Webster Better Things on FX Free workbook at
If you feel stuck in midlife, you don't have to stay that way. I became healthier, wealthier and happier in under five years by having the very thing I'd dreaded happen to me. Learn how you can get unstuck and transform your life for the better in this week's episode. Concert video IG: @exstepfordwife Music: We See Stardust by Grace Mesa
Many midlife women feel like they are stuck in a job, marriage or community they don't love but feel unable to make the changes because of kids, family obligations or finances. There are stuck seasons but they don't have to be miserable. This episode offers 7 tips to help make a less-than-ideal life feel a lot better and transition to a more positive season.
After watching Season 2 of The Morning Show, I was taken by Jennifer Aniston's speech where she tells her audience to stop gossiping and "Mind Your Own Store." After years of observing (and participating in) gossip, I've found that the advice to mind your own store is perfect. In this episode, we discuss the problem of midlife gossip and how you can avoid it by finding work you love. Listen for some hot takes and practical solutions in this week's episode.
Learn the top 5 mistakes new midlife women entrepreneurs tend to make in their business. Learn how to identify how you can save time and money in your business by avoiding these five key issues. As a bonus, you can apply them to your life too! Music: Grace Mesa
80% of women will spend part of their latter years alone. The time to prepare for an easy retirement is right now. Master Life Coach Jen Lawrence shares tips to help you prepare your finances and healthcare plans, as well as think about how you'd like to travel, expand your friendships, and entertain. Music by Grace Mesa
One of the key components to manifesting the life of your dreams is to tap into good feelings about your future. After major midlife setbacks such as divorce, job loss or an illness, this can feel hard. Master Life Coach Jen Lawrence shares some tips for healing after setbacks so you can start to bring better things into your life. Music: We See Stardust by Grace Mesa
If you are interested in the idea of manifesting good things into your life, midlife is the perfect time to start (or get a refresher!) This episode focuses on how manifesting is less woo woo magic and more tapping into the power of your brain to make your life better. Learn how to activate the part of your brain that controls what you allow into your life and start to bring forward the opportunities you desire. Learn the state of mind required to make your life better. Discover how feelings impact the process. If you want to manifest a job, wealth, love, friendship or other opportunities, this episode dives into that possibility.
In this week's episode, Master Life Coach Jen Lawrence discusses the eight money types in the context of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Learn about the eight types and their characteristics, Learn how money languages look in real life. And discover how money languages can promote harmony among spouses, business partners, family and friends. Finally, get permission to drop the money guilt and shame for good! (Spoiler alert: you can drink those lattes guilt free.)
Boundaries are an essential part of living a beautiful life on your terms. My midlife, women have often felt their boundaries stretched and this episode helps you understand the importance of boundaries and how to establish and maintain them. Lean how boundaries can be a kindness and can help you be more generous and open. Finally learn some practical tips to help you break the people pleasing habit for good.
The Perfectionism Trap

The Perfectionism Trap


Are you prone to perfectionism? Does the idea of making mistakes or not living up to Instagram-worthy perfection hold you back? Find out the roots of perfectionism and some tips for overcoming it with Master Life Coach and MBA, Jen Lawrence.
Are you a midlife woman who thinks you are too old to become an entrepreneur? Learn why midlife is the perfect time to start a business with Master Life Coach & MBA, Jen Lawrence. Learn: Why entrepreneurship is a perfect choice for midlife women. What gifts you have in midlife that prepare you for success. The one key belief you need to have to become a successful entrepreneur in midlife.
This week on The Midlife Edit, we talk about why it's OK to want what you want. After years of putting your own needs on the back burner, midlife is a time to figure out what you want and how to get it (guilt-free!)
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