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Everybody has a story...what's yours? The People Podcast was created to find that out, and allow overlooked stories to take center stage!

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On a hot summer day in Texas, Bree was trying to repel flies and mosquitos. But soon enough, she was building a squirrel resort.How did this happen? Tune in to hear a story that is truly one-of-a-kind!For more on Bree's awesome squirrel resort, check out the following! more on The People Podcast, check out the following!
This episode is dedicated to the most unique sign I've ever seen!I spotted the sign in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and it celebrated the Warm Springs Watershed Association for winning the 2012 Watershed Of The Year.I had a lot of questions, and I finally got answers!Special thanks to Alana Hartman from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for joining the show and highlighting this awesome award.
Hear the amazing story of Nancy DeStefanis, the founder of the San Francisco Nature Education. 31 years ago, she discovered the first Great Blue Heron nest in Golden Gate Park, and she's watched these beautiful birds ever since!For more information on the San Francisco Nature Education, their Heron Watch program, and field trips, check out the following!www.sfnature.orgFor more on The People Podcast, check out the following!
History is made on The People Podcast, as this week's episode features the first mystery guest in the show's history!What does that mean? Tune in to find out!For more on The People Podcast, check out the following!
Hear about Tina Pirrone, an herbalist in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia who owns the Sage Moon Herb Shop & Healing Center!For more on the Sage Moon Herb Shop & Healing Center, check out the following! Their online store is a must-visit if you don't live nearby.www.sagemoonherbshop.comFor more on The People Podcast, check out the following!
Hear the story of Mary Fairchild, the owner of Mary's Vegetarian Cafe & Bistro!Located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, this is a restaurant that I will never forget.For more on Mary's Vegetarian Cafe & Bistro, check out the following! more on The People Podcast, check out the following!
What's it like to be a water judge in the largest and longest-running water tasting in the world?Take an audio trip with me to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and find out for yourself!For more on Berkeley Springs and the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, check out the following!www.BerkeleySprings.comwww.BerkeleySpringsWaterTasting.comFor more on The People Podcast, check out the following!
When you're riding your e-bike through Golden Gate Park, you never know who you'll run into!Check out Supergutter on Instagram @superguttersfAnd as always, find every episode of The People Podcast at
Hear the story of Brianna Allen, an artist mother on a beautiful journey to empower women!Check her out online at and www.momologuecollective.comAnd as always, find every episode of The People Podcast at
Brian heads to Austin, Texas and hangs out with the International Packaged Ice Association!You'll hear four interviews with four people from four ice companies:1:50-14:26 -- Jarrod Snyder, The York Ice Company Incorporated14:27-24:09 -- Steve Ward, Arctic Glacier Premium Ice24:10-49:38 -- Jodi Durrett, Alaska Ice Incorporated49:39-1:05:48 -- Megan Conklin, Long Island Ice & FuelFor more information on the International Packaged Ice Association, head to and www.safeice....
In this week's episode, we're highlighting a Bay Area restaurant owner with a unique story to share: Doug Marschke!I've been eating food and watching games at Doug's restaurants for 10+ years, so this episode was extra special to put together.Doug shares some incredible stories in Episode 62, including his championship-winning flag football team that propelled him into the restaurant industry. He also generously donated three $35 gift cards for three lucky listeners. To enter our Gift Ca...
In this week's episode, we dive into a fascinating world that we often take for granted: packaged ice. Join us as we explore the vital role of the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) and their mission to educate consumers and ensure the safety of this essential product.From the behind-the-scenes processes of ice production to the importance of accreditation, we'll uncover the inner workings of this industry and the efforts being made to protect consumers. So grab a cool drink, ...
Franny Corsick is back on The People Podcast to recap her 12th annual 3 Legged Dog Picnic!Learn more about Franny's amazing event at and
Nory Michelle is the owner of Yo Soy Ceviche, where she serves delicious Peruvian fusion food to the Bay Area and beyond!In Episode 59, Nory talks about...- why she pursued a career in the culinary industry- what it's really like to operate a food truck- how her mom has inspired her journey...and much, much more!For more on Yo Soy Ceviche, follow along online! more on The People Podcast, follow along online!www.thepeoplepodcast.tvwww.instag...
Rob Fambrini is the owner of Morucci's Si Mangia Bene in Walnut Creek, California!Morucci's serves the best sandwiches in the Bay Area and they are truly an iconic establishment. In Episode 58, Rob talks about...- starting his first business at 20 years old- taking over Morucci's and immediately making changes- the delicious sandwiches on the Morucci's menu...and much, much more!If you want to try Morucci's yourself, check them out at 1218 Boulevard Way in Walnut Creek!For more on The Pe...
Brian hangs out with another iconic San Francisco club: the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club!The San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club is America's oldest municipal lawn bowling club. It was founded in 1901 and has an incredibly rich history.Brian talks to 9 club members about:- how they started lawn bowling- their favorite part about the sport- why they joined the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club…and much, much more!To learn more about the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club, check out their website, ww...
Brian hangs out with an iconic San Francisco club: the San Francisco Model Yacht Club!Rob Weaver is the Commodore of this long-standing club, and he joined The People Podcast to talk about:- when the club was created- why he fell in love with sailing- what he does as Commodore of the club...and much, much more!If you're interested in joining the San Francisco Model Yacht Club or just looking for more information, check them out at www.SFMYC.netFor more on The People Podcast, follow along onli...
Emily Hill is the owner of Ashby Fungi, an urban mushroom farm based in Berkeley, California!In Episode 55, Emily talks about...- why she hated mushrooms for most of her life- when her opinion on mushrooms changed- how she launched Ashby Fungi...and much, much more!Check out Ashby Fungi on Instagram @ashbyfungi and on their website, www.ashbyfungi.comFor more on The People Podcast, follow along online!
The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting is the most prestigious water tasting in the world!Brian talks to two people from the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. The first interview is with the producer of the event, Jill Klein Rone. The second interview is with the water master of the event, Arthur von Wiesenberger.In Episode 54, Jill & Arthur talk about...- when they became so passionate about water- the rich history of the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting...
Bob Huguelet is the founder of Side Street Golf and the creator of the Back9 Golf Backpack.In Episode 53, Bob talks about...- why he created the Back9 Golf Backpack- how he went from idea to finished product- his favorite part about being an entrepreneur...and much, much more!Check out Side Street Golf on Instagram @SideStreetGolf and on their website, www.SideStreetGolf.comAnd if you want to order a Back9 Golf Backpack yourself, Bob has generously hooked us up with a 20% discount code! Just ...