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Patient Influencer, Connector KOL; Founder: ONE CANCER PLACE - the Front Door to PATIENTLAND.In this chat, Erika discusses topics, including her early life and career. The influence her mother - in particular - had in guiding her for her future. Her path as a patient. Her vision for the future of empowered patients, where the blend of genomic technology and lay language and factual, educational tools, has a hugely positive impact on people who are patients from the very first day of a diagnosis. Before speaking with Erika, I caught up with her mentor and friend, Michael Sapienza, who gave insights into who Erika is as a person, leader, disruptor, and connector. A huge thanks to him for taking the time to speak with me. A survivor of cancer for almost twenty years, Erika is driven by supporting and educating people who are patients. She has seen firsthand how much patients, doctors and researchers can do when working collectively. This has driven her to create One Cancer Place, the first patient-powered cancer learning community. Live from One Cancer Place, the YouTube channel, you can hear conversations with experts, which helps the curious patient learn more about the latest treatments and lots more. The mission: To create a global, all-cancer, patient-led learning community that connects patients to innovative treatment offerings.If you are inspired to help support People who are Patients or would like to spend some time with an inspiring woman, take a listen today!
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